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Christine and the Queens - Doesn't Matter

2018-08-15 | 🔗

Christine and the Queens is a singer, songwriter, and producer from France. Her debut album was first released in 2014 in French, and in 2015, she released an English version of it. It was critically acclaimed and she won the Victoire de le Musique—France’s equivalent of the Grammy—for Best Female Artist in 2015.In July 2018, she released the single “Doesn’t Matter” in advance of her second album,Chris. Like before, she made a French version and an English version, but this time she wrote both versions simultaneously. In this episode, she talks about what that translation process was like, and the possibilities it opened up, as she takes apart "Doesn’t Matter." The song and the story first began in Chris’s basement.


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with that translation process was like and the possibilities that opened up as she takes a part, doesn't matter the song, and the story first began in Chris's basement. My name is Christine and the queens, starting to make music without any clear purpose like flexing muscle every day of you know, sitting and writing, and this time around I just started to you know I opened my laptop and I was like I'm going to maybe just try and do a beat and we'll see where it goes from there. so I'm working in logic, studio. Ten many sometimes using basic, sounds on there and I just found, at some point, this kind of, Morphing sound and I will it's a bit ends at filters on it, the move it felt when you will gaining a key felt like taming, an animal, and I said
did the baseline and it was like. I don't know- I created this group and it was hypnotic to me. Sometimes It totally crazy over a sound. Like I didn't know, something was quite groovy and, at the same time, quite animalistic to me most of the time. In my productions, there are mistakes, but when you try to remove the mistakes, because I can hear the clicks of, I think it's the attack of the filter or something- and it's kind of weird to meet, sounds like a spine the attacks feels like I dunno the end of the bone. It's weird it's weird but useful, like if you remove that everything crumbles. So I was like. Oh, let's skip the mistakes, then I remember that
not night, I was quite sad I'm a writer desperately wants to relate to people, but I'm socially awkward, and I tend to be a bit tortured right because I felt like I was not fitting in to meet was because, was a girl and the Queer one and being a girl is in immense pain in the ass today because you are made to feel not pretty enough, not strong enough, I mean it says, nightmare to be a girl. I like it, but societies such as this that it's nightmare especially when you feel like you're, not fitting the norms and you're queer. It's second problem. And we shall only men, my first album and everything that are received with it warmth and acceptance and being listened to and understood as I wanted to. I was like. Oh maybe something is going to mend at some point and maybe I'm going to you know, restore a positive Maybe it's going to heal me, but success, never hills and actually it can sometimes even be harder to relate to people because people talk to you, but they don't talk to you because the projection of their own ideas.
They have when they listen to your music. So stopped touring- and I was back in this kind of solitary life- I only EL comfortable on my own late at night on the streets and I can have started to build the the beat around that The came from a logic again, the roughest kind of look fine sounding. There is a tough miss that suited the kind of slight desolation. I had like to meet makes me think of the loneliness in cities where, when you really feel lonely and sad everything resonates in your head as signs of desolation, images of a concrete and some ways and blasted taxes and everything is assigned because it feels like the whole world is resonating through your sadness and to me because the beat is rough. It allows me to be sat on top of it.
less seem to do that way. It felt like the rights beat to be totally and utterly honest. That night I was like well shut eyes. enfold like, shall I try to write the Royce most exposed song? I could write and there was Let's do it. You can see here already roar a first draft, bear in mind that it was a first draft, a two m and I was crying. Ok started with the first line and I carried out and you can actually tell that it's kind of like a stream of consciousness. The truck started infringement attitude
Plated I mean. Actually I wanted to translate it. The opportunity to release s in the US and the UK, and I didn't want to be an exotic, just french singer. I wanted to try and relate more, I don't we get. My english most of the time was very much me trying, but the chorus was immediately in English after he doesn't see any exceed. Fifty thank God and if God does exist, to flipping the finger and if God does exist, doesn't matter to see it and you out would have to have some translating process happening because has two versions, but The pace of the French is quite worthy was kind of a challenge to make it work in English as well, and have that same quality and honesty and sonically to have the same pace and melody. It's a really interesting challenge like working the core of this twice
