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Deradoorian - A Beautiful Woman

2015-10-05 | 🔗

Angel Deradoorian has been a member of the bands Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, and has contributed to albums by Vampire Weekend, Flying Lotus, and Brandon Flowers. This year she released her first full-length album as Deradoorian, The Expanding Flower Planet. In this episode, Angel breaks down the album's lead single, "A Beautiful Woman." After leaving the Dirty Projectors, Angel moved from the east coast to Los Angeles to focus on her own solo music. She talks about how "A Beautiful Woman" was inspired by the loneliness of moving across the country, overcoming creative self-doubt, and transitioning from a secondary role in other bands to the main role of songwriter and producer for her debut album.

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one auto navigator. You can find a car and get pre qualified instantly you'll get your real rate and monthly payment without even impacting your credit score it so simple. You might feel like you're taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital, one. What's in your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more at capital, one dot com, slash otto, navigator. This episode contains explicit language for six years. Angel dear Dorian was a member of the critically acclaimed band dirty projectors. She performed on national tv recorded with york and played sold out shows around the world, but she left the group pursuer on music. I was injury projectors from two thousand and six to two thousand and twelve was when we announced me taking a break it's hard to, let go something that you worked so hard for and then put faith, new yourself that you're gonna be able to come out with something. My name is,
angel territorial and I play as darrow dorian dare dorians debut solo out was released in august, two thousand and fifteen in this episode, angel breaks down the track, a beautiful woman and how the decision to leader on musical project affected her and inspired the creation of the sun the this track into I make my own record was part of me. Moving into like a low wage, shit position and being in charge of everything was asking turkey a scary. Oh yeah. There's there are so many things you have to put to the side you can't take a real job you can
Hang out with your friends whenever you feel like it, you have to have some self discipline and you have to have faith that it all worked out. Because I wasn't saving any money in this time I was cleaning houses and then working when I could cleaning houses allots you alone time can listen to music, don't have interact with people so much so you're, not expending your energy in conversation with people all day and then trying to go and work on your music later gave me the freedom to about what I wanted to make and then be able to go back and do it. The songs like release of sad to me I mean it's about myself and the transformational process kind of like the future self, the ideal self. I wanted to connect with people I think, part of what that was also was being vulnerable in kind of showing people part of myself that maybe I wouldn't
the two things that I think are important for accessible music that was an air quotes. As a really strong melodic line for the vocal part and really strong beat the drum parts. So I started with writing. The beat my brothers and drummer. So I grew up listening to someone play the drums every day my family are musicians, end very into like soul aren't be any kind of music with a really strong, beat so I
It's always listening to that and then I I've always just had instruments around me to access. So I've always played things here and there and drums are definitely the most difficult, but I still love playing them cause it. It always just comes out super weird cause, I don't know any drum techniques or like playing techniques. So it's just whatever I hear the guitar part that n n, n n n- or am I just like, couldn't do it smoothly at all
I just like playing associated keeping it that way. Yeah I love imperfection in music. I don't respond so much to perfect playing, although I really respect that a lot, I think the tone of this guitar is very fragile, but I put a lot of overdrive distortion on it and reverb to get it to sustain because it doesn't sustain which is like bear, but the guitar tone came out good, so it didn't seem to sorry to reduce the baseline, which is both rhythmic and melodic, but I left a lot of room for the vocals for this one. So I could o lot myself a lot of melodic room,
and to be able to fit more words into my abilities. To see when did to me like, I could fall to my knees and worry about it. at a hard time relocating to los angeles. It was a big move and it was. In all the way from east coast where all my musical peers were, and so it has had a really hard time when I got here trying to find work and trying to settle and be creative and that's what I'm talking about. to see who knows sunk into the sea. He was kind of like when I was just going into this kind of depression. When I saw what he did to me and when you saw what I did to me was like I know I don't have to feel this.
way, but it feels so hard right now, when you also, you know, when you are creating, you make a lot of shit sometimes and that happening, and then I was like I suck why? Why am I doing this needing overcome a lot of self deprecation, I'm seeing every but he has that but it's another thing. I've had to really work on, just like not being so hard on myself, but also we're still working hard, but all the things but I'll be on my way to better Things like having to go through it, but knowing that after every kind of dark, is there a light phase that follows it so keeping that knowledge through all the darker times and this the songs like really is kind of sad tom to me,
I also just think that when you are a creative type of person making aren't music film whatever it is you more likely to yourself, because you have It takes so much time to learn where you are winning wanna make a piece of work to show other people that were like the honesty comes from It comes from sensitivity to society in the world where there is this like constant comparison is good and what is bad and again yeah from that guilt and shame of like feeling like you could do. so much more many more hours? I could we just much more devote it to the writing processor just being in the studio, but you won't really succeed if you keep putting yourself down or doubting your work.
I think I've gotten better in that regard Would you see you a beautiful movie, yeah I know so
the person I want to be as me: yeah. Okay, so that's my sister and Nicky singing that part niki, randa, she's, really amazing. Singer she sings on a lot of flying lotus records. It's a vocal hawk it it's a two people, singing the opposite, the one in three in the two in the fourth it's called hearkening agency, K, E t. I angie this hocker importantly weird delayed jungle, cry in the beginning more tax for all psychedelic additions, that's like the hook.
to me this. Power is in the bridge and this we all saying together me earlene and Nicky, arlene my sister and its disliked this cry. You know so I felt it would be more powerful. We also together I wanted them in their fur, texture, de difference and power that times again create, on your own says, a strong, feminine energy kind of song. So I felt like, Bring my ladies in with me, ladys I love I feel like I've been lucky
understand struggling with your work. so. I know that your mind is very powerful thing and that you'll get there. If that's what you want, you'll get there and work out just how you thought of it. And now here's a beautiful woman by her dorian in its entirety, the
the the the you and I,
the a The the the The
man, the the
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