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Dropkick Murphys - Blood

2017-02-07 | 🔗

The band Dropkick Murphys formed in Boston in 1996. For over twenty years, they’ve made music that’s reflected the culture and community they’ve come from, including their platinum single "Shipping Up to Boston." In January 2017, they released the album "11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory," which includes the song Blood. In this episode, guitarist Tim Brennan breaks down how the music for Blood was made, and the band founder Ken Casey explains the inspiration behind the lyrics.


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What are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorites on starbucks by energy? Drink is available online at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide the ban drop, kick murphy's formed in Boston, indicted notices for over twenty years. They ve made he's that's reflected the culture and community. They cover eject There are twenty seventeen, the least the eleven short stories of painted glory in this episode mars tim Brennan breaks down how the music for blood was made and can casey explains the inspiration behind
this is TIM Brennan from the dramatic murphy's I play guitar and accordion where the course of the last few albums our song started, getting played in like fenway park in the song that the band wrote about the bruins, we'll get played in boston garden during a hockey game and without fail every time it will come on, we would to each other and got wisest sound, terrible like and then you here and a cd cease on come on. You, like man that sounds phenomenal, and our thing just sounds weird and muddled, but then We became friends, and luckily colleagues with are now producer ted hut, who explained to us that
ace is pretty vital when it comes to things sounding. huge and in a situation like that You know we were used to coming up with these sort of raucous punk songs in size, just sort of thinking about that a little bit in wanting to see. If I could make a drop, kick murphy's that was in the vein of these giant stadium rocks, I play guitar further dropped expert. My first instrument is the drums so a lot of musical. ideas that I have sometimes their based around drum parts, sir ideas for drumbeat, and things like that. I got the idea to try. Do something that had light We will rock you type of beet underneath it just do guy I was playing an electric guitar by unplugged. Just sit on my couch, just sort of showing a record a lot of things in my voice mammals. Before
start playing anything I just cannot lay out the drumbeat around I'm a guitar. I stumbled across a cord pattern that I thought was interesting probably sat in that basic. form for a year and a half or two years, and then we started actually getting together to flesh out the ideas for what will become this new album mad cow, They are drummer and I will meet at the space and hill record. A drum. Try the man now I'll, take an omen record everything else over it,
and then bring it everybody and say here's what this could possibly sound like. What do we think so we typically a fairly good idea of what things are gonna sound like we're going into the studio, but we had never something like that that sort of a slower tempo, but still so the big and triumphant the physical. studio that we were according. It was a pretty giant area room and once started getting the drum tracked down and you could really here all that space in the sort of breath of the room itself. It was like this is in a word beautifully. Hearing the giant drummed reverberating over the super high ceiling is just
like when the sounds phenomenal When I initially came up with it, I knew that it was gonna, be a bag type based on or at least have the bagpipes in it. We have these electronic bagpipes that out right all of the bagpiper parts with but when it comes to recording the real bagpipes, it's a very fickle instrument. It's got reads in it and twine wrapped around it. Bizarre in there tough instruments are accord. Certainly we find on that one bagpipe sounds thin to bagpipes, sounds out of tune, and so we triple track all the bagpipes in
where to get a bigger, sound in to make sure that it doesn't sound attitude with one. Another early in high school, I started getting into listening to the traditional irish music and, while the bagpipes sir apparently scottish. I guess it was just sort of Part of it, you know you got an irish festival or something like that, and it's just sort of wrapped up in the whole thing, my off more europe of high school. I had one of those like life, changing teacher experiences. There is this young guy. He was probably like twenty three at the time an english teacher and he and I would talk music every once in a while, and he found out the type of stuff I was in two and one day he showed up with a cassette tape of oppose record and that totally changed my life, essentially
outside the owl. out. Too long after that he came in with do or die. The first draft murphy's album and You know, I think you're gonna dig these guys and he is absolutely right. I was software in high school. At that point, and then I join the band might seem fear of college, you no one I was a kid. I would learn all the drum parts. to my favorite records and sit in the basement playing envisioning like going to show in the drummers broken his arm or something, and we can continue unless there's somebody out there. That knows how to play the songs can
call me when I was at work one day after school and asked me if I wanted to join. It was pretty crazy. Bazooka that's playing this drowning note. This droning be flat throughout the song. Bazooka ii, it was initially a greek instrument and then was sort of re purpose by the irish people. It's kind of like a giant mandolin. Almost it's gotta it strings. It's sort of twelve stirring, guitar sounding in its tone. Its initial, thing instrument. The idea for the words in the chorus came to can right out of the gate tanker from the drug murphy the song, was to sum up the history of the ban
and to talk about a mutual dedication of the friends of the ban and asked for them the bank, start a menu bar Stonehenge called the rat, and that was, I gotta, see rigidities of boston. They would basically, the downstairs during the day to do all ages. Man is soil. Is our home base way over the door the following there and we had a show on a saint Patrick day. I'm gonna go a lot a hand at the wheel, I told you are welcome to play in the city, I'm trying passage paper if he has the mare at the time who was a matter for twenty years in Boston, aided not like the drafting, Murphy's ya know us woman ran the licensing at city or just like common near. They try to shut down the shows, so
We gonna hit the road now which is going to buy good luck. You know three by land use through everything in one or two basis, Like you, it's not just ass, it was like the. U was like us and the foundation punk rock in general. just a reflection of how it was back in the days. But if I had to sum up, the sun is about dedication. After the fans in the gratitude we have for their dedication more so than it being about the negatives of city. Blood is really are love letter to our fans. Of course, I wish you were born will give you some meaning. I forgive you everything you know like, because you have given us go way beyond allow the streams from opportunities see the world through the evidence, You now have a job and to deal with a poor, a roof over. I have as a result of this woman.
get to the end of recording and it's time to do the backing vocals. The ban member Do a few tracks like tight backing vote. and then Everyone puts the phone calls out to their bodies and we pall mall in there and get as many voices on it. As we can so late, on tat will be the giant thirty person Scully up choir as they like to ban used to refer to them. its plumbers, then carpenters. In a couple of me, music friends, but it's all walks of life, member states,
if only we were doing their backing vocals one night and TED is behind the glass in a single job, a job and then after one take. He comes in and he's just in front of a whole group of people, and he says, starting in anyone, start seeing any just walking around listening and he goes and picks out like three people is, as I'm sorry, but you guys can not be in here and so, unfortunately, the really non musical friends end up just being our cheerleaders for the evening, but you know- and we appreciate that, just as much there is barely difference between us interference, saved all the time if we weren't onstage playing every night we'd be the guy's cleaning up the trash after the show was over. You know, we ve only play blood once and it was recently we waited until it came out
I was always really excited about hearing what sounded like with everybody playing. We play veterans benefit at the mohican son arena in connecticut ensue we got to play this giant tropic murphy style arena, rot song in a big arena and it fell. Awesome I was particularly excited that night because it really did feel like it had been the super long road where at them very beginning of it. I saw the end. I knew ultimately, what I was hoping for and to get to play especially in that setting you know, a setting that the sun was sort of made for to have come to fruition like that. It felt really good and now,
his blood by drop, kick murphy's in its entirety. By the way we all my visits
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