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Daedelus - Experience

2014-03-17 | 🔗

Alfred Darlington, better known as Daedelus, takes apart his song Experience. This early track of his is made with only acoustic sounds, but Alfred still considers it a piece of electronic music, and explains why. He also talks about the unexpected life the song has had since he recorded it, after being sampled by Madlib for his collaboration with MF Doom, Madvillain. Experience became the beat for Madvillain’s Accordion, the first song on their highly acclaimed album, and later referenced and resampled by artists like Drake and Kitty (aka Kitty Pryde). Daedelus deconstructs the song and discusses what its legacy means to him.

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What are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorites on starbucks? by energy drink is available online, a grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide in this episode. tougher darlington, whose better known as database takes a partisan experience. This, attack of his is made with only acoustic sounds, but offered still considers this a piece of electronic means. My name is Alfred Darlington and cord under the name. Database we are going to get into the song experience which comes from my debut record invention from two thousand and two it is a a melody that was haunting me through my college career. That was it. You will see the thornton school of music, where I was studying jazz base its heart describe necessarily how a melody comes to us. For me, just was out of the blue. I don't come back on a keyboards and
on came out of just fidgetting literally sitting around in, like I think it was a piano one or one class trying to figure out a play and the strange little rolling melody came out it hot to me for years and Finally, with my first record, I knew I had a chance to express something So the intro is an example of fish price plastic, reykir player, but I'm playing it wrong. I'm not using a plastic record. on the player and actually playing the stylus of the fisher price plastic reply it's like a music box I am one of those players can do no wrong on such a scale, so employment the times that would normally be hit by the pips. On the plastic record, you can hear little residences kicking around some of those things that I was aiming for. It like the little weird sounds that's the piano one hundred one part. So this is
this automatic accordion kind of instrument- this is slicker, harmonious, basically but automatic so rather than having to billow with your knee or with your arm, somehow this billows for you. There is the part that the counterpoint that's just like a little fuel figure back and forth. other versions of the song, this primordial versions that are more like on media. Keyboards enormous other instruments and in the end it was best served play the melody first in this kind of weird instrument that only would be in tune with itself. So I had to play the next part of the melody or that kind of cow point on the same instrument and then no
rigid tuned system would work. So no many keyboards, no synthesizers, that we're on like a standard scale would work so sacksful tax will and if you listen carefully, can headlong break up the added mark where the breath is interrupted. One things worth not perfectly done. The players amazing, this guy been Wendell, he's a phenomenal sacks bonus. I am not using his best take yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm using a viable take this important and then the sex from point. So it's a spirit of things that are quite right, but a right for the song. I do some vocals in the trunk in isolation I mean I don't know I've and could bear it. I've seen on other tracks, but this was really early on for me, and I was definitely one of those things that was unconsciously kind of in the background recorded.
And then sown in so so, like so buried in the mix that I wasn't as sweating wait, repeats and loops and kind of refrains? It's like an electronic song. It's like this chunk that the progresses and it it opens up a little bit. But then I quickly dies off. It doesn't have a traditional song flow and a lot of times from electron music is about some voting expectation. So, even though the song doesn't You synthesizers drum machines to me it's out these kind of sound scapes I wanted to be like tribulations, so it's like aspirational, but is it were not really but operational, it is Let's say that and now here's experienced by day, Thus, in its entirety statement after the song
dear what happened next with it
The song is remarkable for me for a number of reasons, and some of them have to do with the before its mouth. You with the after the strain world. We live in with music means that your legacy isn't something always choose. Sometimes wasn't for you. My very first record was remix. A difference on playing parties is remix by mad lib unbeknownst. To me. At the same time, he remix that he remix other songs off the record the ears, went by and then suddenly this record called mad villain was released and it featured kind of without my knowledge, this ring mix of my son is enough times a classic faster than how would it not be the last of the destiny of mighty would sit laptop then finally, come to the mix faster, so experience accordion,
and although there is the accordion sound played by me, it's not really an accordion per se, but then you have em of doom wrapping about it in accordance with suddenly has this life outside of my intention slept like forty four last playing itself like afford him I've actually perform this song on stage with enough doom and that live on a few occasions. I've been recorded by so many people. Drake got money on the line and I can't get it also. I've gotta get on my dutch practice. They can kitty pride. I don't like kissing in public or holding both hands, but I want to leave you. You know how silly I am a little cycle, E5500
kitty. My vision of the queen was like one of the first songs ever made at all. I was really into lake am of doom madeline. I never thought about what the sample was there. Anything by just assume that all those guys found old vine old records and took little pieces of them daily on towards my friend ran hums worth I had never even heard of him. I was like listening to all of his music because I really intriguing it was really pretty and then it started in without a korean. I was just like wait. Wait wait I noticed, That's definitely my favorite dealers, I'm sick, so beautiful also people, but their spit into it, and the only sample credited on the madeline record and that's partially because they escape me that opportunity the kind of decide how to build on that, one which is really nice of stone, sir, who originally released the mad villainy record over time.
It's been sample by the people in very different ways. It's it's gone into our besides, so it's almost like. You have like three life's for the song of the original life from the invention record, and then you have it a beefed up version with mad lips baseline and be the voters of emma doom and a kind of subsequent versions that was so remarkable and then now a third version that just totally puts into outer space and makes it seem like an electronic composition. It really feels like it's gone, full circle, All my early work is very short because it another confidence to make us on those longer than two minutes. The song, It was by way too fast. It doesn't really even barely break into a memorable tune. This way, I am amazed and honoured again that it was by somebody else, because it actually has a longer life than being a one minute. Thirty second song on record that, as from two thousand to
It's just not mine imports in the world, but its willingness to look back, in those terms atlantic faster. Would it not be the last of the destiny of money would sit when finally come to the mix past? I think most of what states twice he saw scrolls nortons deals have liked a great story, told keep you blow recall and will have to take them out. The pitcher happens, which in turn means that an abyss of italy both would its wisdom. They persist over more bitter taste like sheep, with the ability, and the point is like the place get my year. This song exposure dot net for more info on data list, you'll find links to all of the different songs. At sampled experience you can hear them in full. Thanks d her space for being a sponsor square space.
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