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Feist - In Lightning

2023-05-31 | 🔗

Feist is a singer/songwriter from Canada. She put out her first solo album in 1999. She’s won 11 Juno awards, including two for Artist of the Year, and she has four Grammy nominations. She’s also been a member of the band Broken Social Scene since 2001.

In April 2023, Feist put out her sixth album, Multitudes. And for this episode, I talked to her about how she made the opening song from that album, called “In Lightning.”

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a calm, slash song exploded and the disco will automatically be applied at check out. That's article dot com, slash song, exploded for fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more. Faced as a singer in songwriter from canada, she put out her first solo, album in ninety ninety nine she's eleven Juno awards, including two for artist of the year, and she has or grammy nominations. She's also been a member of the ban, broken social seen since two thousand one in April to twenty three to put out her six thousand multitudes, and for this episode I talk to her about how she made the opening song from that up. It's called inlet
to do this I am less sufficed. Just inside the rockies there's a place called bounce and there is a huge sum: for the arts there, and there is this- artists residency programme, where they'll, just you, a cabin in the middle of the woods, and I was offered one of those retreat, which was ten days, and I thought This is fantastic. I'm just trying to get my wits about me in terms of what I was working on, but we're plenty of hours. In the day where I was faced with these uncomfortable thoughts, I
I feel that there is a tendency that I would receive ball some sort of From a relationship or from circumstance, and no matter, what came at me. I tended to essentially absorb it as a negative information, instead of positive, like as I'm fling defence, life instead of often, instead of initiating anything. when you have a realization like that like it should, the foundation because start to realize. Oh wait, I'm I am the author here and then I started to the interested in the way that I was thinking about my own rule in my own life making my own truth and that began by trying to watch myself interpret something. It was benign as negative or watching myself. All into patterns of communication, where I would essentially beyond my back foot or something so it was kind
the beginning of me learning that I can make this better. the The so was in this little cabin and I brought a guitar. My pedal bore and here I was just spinning for ten days trying to find something the the I'm breaking out in a sweat that I am reviewing this to the world. It is like the most private moment ever I mean have fun.
going through my phone. Looking up waste memos trying to understand how it happened. My old friend Marcie, whose made every record with me, we have this sort of you have consciousness, game, called song and the way I've. years later to people I try to teach. The game too. Is right, a song right now, a stream of consciousness and pretend you rode at five years ago, and now you just try to remember it. Is there not the pressure of coming up with something brand new like is way less press, britain stake, I'm he's going to try to remember something that already exists, and so it's all like now. There's some sense of Elaboration with who, with I don't know, but now there's something that I am not alone in this room. All of a sudden. There is an idea, that's so of waiving out me from an oasis way in the distance. the the.
In the so in that one of those initial songs I said enlightening and enlightening assuming that strikes. It happens, a split second, the idea in it flash of inspiration blast complete illumination and seeing was in and around you. If you could, sustain the being inside of a bolt of lightning. Why is in there the. I completed a whole demo of the song and then
took the solo sketch version of it to tar doll, half a mere yegg, my who were two of my life van mates. I wanted to do so A very, very tiny small show in the round and then a lot of the tone was found in that life, which we did something like a hundred times. So I was the only rhythm in the live show the guitar and the song was sort of glued to that forum. So you know basically, we recorded a version of it. There was very much like the live. Show had been But then it felt like
They were making a record now and it can be anything retract. The bulk of the record I'd, say ninety percent of it in a house way up in ukiah, northern california, redwoods it reaches cleared out the furniture not a studio there and we lived out there for about two weeks: robbie, I kurds, Michael Harris, our engineer, Marcie, who caprice to a throbbing in myself, tar, doll, half who plays basin a lot of other instruments, a mere yeggman. please violin and lots of other instruments that would be- A core group of us also through the pandemic, mike mills the film director. We call ourselves art, pen pals It I'd send an early demos and he'd. Send me sort of art prompts and I asked him to come into the studio, and here where we were at mike, there's something Farrell is missing.
