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Clipping - Work Work

2016-02-18 | 🔗

Clipping is a trio made up of producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, and rapper Daveed Diggs. You might be familiar with Daveed’s voice from his roles as Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette in the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. But in Clipping, the whole band takes on different roles, playing with different tropes and genres within hip-hop, but setting up these strict overarching rules for how they make their music. In this episode, the three of them break down how they made their song "Work Work," featuring guest vocals from rapper Cocc Pistol Cree.

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you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital, one. What's in your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more at capital, one dot com, slash, navigation. This episode contains explicit language clipping is a trio made up of producers, william hudson and Jonathan snipes, and wrapper divvied digs. You might be familiar with debates voice from his roles as thomas jefferson and the marquis de la I at and hit broadway musical hamilton, but in clipping the whole band takes on different roles, playing with different crops and John rs within hip hop, but setting up these strict overarching rules for how they make their music tennis up, so that the three of them break down how they made their song work, work that features guest vocals from wrapper, cock, pistol, creek,
live dance like like a down pips up daytime whole black ghost town, ghost rag ghosts, base, gs gig goes moment, pour a little for the gulf, the dead homies, my name Debbie diggs We were listening to this DJ mustard compilation and there was this capital cree song, lady killers, on there and we'd love that song and now that brass is tasted baseball nigga like it was some, you might get the message that we're Do you like man? We should do a song with her and that sort of started the converse.
Patient about this song about work. Work was actually specifically to get her on a track. I'm william hudson. We were like who is going to be really amazing to everyone, but nobody knows yet. Who can we put on our album that everyone's like? Who is that that person's amazing? I was just on the lookout for stuff like that, and then that song was on that mixtape I was certain tat- was just the stand out by far I thought so we made a song. We thought she would sound good on and then trend finder. My name is Jonathan snipes with william hudson and make the beats. The idea was trying to do what is a clipping version of a kind of dj mustard style beat. What I think is really sort of interesting and unique about dj mustard sound is how incredibly limited his palette is and how many songs he can generate out of a handful of sounds, and this really great sense of this sort of bouncy, purposive rhythm, with it
whenever just going to recreate or try to fit perfectly into the style that were referencing? How do we make it without presets using field recordings? How do we make it harsher broken like how would clipping as an entity misunderstand this genre and then try to participate in it. We started with the rules that we weren't allowed to use any drum sounds we figure out how to make field recordings stand in for drums, so I'm using a bunch of different, sounds made by sampling tapping on this metal thermos recorded. Probably a hundred and twenty eight different taps, and sampled them and stuck them in a sampler instruments so that they could be played on a keyboard and painstakingly added little stutter effects Then I added other layers
and then there is a sort of swell sound that happens. Every four bars, which is just a can of compressed air. Like you used to clean the inside of your computer, we found a bunch of cinder blocks and broke them and recorded it, and we play it backwards and forwards. That's kind of our snare germ sound than the other element in the drum part of the beet is me like it. Just mingling of beer can very very close to microphones, which ends up making all these really harsh pops and then with delay on them they can have become the high hat. So those are all of us feel recording home
the percussion, the we've made, such like clear, certain aesthetic rules for ourselves. Just where sounds can come from what kinds of sounds are appropriate and David wasn't allowed to say. I wasn't allowed to wrap a wrap in foil, summers and no true stories. We started- came to the conclusion that clipping is certainly not any of the three of us and in fact it's no buddy. It's more like a high of mind of things. That exist in the world of rap music. So those are dead perspectives. I try right from the order that the kind of one shattered perspective of every wraps,
has ever existed, holler at city, if your bride for it, let him know why you died. For same reason, all these riders get high. So it's all medicinal, not what you want by Ah me, so it's all second version, you know a lot of like command form stuff. And a lot of third person in or environs description, It actually is really find in his actually open things out for me quite a bit as a writer there is such a tendency as a rapporteur right these first person narratives and as pretty limiting no matter who you are that's limiting, as you only lived so much and it also lends itself to a particular kind of storytelling, whereas with clipping we get to do things that feel. A little more like,