don't push me SAM one is my native language. One is something I'm still taming, the on that kids saw it different weapons, different strengths in each language, and it becomes really interesting because we, French, I do have the the intimacy, the poetic force, because I master it very well as language waving wish. I do have some things more straightforward. Sometimes in more naive, and sometimes you to help me to actually move forward in the english version it looked. something, and then I was back in the fridge, really became, thing threatening to work on, doesn't matter to see it alone. Working on how many one of my great pleasure is like eating. Chocolate now in the excited they ve got does exist, but personally finger. If God does exist, doesn't matter to see it, I mean it's quite
desperate chorus. You know I mean, doesn't matter, does it if I know any exit and if God does exist, But to me the harmonies feels like something is resolving anyway. There is kind of like hoping the harmonies, which is interesting, because the line is not so much hopeful find the next God and if God does exist, then they think God does exist. The line is desperate, but music says otherwise and so what does it create like? Does it Indicates that I'm actually going to be ok when a machine saying I'm not going to be okay, then I am Keystone, cause Cyclone did some more and if this latency is way too close to the shore, and if I could just push this to the wall and if I turn over somewhere this song is a bit like a greek tragedy. To me it's actually. the utter as much as music to me, because it really has to be trickle progression in Greek.
he's there he's like the figure of the the hero is speaking, but there is a call refuse the core theme. As the leader of a greek chorus that sometimes gives comments. The here is like I'm not feeling good than because of the killing of failing and the sun was calling for like this. Much of a tragedy delete, Vocalist is and feels immensely lonely, Bates actually surrounded with the greek chorus and it it's just coming from the harmonies. It's just a different story, telling God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God I didn't want to add too much harmonic information in that track. I wanted it to remain very aggressive and bear so the union to add was like rhythms instead of to me harmonies,
that's entering the second verse, it's kind of like an x, ray inflammation of rhythm that make the pace a bit more urgent and in the french version I'm saying it's rage. That makes me go forward and to me the highlight is an indication of movement. It's like I'm starting to walk this see, There is a moment in the truck way. I we wanted it to get super intimate and almost naked before. Actually, the truck ray opens again and checked him. I was even though it has to be almost like that She has her when someone suddenly acknowledged the public and you get a sense of intimacy, because the currencies actually breaking the fourth wool and talk to you directly. and you like field this close to the counter, and I want to create that moments, and it was already in the lyrics it's like forget. I said it I saw it acquires. like it's me: breaking the the narrative and talking directly to people
the old truck is actually my voice. I sang it twice and lead the vocal for it to be really sick, but This time it breaks down to just a single one, really compressed. This close to you, Can I say I saw you cry if to be listened to just don't speak too loud, is actually way more efficient than if you scream, and then it is kind of like Knowing when to to pull attention, the hope rests the production breaks there's just like the baseline and a sympathizers get. I know clay stinging. And then it starts again. We left- and I recently spending like a week, mad like that? right, sound of like the two for it to be had taken. Not to I mean it's like doing lace, Dale's like you
finding the right kick, who could distort well- and it sounds may be deceptively simple now, but it took me a week to do it properly. So at that points in the lyrics in the song. There is another character entering and it's if it's a projection of ghosts, someone I wouldn't want to meet in love something I am it's unclear. But I'm talking to someone new in French. That figure is called the value of the which means the sun stealer, and it's a figure of hope. I guess- and I'm just at that point- Got to address that figure and tell him in a way because I'm in the place of despair- and he basically represents hope- and I'm like just get away from me- and run and steal the sun and go away, right. The job.
to deal with in the choir, actually helps me turn. This order into a lamentable and basically saying go away in the quays and go away come come. sometimes you're surprised by what you write, I mean
hitting the track. I actually realized how sad I was. I was like. Oh I'm really sad, it's a cathartic way of expressing yourself. put your hands in what hurts hurt. You and you know, in order to Be Rowan and folded, so it's me We're like, like a policing think like catharsis, is not pleasing. Bates needed I was listening to it crying and be like I'm so sad, a complete success, but you know that was like will This is maybe something other people could relate to it differently, because Believe loneliness is great disease that is shared by many many people, yeah.
And now here's doesn't matter by Christine and the queens in its entirety,
was to serve tee so soon left, because just the sea in the fabric of these steel decides to discuss these guys. Girls. Does this give city I saw her stinging too.
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