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Empress Of - When I'm With Him

2018-11-19 | 🔗

Lorely Rodriguez is a singer, songwriter, and producer who goes by the name Empress Of. She’s released two albums, and she’s sung on tracks with Khalid, Blood Orange, and Dirty Projectors. Her first album, Me, was made on her own. But her second album, Us, features a bunch of collaborators. In this episode, Lorely breaks down the Empress Of song “When I’m With Him.” She co-produced it with Jim-E Stack and Dan Nigro, and I spoke to Jim-E Stack for this episode, too. Lorely explained how collaborating with producers opened up her process. Plus, the song’s lyrics are in English and Spanish, and Lorely describes how she relies on both languages to write.


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Lyrics are in english and spanish and morally describes how she relies on both languages to write the my name is Loralee, I'm also known as empress of when, my first record I was in New York and it was produced. by me, written by me very isolated process and then I moved to L a- and I to collaborate more when I moved here. At least early was my objective, because the you ve collaboration as you do things that you don't normally do when you by yourself that something that I wanted to achieve on this record testing myself and pushing my boundaries with maladies and production, Jimmy stack
he's an amazing producer and songwriter in LOS Angeles. The first time I heard emperors of I was like wow. This is just really distinct and different, and her voice issues so captivating, that's a sign from my first of all, I knew was that she sang obviously and was a producer, and my sounds typically are very, I see ends bear but when went into the studio with Jimmy he played me this loop, but he had said working on with this warm since pad- and I was like I have to write on top of this, because I don't usually right over textures like that, and
The whole point of working with other people is to step out of your comfort zone and like yes, that's right over this track, because I don't have any tracks that sound like this and I love that sound with the drum loop. My friend Dan Negro is a producer and writer, and he and I will get together and just kind of make instrumental tracks every now and then and we started what became the instrumental at his studio in Highland Park, so I just started with that drum break and then I built it out, putting kicks under the kicks in the brake and another snare, sound make it a little harder and then another loop people
stomping and clapping in a big room I liked how the drums sounded organic, but you could well, that they were samples. Then my friend Dan is super strong in laying down emotional chords, he was just kind of jamming on piano. And I put in a little guitar sample. I had the from there. You know it just like sat on my hard drive pretty much for another year or whatever, but I always really loved that so fast forward. when lordly- and I worked on this song, I was just like we need to write to this immediately, I didn't have any lyrics yet, but,
I love to write melodies just with like a handheld microphone in the room, so she as went at when a few times trying out, maladies, our new different melodies, christian everything I have a shot you tell me nothing that's me sitting on the couch in the control room is Jamie. I, like the men's aspect of writing like that, because you engage With some one and that to me it fills, I call writing when they're like does still, and oh, my god that melody was so good, but coming up but something that is worthy enough to be a song in front of some one is very nervous process. No, I well! No no.
I was mumbling in English and I wasn't thinking of stuff I liked so. I started mumbling in Spanish because it's like using a different set of tools, I'll go female, go. I set the set then look at them and look at us and just because it sure of the rhythm of the language, the pacing, where you take breaths. How long words are it provides a different way, active on phrasing and melodies and so, when I was singing in Spanish, I was doing these more like rhythmic staccato phrases than us, but my name implicated. It's cool, to see that this is nah. We had and to the point where we were like these maladies are good. Just like try to forgot the lyrics to this
I'm singing like subliminal things, and so I sat on the couch, and I listened to myself and I tried it right. down what I think I'm saying the first lyric that really felt like it now, gated, the song is where it says, Then the boy the gone at Techcrunch in the grease. He was on the way. Tell me where I'm going leaving, unless we tell me where I've gone, when I that that I was like Okay, so it's a song about not being present about not in fully invested in a relationship. It's fine out of love.
the something that I went through in a relationship that really stuck with me, the feeling of growing out of a relationship and your partner, not noticing or not knowing internally lonely song because you're with someone else but you're not present. where really had the song at that point. So soon time to iron out the arrangement of production that was thing is arranging the track, because when you ride over a loop, it all It feels like a trance, it's the, same thing over and over and over again, but the arrangement needs match the songwriting, so I spent a long time
adding in rhythmic elements that don't take away from the song, but help drive the rhythm- and I was I want Homs I love those Tom's they're, not real Tom's there. apples we, to add momentum to this bridge but we want to be of noxious ends. It was pretty hilarious. Balancing the perfect amounts of Tom fills being lost, okay, what is obnoxious and what is drama, for the second verse. More of the spanish lyrics come in, and so we made that a focal point. I did those harmonies giddy as much. They look bullet said merely home ass. It were
I'm saying. You wanted more than I could ever be. backing off and you can't even see, and then the imagery of the bridge- is for me very vivid laying bed, next to someone and they're asleep, and you're, a wide awake, and you want to tell them these things. They are failing, but in there sleeping you want to wake them up the too late to tell you. Yes, it's late at night. Yes, it's late in our relationship, yes you're literally asleep, also you're asleep too. the reality of how I'm feeling I packing a lot without saying too much the
lyrical content of the music is My life has to be my story, because that's the only way it's convincing to me and that's the only way I can go on stage and perform for people and convince them and it was cool because I wrote something. I was incredibly personal to me, but able to write it with someone I was in the room I learned how to still be myself and tapping You my story with the other artists, which is it's a great lesson, but it can he hides make yourself vulnerable for the song to hear like something you wrote. Is so on the nose of the time a place, an experience that you've had it's a weird feeling listening to the song is not a painful experience. I don't know it.
I love this song and I listened to it a lot and Maybe that's even more rewarding EL cares when I'm with him by Empress of in its entirety
Let me express my body ass man. The whole mass you didn't know. Where is still says a candle to repress decides to mean not visit.
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