I feel more like a novel or something in that we get to sort of explore multiple perspectives and jump time really easily, and all of these things that writing styles, that aren't as concerned with the first person, have a much easier time doing red lights than a desk. You never been to that district. A reference trunk full of hashish and maskell in your mind, is a mess and his pitches address in a match on the throttle, like a put bought a ticket to say fuck to your free manti, pull over to the side of the street, keep your hand on a shadow sitting up onto the sea off and let the cat pull you over say something slick on some js. The ninety nine province type shitty all of the above in your head, but it really does matter because you're already dead, song, has all the troops of dry grab and lack of gun rap because yeah, I'm gonna tell you know just be able to talk about hustling in a pretty vague. Hey. Actually, we have the ninety nine problems reference in there and then
also referencing digital underground, at the same time, with their abc listing off the things that you can do, which I just and from free city, industry take the time to find a pound, and you walk right over and your pound m c Zella that you're wondering what the answer do all of the parties with the bricks of ours super browed of referencing jazzy andalusia, underground in the same line and very very happy, and the song features cock pistol cree. She wraps the second verse at giving out whip it athlete that packet the prophet, though no one this baby, they call him, he was so did the highly mob linux erotic k, walk. The hill is enormous. The arm in arm wrestling clear, these dangers dormant one of my favorite, things about her is that doesn't take a typical female precision. Do you know women in rap music or so called the created an under represented right now is was one of the reasons we really wanted to work with her. She has like such a strong voice, but is not
traditionally feminine voice. I guess if that makes sense, you know we. definitely sort of made the song. It is hoped that we'd be able to track down and figured with we'd find someone else if not bad looked might not work out for a while sitting on the song for a long time is I'd. Just could not hear anybody else on their just made. No sense too, but it out. If she wasn't going to be on it so yeah we waited until she made it there or just sent the track with the and I think my verse is on their at least one of the verses and yet she did at all. I mean she's great and fears the talented and terribly under appreciated. I no better ways for the most part. Nobody as you are not even the costa just an extra, they read about it as a number name's gap money and they want it read about it as a number names got money and they, while it either we are just racking up statistics of dead black man
pretty early right now, I'm particularly always, depending on, where you're from, which is also why it's starts out with AL. As your city like you, are more likely to end up as one of those statistics. So I liked coming back to that. At the end im just saying you will most likely be remembered their number only You have a certain amount of dollars in your while it are you going to earn the d the right to be remembered by your actual name. Now here's work work by clipping featuring caught pistol cree in its entirety.
The city, if you rob for it, let them know why to die. For the same reason, all these riders get high. So it's all medicinal, not what you want by homie, the top of the top game rates. Yang re named gang gang dance class worked on the phone call. It baseline line dance like a hold down pants up daytime whole black ghost town, ghost rag ghost base gs gig goes to the moment: poor little pup, delta, dead, homie, deadpan voice, thing and tin. Pan alley song can handle in front of tourists with the camera clowns
You know how you lived only agreed gary gaiety when it said, love and is now gametes, and your brand now held now tat s a guy like you, ain't got mad at you. Gotta dig born a dazzling, sat down or make them work. Work work make their work that work make their work coming out with it. I lifted up pocket the practical, no wonder they call him without the hollyhock planning authorities can walk. The hill is enormous. The woman one read these aims is so cumbersome climate fleets, in my hand, had passed. Let him a policy of attachment,
they met? Someone and tugging at the kitchen mean a lot from the lake, but a party, but I am a little old lady. The planet needed along with me, I don't want to think I had to do- was to make the climate of being many think alimentary. If one is probably thing the innocent me and when this day no ended, they know past low key. That, though, the word moved by the problem is very low rate. Is no your bride, no tales nodes like those born or make them work, make them work work that will make them work. Work make their work. Stop realised that this work will you never been set at district reference? Trunk, fuller, hashish, mescaline your mind, is a mess and is bitches undress and mash on flatter. Like a dream,
goodbye to pickity place, but you're free man pull over to the side of the street, keep your hand on a shotty sitting up under the sea or say something slick on some jay z. Ninety nine problems type all of the above in your head, but it really doesn't matter cuz you already dead, no obituaries. For the most part, nobody cares. You're, not even the co star, just an extra they read about it as a number name, gab money and they, while it was that low and it's an okay, read no no tag. Yeah the damage would be like you. Ain't gonna get a leg up on their network. Make that work, work work, make them work, work. Getting that part make them work. Work, make them work
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radio do.
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