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AURORA - Runaway

2021-06-30 | 🔗

AURORA is a singer and songwriter from Norway, who released her first EP in 2015, when she was 19 years old. It featured the song, "Runaway" and after it came out Aurora went on to win Norwegian Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Pop Artist. And she played the voice of the North Wind in Disney’s Frozen 2. This year, six years after that debut EP came out, Aurora’s song "Runaway" became a huge hit on TikTok. As of this recording, between YouTube and Spotify, "Runaway" has been streamed over half a billion times. In this episode, Aurora looks back at how the song first began, and how it evolved over time, from the demo to the final version.

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Six years after that debut EP came out. Aurora song Runaway became a huge hit on Tik Tok. As of this recording between Youtube and Spotify, runaway has been streamed over half a billion times in this episode. Aurora looks back at how the song first began and how it evolved over time. The demo to the final version Aurora I was around eleven years old when I first started writing run away. I was living very happy in my childhood home, it's on the West Coast,
of Norway and it's failure, his hair- is very quiet you really have the space and time to kind of dream yourself away. So I just sat down it yeah and I wrote he started, writing run away, the story quite clear. In my mind, when I was younger, I struggled quite a lot with standing people around me, especially the part where people kind of lie about the current state of mind, because we like to pretend we're happier than we are, and I feel like p fear to open up about whatever troubles us. So I just wanted to write a song about How we run away with our emotions, rather than two taste them and ask our family
in France for help it, because so much easier. Once we share what as within us, because then we realize that is perfectly normal We never get the chance to ever understand that because we never tell anyone about what's going on inside, and I guess I just thought about that quite lot as a child, for some reason. I remember the day I wrote runaway, I was sneeze to the ocean, the the first line of the song nah. I was listening to the ocean and I am that is right. Now The ocean to me is kind of like human beings. It saw a mysterious in it, so deep, and dangerous and beautiful which is how I feel about people Nor I was less men to the ocean.
I saw a face in the south and I picked it up. An advantage to a from my hands when I thought at writing run away. I was going through Greece, for the first time in my life and this experience really inspired me, the first hers you can hear I'm missing someone, when you miss someone so badly in your heart, you kind of see their face everywhere and I just wanted. It was right about this feeling as well as I could, and I think, that's what I mean with ice a face in the sand and when I picked it up Then it vanished away from my hand and I was run and far away would love the last Sunday in that something different. The first time I wrote runaway, I think, he's I have any words. If I remember correctly, I just had
Like latino needed it, because I'm very inspired by norwegian folk music there is one type as we do so and it's just really beautiful. It sounds like a lullaby it a really sad one is kind of I na da da DA da da da na that that that's a good night my that you would usually sing to your child. It's kind of sad. You know it's kind of it's beautiful. I think that, my biggest source of inspiration. He can hear it in the melodic universe I had a dream. I was seven. climb in my way in a tree, I saw a piece:
of having weighed in and patient me The first I ever showed anyone runaway was Five years later, the sim two thousand and twelve the school asked me to sing for a little ceremony in the end of the air someone filmed it and put it on line. then my management. So that video somehow and they Yes me, I think if I ever would consider. Meeting them and becoming an artist and. first, I said no, but then mother actually said to me that I should is it a chance because when I sing for her, she feels both sadness and happiness at the same time, and it's good too. have things in life said wakes up.
These emotions the world is trying to kind of shut down, I guess so I think I just played it to have to call Magnus Skiles that, and we made our first demo in two thousand and thirteen I was listening to the ocean I saw size inside and when I picked it up away from my father. That's it where to hear. And her this version since the day I recorded it. I can I that my accent in English, while it's still very there when he still today, but I remember people They need to kind of work on it, and I can hear that my timing is quite bad. That's very funny.
I always knew from the very first day I stepped a toy into the studio. How I wanted the music to sound to kind of reflect the coldness from the country where I was from original seed of why the song was written is quite cold. So I wanted the sounds to sound cold, also. I know that my voice is quite natural and faulty, so I thought I could add some modern sounds to kind of make. An interesting mix horse, painting a picture was a pain of you
