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Busdriver - Worlds to Run

2016-05-24 | 🔗

Busdriver is a rapper from Los Angeles, and since 2001, he's been releasing albums with a signature hyperliterate, intellectual style. But over a decade later, Busdriver has found himself reaching for something more intimate and personal. In this episode, he breaks down the 2015 song "Worlds to Run," along with the track's producer, Kenny Segal. It features guest vocals from Anderson Paak and Milo, and you'll hear how their contributions shaped Busdriver's vision for the song.

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this episode contains explicit language. Hmm, the bus driver is a rapper from los angeles, since two thousand and one he's been releasing albums with the signature, hyper literate intellectual style, but over a decade later, bus drivers found himself reaching for something more intimate and personal than this episode. He breaks down the two thousand and fifteen song world's to run along with the track's producer kenny segal. It features guest vocals from Henderson pack and milo and coming up you'll hear how their contributions have shaped. Bus driver's vision for the song for every song, responsive a three hundred dollars, a song to impress upon the depth and the distinct lunacy. The ring syncing with the chinks that I have are missing something this reagan right bus driver?
signals a dj producer. Around for years, It has been my engineer since two thousand and eight nine, I first heard the beat for worlds to run in Kent. Studio. This plan is something that is working and was pretty simple. and it was really just elegant. Kenny segal. I initially just kind of like looped up this little acoustic guitar loop. Added. rums that night, a group
I work with a lot called penthouse penthouse. They came over Record a song for themselves, and that day we plug my friends guitar and the s before afore the ass before therefore, as this little sampler, and it was like this crazy The aha moment has made guitar sound like this old sample. So how did the drums? And then I was like? What's the next element to add Irene We did that session, I'd just done with penthouse penthouse, so I chopped up a bunch of those guitars from that other song in that kind of lays the backbone chords of the whole song was those chopped up, guitars of mike per vz for penthouse penthouse playing through the sb four o four,
The beat The second death to Adele was suggested in like this destiny. That kind of had an amount, snow longing in it. At the time I was doing. A lot of songs with milo wrapper from Milwaukee had a really good chemistry Someone like milo, he testing of songs and emotional route, and I put a lot of information and songs. So I like to work with him because he allows me to take the same idea and go another end of it. We heard the bead, then Milo wrote his wrath and he did it right. Then, It's slack john mealy mouthed mumble when I'm around the house and try not to do no choice today,
crying in my underwear, I lost my sense of wonder there. No I'm, not milan kundera though this lightness is unbearable board feeling is indelible. I'm wishing I could tell aboard somewhere milo did his verse on it almost like instantly it formed. a bed of this just like bride emotional contacts that you can draw from. When he laid his verse. I definitely formed what I wrote that refrain. I can run the world from my momma's house run the world from my momma's house around the world upon my mama's house can run the world does really kind of drawing from milo sentiment, when he comes in to the song, or at least what I interpreted as the sentiment The feeling of judges
crying in my underwear, alas, my sense of wonder there cried my underwear, I lost my sense of wonder there discover this dealing with very personal matters when things close to them the the only thing I can think of us my mom in trying to make things happen an agency. was trying. So desperately relate fine like the heart and something that seems so declarative in tough on the world. A mammoth ass. I can I can do it if I try, you know, around the world. Mama's goes around the world. The fur now we was deep in the raw part that I saying. when you deepen, arises only so much true, futile keeping your job deep in the wrong is only was true. You can keep a new job. Please! No one else! Negative working!
metaphor, I can use you know just using light Ah malthusian these corporal metaphors adjust the body amused, in raw. In that way, deep in the raw I think I was reading about film editing and someone referred to the film stock as the raw, and I was like, oh shit, it's amazing, let's get deepen the raw. I was like oh wow that, That is what would that ass anderson pack to kind of help and interpret we're doin and he interpreted the head that our road- and it is our first Greedy fill the role everybody wants to get a piece of your heart, there's only so much shoes, you can keep in your vault speak your piece, but was it too harsh? such a good studio guy got it instantly, you know and was able Take my seat idea, make it his own and you know, make it way better
and its impact was never studio with us houses on the phone with him he's a house there's like, oh, my god, you're really, it haven't. That was a huge asset enough. That course I want Of course we begging dynamic and Some have really leaned, then, with some amazing vocals illnesses and I never structure the chorus. How do the world's to we were then replace my part, but his part it is jealous my part, but when we heard it, I would like all the others kind of compliments everything this moody's parts around and There are these moving parts because of owe them around you d ever more secure peace is only some shoes. You can keep in your speech. These was was too harsh.
deep in the wrong there's only so much you can keep. I was gonna run the world, but my mom is go run the world, but my mom was so the core this is really alive for me, you know I really like is the hook. Copying pasted hook I know I'm getting older. I know this is going to come to an end, but it's a good state of mind to filter in through songs. But yes, my daughter is old enough to vote, so I put that in their driver oldest my daughter old enough to vote my daughter old enough to vote just kind of once again, like a bose, like I said in a boastful way: driver oldest fuck, my daughter old enough to vote rap songs, blowing up on the coast like what you, but that's, not cool. You know so you gotta old, ass kid wait a minute. I guess that's our writing style aggressive!
Bravado behind ridiculous things to say I've thought about my mother and my daughter. I am touching on the core of my existence and I wanted to be personal and personal and reveal something about myself. Glare of the sun was so beautiful. I need something but am git. Personal songs is uncomfortable for me, like I try to make sure people Oh no. It's me like that's how my axe started I was ask, but my writings those changed and I try to my heart into it, as bleed it out more and I was really focused on home, for it was really a thing with me. The guy did the song, but I'll be down there. That I didn't prompt, like I didn't tell MR karmic would play, did that with Kenny. They did all the horn stuff.
It was one of those songs that all of my musician friends that, like live with me or like, come and hang out of my house every one of kind of play on it. So my roommate mr car mac, he heard it and I think the actual melody was just something he heard and and came up with. It is just one of those magical news. Moments- that's the type of serve the people often do not associate music moments like there's a moment. He has a musical moment too. Sometimes people not people. I mean me myself. Also, I dunno the the deal mutations arap seem so don t say you can't do this The truth is we can do where had ever
yeah. now, here's worlds to run by bus driver in its entirety.
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