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Bonobo - Break Apart (feat. Rhye)

2017-02-28 | 🔗

Simon Green is a producer and DJ who’s been making music under the name Bonobo since 2000. In January 2017 he released his sixth studio album, Migration. For the song “Break Apart," he enlisted Rhye to add vocals, and in this episode, the two of them tell the story of how the track came together.


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Whether are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorite song starbucks by energy. Drink is available online at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide Simon green as a producer and dj has been making music under the name bonobo, since two thousand in general two thousand seventeen he released to six thousand migration for this, break. Apart on that, album again lifted ride for vehicles, and in this episode the two of them tell the story of how the track it together, The name is Simon green and I go under the name, bonobo When I first started this song, I was on a flight from miami to allay. Winning flight. A better
where'd mine space. All I wanted at the time is just as well be still insult travelling. I spent a kind of a year just living nowhere, Just one towards is gonna, be in tells and tore buses living out of a suitcase. So I was free. So tired and almost somber. So I kind of I pulled up ableton or like they'll dispatch for from a plugin and game, one which site a classic house piano and just and just did ingested these very slow notes. After another in l, a window whatever was passing down underneath that was the opening co progression. and I also had to sleep it's little. Chiming progressive live
I never really start out thinking. This is going to be something I'm making for the record. It's just going to be like I'm on a plane. This is what I'm going to do for the next three hours, I'm just going to change her around. I love her. Set up kind of sampling that might have signed them down of editing gnomon. I went into a studio in berkeley recorded harpist, for the tracks the erika do on it. From the last record, For the sooner we can spend recording miss harvest and those great stuff in it ended up not being used in the trap eyes, recording it for the island opposite of recycling of recycling, someone accession back into some other stuff,
So this was from that same session praise, tat, jumping out the harbours up six times, I prefer to sort of reproach things and so down speed them up, because it just gives them a sort of an extra quality you can get something that sounds a little more otherworldly in a way. I been using a lot found, sound, recording. Textures unjust, ambience is to give us some. base and give us some air, when I was living in new york. I am recorded my journey From my house to wherever outgoing a man had walked straight into the subway waiting for train getting on the train. The noise on the train getting off the train is like a sort of minute recording of his journey from
recording of the subway, no peace, Up choosing was from sitting inside the train. This was a sight chained, so it it's in and out of the waves in and out of the rest of the sounds. As I building the drums after that, what I started with as was the cakes and the collapse. Chisel accent weather jobs will be an ever saw that the leading part and then what I do is. I saw shade in the space between the kicks in the collapse. I'll take a jump right that was from a chess player as the roles and little hit shaded in between the kicks in the snares, and so. you get one hit so light leads into another via this little role. I was thing,
about the tempo. one hundred twenty five ppm. It's a difficult tempo is traditionally that's kind of like house insect techno kind of tempo, but this wasn't were needed, This kind of Z thing took it into a more so for plaice and none the baseline when the drums come. That's for me was a real switch where the jobs in the base turn it into something else. Offer. the original piano progression and drums. I want something just a light. Coming at a higher registers of left the whole thing a little bit and take it into the third part of the report, the piano,
prices it the same way kind of put it through those a reversion and also the cereal sounding Is around that point where I know whether this concern stand on his eye narrative or whether It would lend itself to us of human element, and I thought this would be really sort of sweet to bring in a voice I think that the way that I can tell whether something is evoke was space. I can just hara in others, does a lot space between those nights. The Ideas is really pretty. I fully formed before I vote. First hear them. I never really kind of an could he give too much guidance one of centuries after vocalists cause? I want them to be able to not have any restraints when they're gonna writing. I just want to see what their initial idea. Is I want them to serve.
The freedom and cargo were their instincts a little bit, It can bring a real freshness to something to have this second idea, which is away. Your own server frames of reference here. This is me lunch from rye, and I sang on the track That's his music numb like a lot of people. I thought that he was a woman when I first heard his voice Let us stop It was Co. Management was on. He made him off. tells you this is it. This is a date My wireless, I had no idea since its him, and stiff, resonate with me and it definitely did. Something about it really kind of got me
There are certain traxler right when I hear it. I hear the melodies instantaneously suggest connects with me, and that was deafening the case with that. As an ok yeah, I can their findings. This response to it was amazing. You know he was so He didn't want to sort of do too She went to let some breathe say from the outset. He was very so, like I'm gonna, hang back on this any track. I'm working on. I get into an emotional state from the track, and then that connects with something that I am feeling at that time, I just kind of let the feeling that I have guide. The malady, and I don't really think about lyrics off the top I just started mumbling in the melody that I want to sing like third literally mumbles tenor that turn in that endeavour.
And then I listen back to it in our later, and I just start sharing on these words that clearly my subconscious was putting out there. what is I liked it. Turn off, like an overly intellectual side of myself. When I'm running I like to be very connected to something that's coming out of me as opposed to trying to construct. clever, lyrics or something I think sounds cool These pays as pay some stuff. I was times was deafening deep. say sadness and That song is me, lady, now just stop that happened it's just
really solely long and hard break up with as someone failure, that kind of some up the entire back to me is on your my favor, but we're facing europe. yeah A word phasing word that's a musical. Production analogy there. I am inundated with music productions. Are things like that? Come to my mind, what can happen is this thing called phasing to sign waves hit each other and they create This kind of distorted sound that really bothers my ears and so very distorted, feeling psych you're you're, my fear, a person, by were totally phasing out a phase in europe, yeah my favorite, yeah
it was a very so tender subject. Vinos very personal thing using you about which I have civil welcomes. This was being poured into this track. Is chad now and I think, he's gonna richer for having a second voice on it.
grown. It was like sort of plans in this tiny little plan from the beginning, and now is this sort of normal sprawling tree, and now here's break apart by bonobo, featuring right in its entirety,
but I love you almost with your mom was worth your.
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