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Bat for Lashes - Kids in the Dark

2019-11-27 | 🔗

Natasha Khan makes music under the name Bat for Lashes. She’s released five albums, including Lost Girls, which came out in September 2019.

In this episode, she breaks down the making of the lead single from that album, called “Kids in the Dark.” But just before she started writing it, she wasn't sure if she would make another album at all.


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which is why more than three million businesses worldwide use, indeed to hire great talent fast start hiring now with a seventy five dollars, sponsor job credit, to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com, slash song exploder. this offer is valid through March. Thirty, first go to indeed dot com, slash song explode, to claim your seventy five dollar credit before March thirty, first, indeed, dot com slash song voter terms and conditions apply need to hire. You need indeed,. The Natasha Khan makes music under the name. Bat for lashes. She's really five albums, including lost girls which came out in September two thousand and nineteen in this episode. She so the making of the lead single from men album called the kids in the dark, but
before she started. Writing it. She wasn't sure she would make another album at all, I'm Natasha of lashes I had been living in an age for six months and I may from London, and if a clay decide I did that I was never going to make an album again. I'd come off a ten year, major label Dale and was a feeling a bit cynical and fed. and I just decided to move to sunny California Tipsy script. Writing I was developing a script, call them scowls, which was essentially about this renegade biker gang of vampire witches. That
Which surely around at I, like, possibly murdering people and at the time am, I wasting a lot of late night driving around L a its name to electronic may think like come trees I was driving to Death Valley, Joshua Tree up to the court is in ages of absorbing these pastoral sons that mean a fee on the dashboard hands out the window, and I was just imagining this biker gang of which he girls that come from the desert and what it might feel like if I saw them following me on bike creeping in my yard or if I bumped into them in the Hollywood forever. Cemetery of them again, oh sale, Falling in love at the time and falling in love with allies, though sort of a heightened romantic time of freedom for me, where I had really
expectations of effort making music again So low and behold I get a phone call from our drive out he's J J Abrams Company, they were making any new series Castle Rock. We got ticket and that sort of brief, was let were making a Stephen King Series. Can you write a song that sounds like it's from any era, but just that it would have like a an identity of being on the specific era, the sort of light, they could be long lost, hits that the some reason no one ever had- or you know something like that- dry, but when aware of that, I was writing this script and had been gathering all this inspiration and information they just its common rights write a song for their tv show, but I guess synchronicity or coincidence. It just worked out that
The decade of the eighties just found so not children almost felt like the soundtrack to this film. I've been thinking about. I much and I've learned. Hey my career and sort of over the years of doing this to say? Yes, two things, because sometimes it's almost like the universe, orchestrates meetings and opportunities and people, and when I started making the music I didn't even realize I would ever make an album, but I guess I was ready whether that was conscious or not They asked me to go in and wet with. That means it producer. He covers a lot film music in stuff, Charles Scott, who I ended up, making this record with essentially I'd. Never Charles before and had never met me and Vienna. You never know how these things are going to go, but I think quickly realized that we bonded and Jowled. I ever love touchstone artists. The era How kind of new wave lost Antec Eighties era.
And say he was like well, let's get the profit and I started to play this chord sequence on quite a soft sound EU. To me, music is very visual and the. And I was holding my mind when I saw a pang. Those courts was driving at night in an eye in my car and holding my boyfriend's hand like in the middle of the states and the red lights of the highway kind of signing on our hands? And just how do I pair across this fuzzy, romantic feeling of being in the womb of a car, because in L A as opposed to London or New York, I've lived before we knew out in the elements from walking everywhere This really struck by how the inside of your car becomes a second time and you're just in there all the time
kind of looking at this windscreen is almost like. A cinema screens I'm working, the maybe of van I buy a new these locations that with sites in the matter can nostalgic to me. And Charles in his he's. The man invention the studio he's like the Charlie and the chocolate factory sort of Willy Wonka Guy that will bring out sounds, and they like pick from this Box of chocolate. Then I'm like. Oh, I liked the Atlanta and though it was nice because the knows the exact location, the machine the air the year to go to, and I'm saying you know that in the goonies where they drive on that bike found the Helen Cyndi Lauper comes in with that. Like Weird Cochise that oh yeah, here we go like you knows that other things, though it was, I being a kid in a sweet shop that gets my I defy going because it's very and media and on its fun, you know you're not like Poring over I didn't stressing about anything I was based
