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CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

2016-06-23 | 🔗

CHVRCHES is a trio from Glasgow, Scotland. In this episode, they break down the song "Clearest Blue," from their sophomore album Every Open Eye. You'll hear the band's original demo as well as why they start songs with a set of rules, but then quickly abandon those rules.

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I feel like you're taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's in Your wife terms and conditions apply, find out. More capital, one dot com, slash, auto navigator,. churches is a trio from Glasgow. Scotland, in this episode Break down the song, clearest blue from their software Problem every open I you'll hear them, original demo, as well as they start songs with the set of rules, but then quickly abandon those rules. Interview, was recorded, live at the dropbox pie. cast studio at sought by southwest, No, I'm martin and unearthly keys and stuff I'm Lauren and I sing I'm in, and I also play keys and stuff.
I will maker led back silently. We is honest, I swear. I swear that's the thing about this ban, the we always lakes with rules and then we were used second to them by the other role for the sun. Was I still zone with two courts? Of course, ten minutes later minds, often another you know the minor were terrible is second to rules, but, as you know, the fun partners like cretin boundaries and then smashing them in You have these reference points and, and asean says there are great place to start in the process are really important thing to have a today were
going to try and achieve x Y said and then you'd start trying to it. Doesnt work our planet, but then you got a different idea and then that's where you take some very useful, jumping off point, but they always gets rid of the whole. You know the can. A blank page syndrome previously didn't want to do so. The rules work make a lay back song with only two courts Do it. When will the very first thing is? Actually it made the final record? You can still start ft, it's like a a vocal sample. Can it goes in your ear runs all the way through the whole song.
That ref itself, the keywords was its two notes. He knows just octaves, just trying to I really entity in rough lake the progressive and not so much less emphasis on melody and really focused on the on the and hopefully a and Islam, You ve got like a higher hold in that time the really really really regimental really street, you can turn surrender beat and its and it becomes about, lay earn about more fun. after the canopy sick track is certainly the courts or the or a b or like a sample labour wherever, as they were kind of like bones it is around between each other dislike innocent, each other that sort of thing and then really quickly the boy
of the melody starts to emerge and then and can oppose it together. About and lake puts donor a track of his own vocals disconnected singing nonsense, disconnect silly words, so that don't mean anything and that and that kind of defence. They can have vocal phrases and you know that the basic shapes the end up in the final trap does dovers affair that comes into my head. Lauren really takes it through the net level. Why just go let them when I go across the hall to write, lurks while those guys work on the music, so. They're all looks you know, but to try and find words, dive, written or sometimes they'll, be a certain word. They sounds like martin said and then It's all right off and the verse of them
of mountains, vocal there's a bit were, it sounds like he sing like all. These days and then also and then those over, but should repeat those tools. She coming couples every time in the verse. Can I heard of it started like ours like ours, was and then is not enough. Not enough like? I always will, always. but it's not. It's not enough now Mentioning sometimes like this is my poetry. I've written yes, but that vote will send an that doesn't fit. this isn't us because of that should be so sometimes using the gave that's in there too think about the shape of the words and things like that they want to so like cynically is helpful because I was going or what the meaning is and offer to think the important for us this time, those two things together. You want it to mean something, but you wanted to fit
possibly a medically as one of the most, of those things is absolutely everything like that's. Why hookers, where those things me percussion, melody and and sentiment whenever, come on. You can be well aware as ever to pursue way. You can just keep me there please say: oh maybe. Me have what I think time. I thought I was writing a lesson. I guess I have a tendency towards negativity and kenneth depressive knee, sure sometimes- and I guess I often where, but how that affects. My personal relationships are people around you and you know if you're trying to figure out kind of things you don't know. Sometimes I really unpleasant to be earned or you're just imagining is unpleasant to be around and your projecting on other people. So I guess for me I can. I was thinking that you know how people foresee that is what is meant to me. I think, and then this hoping
crossing your fingers that it doesn't make too much of a mess. When I was writing it, I was gonna. Go over this dumping of one I believe in something and wanting to believe that it can be so, but, not being sure if The surrounding circumstances will allow that to happen to me, The phrase we are tied to the shipping ground is like circus. As is constantly changing, The shifting. like I always is Shouldn't we hopeful, didn't necessarily come out like that by guest to me that I like this, things that have light and dark in them. That system it connects with me because it feels more authentic, keener. Rosin. Writing. Oh, my god is an amazing. We all know these amazing people in our lives and of things awesome, and I guess I was a lot more where, on the second record of coal want to communicate with my voice. I think weirdly and hand. Actions are very helpful to me for singing. I didn't
Do you think about it? That much until I realize for certain parts of songs, I do love pointing for certain points. I do kind of like chop actions and there's little fists, crunching or Sometimes you hi things off for some reason. Put two hands on my stomach. Tear gas. From my myself, I'm supposed to be like going from the diaphragm. Sir. Clean. Does the climate, of the song there, but the vocal approaches, not china, be super claims. They can like punch there you know is. political content. The whole thing becomes more front: take a more frenetic climatic section, it's more like a moment
Rest. Some experts, it, and now here's clearest blue by churches in its entirety
by the time you did
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