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Chet Faker - Gold

2015-10-26 | 🔗

Chet Faker is the stage name of Australian singer and songwriter Nick Murphy. His debut album, Built on Glass, won five ARIA Awards, Australia’s version of the Grammys, including Best Male Artist, Producer of the Year, and Best Independent Album. In this episode, Nick breaks down the song Gold from that album, and traces the journey it took from a dream, to a cover, to a love song.

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you might feel like you're taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one what's in, your wallet terms and conditions apply find out more, capital one dot com, slash auto navigator, chet faker is the stage name of australian singer and songwriter. Nick murphy is dave. You built on class one five aria words australia's version of the grammy's, including asked male artist producer of the year and best independent in this. So nick breaks down the song, gold and trade, the journey it took from a dream to cover to love song. That is why we have this is nick murphy. I write record and produce
under the name chet faker. The first thing I have the sun was that opening line Good then- and I dreamt it out cab with it in my head, In the middle of the night, I have a voice murmur of me like in my girlfriend was asleep in the bed next to me, so I was mumbling really quiet. It's like almost indecipherable hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm. To do too, I'm always recording ideas and stuff. So what my god. Ok, that's gonna be a song. That was just the peace that like put aside in my palate and then
After a few days, I was in the studio trying to cover David assets rock on land. Mass here is, like Heartthrob- cannot boy from the seventies who had this like album. It was pretty soon but there's someone Iraq on its awesome, so I went to the studio I can only do and, as is messing around I tractor godot, nor can begin I knew that I could sing the David essex part of it over the vocals, a key ui to deterred and didn't contain yeah they, sir kind of fit and I was like yeah. That's cool diskin go with my rock on cover
but it started to sound, really good and I was like nah. I'm not gonna cover it. You know out of my mind some so yet I got to this. This part. Hmm It was the baseline, but it ended up on. Track being the wurlitzer, I tried to play on base first and realized. I couldn't because I just bought a base. You know I didn't know what I was doing and couldn't play like a lot of. It's really may just playing a section and copy and pasting I can play it now, but applied literally one note for the whole song, and then I put drums this collapse in my home studio amongst garage,
I was living with my girlfriend at the time and I would drive each day to the studio at which is where I first started, recording which was like had like a tin roof. So I couldn't record when it was raining or if there was wayne cuz the trays with brush on the roof I has been the most timelines drum sounds in anything else. I spend hours looking for. I had sound because it being withdrawn, sounds is emesa sound like it's in one cohesive space, you can have like a hat. That's like really close sounding and then a kick that has distance or it just puts people off. And loses that grew view. The pockets gotta come from sounding like it's a real player. A lot of people put me in that electronic area, but a low. That's because I don't have the real- instruments or the capacity to play them or a call them. How I want so
I always envision kind of real drums and I think my drum samples are getting more and more like that. I was in love and uniform a couple times in your life. Like two penny, I, like you are and I have this like invalid, like distaste for earning that, sir cheesy annoy but like I can, I had to sing that you know I had to sing that you, gotta know love me a girl. Beloved not It's gone. It'd be sir, you gotta unfair. When you saw in love your care Then you are thinking you actually just want everyone to know that you're in love, you're, you're annoying, I was kind of china. That guy
pardon me that wanted to extend on a mountain and shouted out and in a way that attitude allow me to do things in this song that I would say it. Air on the cheeses side of things that are usually wouldn't do, because it was as playing on that love, sick kind of five The song is the highest in sound recording ever feel like way up Dana. I was playing off that like weak fragile voice. But then harmonizing in their course would like big brash man. You're in backing vocals harmonizing are feeling love. You die It was the shouts of the mountain. Top kind of thing goes a little Billy, shouting it you gotta made it not now it's gotta love us
identity of a song which is often the hook or the chorus. That's the hottest, every other aspect of a song you can work aware and improve. You can't work and work and work and get a good course You have already done a harder swell before is with the again the hair. I can make you oh I forgive you It can make you old, that's like you so Attracted to someone this person can just do this. Most thing, and it can just make you feel like you, but you down In his case it was dislike how this girl would like flickr hanging straight for me it's like a punch in the gas. Its always a good thing, love it's kind of punishment,
It is you just want to be with them all the time or the guitar. Falls in again to that that cheesy I mean it line is like then again, then tanked again, like that, it's just the cheeses. You know what I mean. It's like do the window down driving like dinner down the highway with the shades on it was ok cause. I was gonna I was in that zone after the second be with a loop, and I really like divided to get out of the reduced- whose territory the son took itself it. The song so like grand-
it's so ridiculous? I could wait for another song, the next track to bring it back. I had to reach before the audio stop tuna and audiovisual streaming. Just relax. It's come after reality, and now here's gold by chet faker in its entirety,
hm hm. You gotta know I'm feeling love love to know one another. You gotta love us gotta know the will, be god or the power to swell the flick of the hair and make you all.
Anything that will force by new guy made not escape.
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