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FKA twigs - Mirrored Heart

2020-04-08 | 🔗

FKA twigs is a singer, songwriter, and producer from London. She’s released three EPs and two albums. Her most album, Magdalene, came out in November, 2019, and was named one of the best albums of the year by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Time, NME, and more.

For this episode, twigs chose the song "Mirrored Heart" from Magdalene. She wrote and produced it in Los Angeles with a few collaborators, but it’s an intensely personal song.


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She wrote and produced it in LOS Angeles with a few collaborators, but it's an intensely personal song, remind me says: F K: The lyric merit heart for something that I had had written in my phone for a while. I the saying that your greatest love be somebody who will like, truly Reflect to you like aspire to bay and can mirror that's the. have to do the same thing or like the same things as mod to have like morals or like a kind of deeper understanding of life.
Or so, of human values somebody is going to give what you give PR and what you put in a second equal meeting of of two loves I write a lot of things down. Sometimes they turn into songs, or sometimes they turn into things I write to myself. So I didn't know necessarily that it was going to be a song at the time, but it presented itself. the I write mirrored hot with Then he flynn an amazing musician and songwriter, and it was just Ethan playing on the piano, He came to visit me in L, a
at this house- and I invited a few of my friends to common and work on the record and rye and eat together and wake together and even then I wrote. Married her on a very so lonely morning, I remember Everyone was in battle out who you know it's doing their own thing. I think we'd maybe even said that. That day was like a chill day, we weren't really going to walk, but then Can I just found ourselves? piano just playing around and We just have something really special when we're together and it's very melancholy but easy, and this a real sort of like deep blue joy to the music that we make. He just has all these like deep amazing feelings and unusual quotes hmm
it felt really unusual and quite strange, but also it felt like something that I knew really well. It felt like a very old song, something that I would have had my grandma playing, or something like that had a very like old feel in a really inspiring way, ooh. Ooh. it was very calm and very quiet and very sensitive that moment, but planning an outer start singing is a nightmare like compulsive, gain it's all lovers turn tagged. What's the weather, I sometimes make music and images from merit ha, I saw Opium Dan and loads of love is on top of each other and then me as a singular person that couldn't find and in on this,
situation Everybody had mirrors on themselves in different places, but where my marriage was, I couldn't find anyone had it in the same place and then everybody like held hands and then walked off the horizon together, like they were falling, and then I was left without anybody it a full with During that time I was like furiously dating without much luck, and I think I was feeling kind if loan me an unseen, for me, anyway, I mean I'm quiet, sort of relationship person. I just feel more comfortable, knowing where I am, romantically I've never enjoyed dating. If I'm honest with you, it just doesn't suit me: I've, been single for a long time, and it just felt like
was there dating too, like don't send a boost. People's egos but it just felt like not genuine connections like I was trying to be crappy to kind of like fill a whole to gain something find the high get that fix. Get the heart racing like get. That text feel good about yourself for those ten minutes, while someone's paying you attention, it's. Ok, I was feeling quite vulnerable and wondering like was I ever going to. Again you know was I ever gonna be loved again my. What was I going to feel like this time around
but I'm never gonna go. Oh I'm probably gonna think about you all the time over the wazoo and I'm married, and they just remind me I'm without you and then sign whose very old friend and collaborator came in and play the guitar and I'm ember singing to him a little rough like done, gun, glum, gun. no. Oh I During like LP one, you know it's just really answer the laptop pinners ready and able to end and like finding the cool sounds and how many effects can you put on something, whereas during
until then, I started to feel the need to thy activity get out of the computer a bit, and I have more acoustic instruments and I've ever had before. The proteins The Qatar guitar. That kind sounds like a kid walking with, like lazy fee is like a reluctance to get to like the destination, That's something that was just really important to me in conveying in this piece of music is like a reluctant march. An unknown destination. I I had this new drum machine and I didn't know how to walk it, and it has all these different, like settings of different types of music, but I couldn't get out of the hip hop and trap setting, because it was my first day of having it so