he said he look you're, not a drummer. go over there and just blast your body at the drums, as if you're playing a guitar, but with some sticks in your hand, but don't try to do it perfectly. Just do you want the electricity you want, the jolt of it, a few weeks after that just by accident, Michael Harris, our engineer who track the record he opened the session and pressed the space bar, and then there was a perfect glitch, where instead of blue got coca couple when our heads, swung around to look at each other, like our eyes were wide because what the hell is going on, and we only heard it for about three seconds or something, but we both understood
but we just heard, and so we just then we created it and that's what became the ultimate finnish version. Said drums certain people I'd say the song was found through basically meeting and meeting and coming away as much as we could until what was left to us boys. down to its essence as soon as we muted the guitar. All of a sudden there was this new sort of space, then To show Two such builtin idea of us, for women reaching a certain age that there is a diminishment assists innately bound to happen is like a devaluing culturally or something like that, but that
Just so messed up, you know The sensor, our values mounting up were learning so much more about ourselves, and yet there is a battle, even in my own mind as a battle to try to claim the natural age. You don't the more time that's pass through me, the more I have capacity to understand the things that I'm trying to figure out and its natural, it's ok yeah we invited suicide, is merely and gave no l who are too. We were calling them wildcard, they're, just incredible players, and we can is unleashed them on the tracks and see would have him he wanted to find. You know she's out carries around his more growth with them all the time, a little synthesizer
and so what you here is like a single note, the kind of opens up and becomes two notes, and that's him and so that's gave new l. I mean mostly every instrument the game played on this record. They dont, what they are? I dont who would make me think it is, he invented a new type of guitar called a chill are that is so unlike a cello, but he plays almost like a giant based mandolin any runs through. Pedal board. He did a lot of that and we drained most of it away and just left these things. It didn't sound. exactly like an instrument that was sort of them, when it was too take away any signal. Fires of life have banned set up. Instead we're just finding these essential electric shocks,
do as god, as I say all of us have associations with that word like capital g god, but there is something so mysterious and incredible about the unlike this of us being here at all in a miracle sense, it becomes an opening, you know in a way That word is usually not associated to like a forty seven year old, canadian woman or something got you know, but it's possible it's possible to just name it claim it does make it as simple as that and to be say. I think that backups can serve to just fortify a single subjective thought and three times it can split. The idea into this is an idea held by many
it's kind of. like a call and response in a way becomes like a single voice, multiply itself, to be many voices. is just because we are always particularly drawn to the string arrangements on Marquise record key change and that a ranger is miguel outward ferguson, so marks suggested that we bring him in the the key change there was discovered live at. The show I discovered, if I played the song on the fifth fred in this Fine tuning and then
immediately put the people on the third fret in time for the solo it became like very angular key change, it was be difficult to try to find the tone of the guitar, because it really wanted to sound, like classic distorted a guitar solo like it just feels a bit serve norm court And so I'm not an engineer on protocols, but I sat down, and I understood at least enough hata do hard cut they were just watch the sign wave until it it's the end of the note and then I would cut it like poo poo, poo, poo, poo, poo poo, like just put like hard
It's in there Then we come back to the original key. I saw that as the calm after the storm, you know the raindrops are drifting off of the tree and this moment of is storm done. Did it pass I don't know why I love and also recorder, if you just go into them very, very gently. they just sound, very beautiful. I can't play a would wind or he instrument. But I can say rapporteur. and then C jackass And
many thanks. all the lyrics, their speaking about electricity, but there kind of speaking about owning of my own power in any given moment the song is in a way it's like a manifesto or a declaration to try to situate myself inside power necessarily gotten there but there is something in my arsenal now or something where I've turned and intangible into something more. understandable for myself. If I can just hear myself in can't these thoughts again and again over the years some perspective shift will happen. Eventually entity, coming up
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I can chemo and cheat to win, then it's likely. Some of these could be jewellery to check that the
to do so
the and. Yeah, I. Yeah.
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