I then again, it wasn't Magnus he's very good at listening, and I think is very rare to be a young female in the music industry. And to find a man that kind of listened to you and had respect for who wishes is naked and respectful a relationship and very grateful for it. And stands in me: I can't really slowly down Stone against growl,
It's emptiness inside my heart to spin the stuff forgotten, but that part that was I wrote the song and if he can tell em switching from like a world speed from three out of four I'm switching to far far and when my first ever show came along, and we how to play this song live. I remembered just me and my band back, then it was too for us to enter the last chorus. With a new rhythm- and it just ended up sounding weird so I just wrote mid late during rehearsals and then I just kept it. A lot of things happened in two thousand and fourteen make a deal by then, and I got asked to make an EPA, so recorded, run away when turtle
thousand and fourteen and then I knew what I wanted. The song to do and be I had really learned that my biggest strength. I guess is my voice and I knew that. I should use it as much as I can, so You can hear all these voices inquires all around my leading locals, I was listening to the ocean I saw a phase in the South and Poland. I picked it up then advantage to my hands in the Beginning the man that he can hear is actually Magnus himself hmm he can sing quite deep, which is nice for me, especially when we play live but yeah That's me and Magnus, the
It's coming like mysterious and dark, and it reminds me of trolls in the mountains just humming in the wind. You know I, love left the mood it I'll try nice to let go of the piano. I felt like I, only needed my voice and and some kind of deep sounds to accompany me I love drums, but I'm much more a fan of drums that she was ancient in bed that you could play in the circle around the fire. If you know what I mean and I've always hated traditional drums, I had something like a normal snare and I just wanted the drums to also mirror this dark and law.
feeling I feel I whoever is playing it- is lost in a deep well that Qatar. It must have been played by Martin, another producer from broken, and he placed a guitar very well and has an excellent voice, and you can have it it's a bit like wid sounding is because the sun was a bit faster, but I asked for it to be lowered and tempo, so we had to stretch out guitar sound, rather than just playing it again, but it made this kind of cool effect that I kind of like
but Martin and Magnus and myself we made my first album together and then they just joined my banned because they had a sense of belonging to my music. Also to our meeting to me that since. represent this being. getting closer to you. Now. the meaning in the verses to be texted by the music in a way that enhances what you want run away from the sky,
haunting feeling and in the pre choruses. He can hear the pattern stepping up and getting more frequent pump. That also to me represents that this being is kind of running faster and you're stepping up the pace trying to get away from it. But it's right there behind you, no matter how fast you run, and all this time I have an ally in law and in cigarette to myself, then putting Sarah on the forest place on my show, nodded, and also this deep feeling to me made it so easy and beautiful to really open up and make it feel like you're flying in the courses. The take me home,
were I belong. It's one those lines that makes more to me. The all too. I get because the longer you get from your purse. The more you long to get back to whatever that was it just felt beautiful and heartbreaking. To say to someone take me home. it's just so simple and you ask for so little, but still it's such a big need to have and in just felt heartbreaking. Also in the last chorus, you can hear this male choir It's also on Martin and Magnus. just shouting new lungs out, and I remember looking at them and being very touched by how they gave everything. I was very moved by it:
and you what I wanted the song to do to me and that's why I added the ending with a lot more emotions and kind of velocity in the vocals, for you, like on your knees, you're just begging for a someone to hold you, and I really wanted to reflect
grandness. The tag me on tag me, the God who plays the have never thought about home as a location. Never home to me is what I know: away is what you don't know the unsure. the unknown? times you around people. Are you do things and suddenly you look in the mirror and you don't even recognize this version.
If your and I hate that feeling lucky, I don't have it often but home is also just on you know, the train in a place in your life and you're, a surrounded by people. doing things that make sense, with who you are, who you really are and then it is safe and home, and now here's runaway by Laura in its entirety, Hmm, The the I was listening to the I saw a face and said
then I had a dream. I was seven in my way in a tree. I saw a piece of Heaven waiting in for me do and I was running far enough some day. Nobody does nobody. No clothes always stands out alive and I can say no take me home. Take me home, I do I can
the animal was Joe, was a painting, a dies. Doughty. Then again, it was said to myself. I saw these nice was run and far away would not allow some nobody, nobody, I was there. I saw the love and I can, but I saw
Still do I kept the phone I was.
And I say so and I was far away with me.
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