a bit about driving around a lion out, they sort of like deep electronic fuzzy, sexy found something that's been on my mind and cause help me get this kind of deep so to scratch, I found the fell to kind of open at the end of each now, so you got that right I were on like a lion, roaring kind of sound isolated. They sound pretty harsh but combined with those codes. What does a chemical reaction that happens when they meet each other? It gives you that fuzzy television, snow kind of failing with things that waves are kind of working against each other and then
next thing we brought in was the bait I love my drum sounds to have elemental. Crumbly sandy cliff. Distortion and like a rainstorm, courageous, storming of lightweight sort of falling into darkness and actually is actually a that we policies as part of eight. The song is so like in it sound man, it's so vibrational and it's almost this place, sonnet clay that I wanted to go to the was this protective layer. This case if all you know this sonic egg or something I want to be inside and someone said once I extol make sense of shelter he may like
You only really know your shouted when you can hear the storm outside. So once I had the cords the base in the Bay think Charles went to get by How could I learned a sandwich or something- and I sat in the rain with my notebook and I composed Eric's within the session from scratch, starting off with lying. Next to you, we could be on the moon, thanks to you, me the Ljubljana this pining innocence of childlike love so it may it was sort of. the idea that when you really closely, fun to somebody.
less about your life just from a singular perspective, and he starts think about living at a Jew, our team or a couple. you want to live for both of you nah nah. Thanks to you, to tell you what we got call it. You hair is what came out on that day and I didn't change. I just did liars behind it. Put into the pie yeah oh. that to me was sort of the allocation boatman fires in the Bush fires that we had last year happened after I write this song, but I did I'm becoming out of my house and saying, will the ash floating
the air and finding it so sinister in those sort of almost silence it created like a dead ass would have failing and in this song, those sort of this foreboding idea of danger, like the danger of being higher or the danger of darkness coming cuz you're, always on my mind, Spencer. have to no that's nice, I think time when the vehicles down, because that's type, the architectural structure as belt and then I can go about decorating and Charles is a great guitar player, and so he was kind of in charge of a lot of the guitar stuff. both discuss that we wanted that sort of early eighties, new wave, guitar sound in adopting
we did a law which is ready holding than the strings down and using that package this kind of meted. Electric Atossa, which to me is brings up a lot of romance. When I was a kid growing up in England, it sounded like american highways and dusty right side bars and gaol. guys to hug sitting around playing music, the dupe growth, and then you can. I I guess maybe I was just a teenager many hormonal and had major crushes on people and with listen to for sorts of songs at night. On my enemy, be like my heart, in the very beginning that through the siren sounds like a siren call the I don't wanna since it was like it started synthetic tell. I sound
to me, it sounds I driving time all Helen driving the cause. I winding ram rise chairs of light. the game posture sort of this careening, almost off the edge of a road sound enjoy the the next day. I think we created the arpeggio that you hear in the introduction the to me, the arpeggiator, even though it came later it sort of is like the trademark of the song, the sound. I love to hear the mice. Have been fiddling around with some different arpeggios and suddenly on for these quite re. Past architectural sounds they start,
to grow. This idea of a this is layers of bushes. Sometimes I liken it to a painting pain a liar and then your paint over the top of it, but because that Lisbon there, the next layers sits ever so slightly differently. Kids in the dark, came about in one day you know, and he said, is Bengal born they just stand right immediately. Some songs, I just thought of there- an egg for time, and then you see a crack and like thank God. This It was just like a fully fledged beat fall and phenomenal no not needs Thang just suddenly appeared in the studio, but it was for the body. I show and I remember leaving that day and thinking. Oh, my God
I hope they use it, but at the same time there was conflicted. Failing of awe. Do I want to give my child away so quick, and am they never ended up using this from the television so and I got to keep a new that it just gave me the bag of can an album again it of Ireland that not portal. For me, where I really oh I'm in trouble. I think another one's coming the when just the idea, the course for me was
Israel, I thing the like all relationships, this relationship with complex and was gonna probably be difficult and the It's in the dark thing, the mate if, for me was I remember someone saying you know when you watch anybody sleeping You say that these people with children months and they were innocent once and in dreams where all just kind of these soft software In being seen. I like, in our unconsciousness, said the king. As for me, was very much mass stripping away. All of them anger store the worries or whatever your heart is going. through the time and just look at that,
out within each of you. You could just be little children lying in the dark playing, my kind, it be that the simple and now here's kids in the dark by back for lashes in its entirety,.
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