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Converge - Dark Horse

2014-06-19 | 🔗

The band Converge formed in 1990, when its members were teenagers. They've been making music that lives somewhere in the intersection of punk, hardcore, and metal for almost 25 years. Guitarist Kurt Ballou spoke to me from his studio GodCity, which is where Converge writes and records. I also spoke over the phone with singer Jake Bannon. Coming up, they'll talk about how the physical space of GodCity influenced their songwriting, how the Boston hardcore scene gave them a home, and how to get the classic Swedish death metal guitar tone.

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Everything that happened during the purple rain tour, both onstage and behind the scenes. How did prince deal with pressures of fame? Why was the tour abruptly cut short, listen now on apple pie casts or Where have you get your podcast? The ban converge formed a ninety ninety. When its members were teenagers, making music that live somewhere in the intersection of punk hard core metal for almost twenty five years. Her skirt pollution me from a studio. Godson were converge rights of accords ass. He spoke The phone singer Jake them coming up, we'll talk about how the physical space of god city influence there somewhere other boston, hardcore scene gave them a home the classic swedish death metal get hard. I was his purpose
who from the band converge, I played guitar in the band and I'm also a recording engineer, and I recorded the majority of our most recent material the other. Members of converge are jake Bannon on vocals nate newton on base and ben koehler on drums. Today, we're gonna talk about the song dark horse, which is the first song on our two thousand nine album acts for the guitar tracks on his song, I fall into this trap whenever recording, especially converge record where like. If I do something I want to use it, I'm not good at editing out the stuff that I've put effort into so sometimes like all record tracks with a whole bunch of different tones to experiment to see which one I like the basket with an usually doing is some just using all of
this record had a little bit of a longer recording process were picked out over the course of several months. In that process. I was report another man's, one of the main report. It is called black dress, I really liked the guitar sound, but I got em decided late at night after one of their sessions to do another layer of guitar tracks with their targets. In this record, the big time after their tones the boss, heavy metal power, which is pretty well known these days for producing the clock. Six swedish death monotone for somebody,
A bunch of american pushed hard core type. Bans have latched onto them. in recent years, it's a pretty awesome tone so use that it's just for thickness. I'm hey, I think for convert. create visuals right lyrics, all that stuff the song is about losing a friend and look through that loss at the rest of your life? You have in front of you and what you can do with it. He is a very positive song. You know: try You were right towards tommy, Every trying to if a constructive positive life are people that don't really understand our band, they would possibly misinterpret I sort of aggression level
something that was not positive and somewhere there about trying to find considerably at the end of the tunnel negative dreams. Now earlier styles. If not, we urge people jake Billy has two different. That he things in their scotty jake Andrews monster. Jake re use is pretty much an entire lungs worth of air. For every word. I think recordings This is one of the hardest things to do, particularly in the hard core band. Vocalists, they feed off the energy of and so when you're standing on a stage and you've got all these people with their eyes fixed on you and you've got like a drummer like and behind you and then innate nigh and super loud. So you ve got all this vote in pushing the words out of you from behind you. Ve got this much different feeling van being in it.
By yourself with some had Phones on Jake is adamant about recording all of his vocals with a handheld microphone. That's just the way the he performs best my instrument What guitar I want to put a guitar understand how you feel bit awkward because you don't really have to act I'll feel of holding a knack of being able to move it It leads the way your body wants to move and it has different. Microphone either gauges. Egypt play it when I'm used to the bed in vocal choices are general a ban decision needs a very a strong singer, I'm not as strong a singers. He is, but I can fake it good enough for a recording is just sort of reinforcing the course neat really plays base. so here you target which he doesn't begging near the bridge, and he,
a cords and hit me he's a guitar player that we got to play base for us, the made ban and I are working on the music for a song in the past. The ten years or so we've really tried to create. musical song structure that will be in support of a memorable this structure, early in the bans, career returned just chained together, risks that we thought some cool enough That's all well and good, and is certainly in the tradition of of metals, is housed on we're all more a fan of the pop song format We find that our food Most memorable metal signs were written with a hook, heated chorus and assessed six iversen withdrawn. it really is like pretty verse.
Does verse course bridge course. I think that that's one of the reasons. Why is, I think, a the sun We are working in this sort of five ii pattern. In one of the risks we came up with just sounded better with I for drumbeat behind it. So I started god city, around ninety. Ninety five in my parents basement just with some modest but my half inch attract a quarter sort snowballed I set up. My studio and sound massachusetts and have been open here since about the end of two thousand three. There relationship between god city in converges, definitely a symbiotic one
space, that you're recording in the space of your crashing. You affects your creative process You know like when you get on a stage behind like a drum set, some huge room you dislike, hit the snare drum once and it's like awesome. I just want to like play slow stuff. My studio is What I would call a medium sized live room, and it's quite well treated, so it's it's pretty dead in here, so we can hear it we're doing fairly clearly, and I think that that's one of the reasons why we tend to write and predominantly fast songs it's actually the first time I find out that way, but it makes a lot of sense The. Everyday tinge weirdo has an added two find themselves to establish their independence, but indeed doing so also needs to feel.
of belonging, but maybe belonging to something that's a little bit outside of when everybody else belongs to and that community of hard core bands and underground metal bands and stuff is the key. that. I gravitated towards and felt was you know a surrogate family of sorts to me, and I know that you know Jake absolutely felt the same way, I've never really had a foundation support I was for my creative efforts. You have kind of done what I've done since I've been a kid know, nobody's time, I'm doing a good job or not, will certainly not a huge banned by conventional standards, but in terms of the the musical scene in which we we love, and we and we play too. I never thought it would be possible for a band to do as much as we've done.
now: here's dark horse by converge in its entirety for more information on converge, including links to buy their music visits.
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