It was just he's weird voice samples at yet, unlike two under Beth, three hundred bands, like so like actually in the song. It says two hundred bands, which I thought was really funny Sometimes in my music I have little jokes to myself like that not a traditional musician. Actually, like I play instruments horribly, but I'm good at working things out. unmarried heart like had played drum machine, and stuff like that, and I have my personal touch. on it, but really it's me relying on people that can play chords. If the to just listen and be able to like execute my vision is for being a male producer to being a female. Pretty You say you know it is a very different vibe and I feel that I have to
work with men. The reedy embraced the feminine energy for it to work. I don't want to be. Trapped inside a clever boys, laptop so it means like I walk with someone very closely and explain to them in great detail what I want and how I need things to sound and I might this well as an could call us as well call a such produced the song and Nicholas. jobbing. Another person like you know that allowed me to create through the well skills, you know it help to explain that things you know like okay, I hear a synth hear it needs to be deep. It's playing these notes. It has this amount of sadness in it. It sounds like a wizard
crying you just tap into each other, and you can figure it out. I done that sound that was like and then coolest Did this crazy, sound that goes underneath it with his like, wiring it just sounds like what pain is. It sounds like the end of a car and he just laid under my voice. The
Thus the member of hope right. There is a sign that maybe things are gonna be ok, but probably not I actually Two to studio in Santa Monica, that's written also, Grammy, winning songwriter and producer he's worked with Madonna Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks and a bunch more, and he has a lot of really amazing empts. So were able to play with a lot of his toys and run on of the sounds through his amps and re record them just to give it extra great. She known extra crunch and feeling send me that merit ha as best. It sounds like it's just really hard to like, without Rudy Like
for rest and stressed out and then that's easy moments of just relaxing this kind of glittery like release. I just remind one- Rick no studio in Santa Monica? I recorded the because there with him and mirrored heart was one song that I just really wanted to go in on and warm up properly and drink, lemon and honey tea and do my breathing exercises and go in no things, I'm a vocalist and the summer
things in my earlier work. I just didn't care about that. I just didn't care. I was like I'm an ice, my voices, an instant. And you know it will sound- how it sounds drawn in Riva loads of effects on it. Put me in the back, because. I see that sent this way more important than me right now. Whereas now, like, I wanted people to hear my lyrics due to want to be no. To do to truly SIRI, no, no, no! No! No. We me. There was a very weird time in my life. Mid twenties, I really thought I had. It all saw it and together and then in my late twenties I really realize I one hundred percent did not you know I just I did not have a scooby doo what was going on and I
for me like married Ha- It was really like at the peak of me feeling very alone just like hence heart bright. Like keep you up at night, heartbreak. During this time, I called my manager like it must have been, for I am for me, and it was in the early, morning for him in London, and I called him- and I was just crying. I was just psych completely inconsolable and he That was the matter, and I said I don't want to make a heartbreak record. I don't the states singing a new. I don't don't feel sad. I don't want to have to carry it with me, like. I don't want to make a sad album I've made out he one and I would like
so strong. I felt like on top of the world I felt like I had it sorted. I felt like out. this next record, and I would be this strong nubian. Queen and I go and take the old, and it would be amazing, but then that just was not my truth at all and I think some point I had to accept that. I love the interviews I did about the record. Like you know, everyone was kind of like this must have been so healing for you like this mask I've, been sought, Psych, a healing process and I'm kind of like absolutely not like you kidding me. I have no doubt that as fix one thing and then another thing comes up, you know that's life there waiting nothing the I could do then ride it out and try and get on with my life, and that's why I was trying to do, but it was great time of self discovery
genuine real, like gut wrenching self discovery, and now here's mirrored harp by afghan twigs in its entirety I hmm. I the the
So far the gain it's all lovers turn take the breath away. Again John Well, she can the
it's. The it just reminds me of you who the
dear to me. Oh, oh, no phone life due to Sammy, no, not the head, so the game. It's all the way
eight mind you want to be
did you know the
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