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Ghostface Killah - The Battlefield

2015-01-06 | 🔗

In November 2014, Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan released his 11th album, called 36 Seasons. A lot of people worked on it: soul band The Revelations served as a kind of house backing band for the whole thing. Lil' Fame from M.O.P. and engineer Daniel Schlett helped produce, and there's a host of guest vocalists, including the ones on this track: singer Tré Williams, and rappers AZ and Kool G Rap. But the person who put the whole thing together, came up with the idea, and corralled all of these contributors is someone who doesn't appear on the record. His name is Bob Perry, and his title is A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire. Nowadays, that usually means the person at a record label who acts as a talent scout for new artists, but back in the day, the A&R reps were often responsible for much more. In this episode, Bob Perry talks about how the Ghostface song "The Battlefield" came together, and Revelations guitarist Wes Mingus breaks down how the beat was assembled.

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Title is an hour which stands for artist and repertoire. Nowadays that usually means a person at a record label who acts as a telescope for new artists, but back in the day, the eight hour reps were often responsible for much more in this episode bob perry talks about how the ghostface face on the battlefield came together. Revelations guitarist westmere breaks down how the beat was assembled. Here's the battlefield upon some exploded, text me or just text me I'ma, walk down c60. They always with me. spock area and are on the other,
I was working on a record by a singer called trey Williams, who's, a sort of soul, r and b singer, and the revelations ended up becoming the band for trey Williams. Then I also at that time was working as our war caught records in new york. One of these, the artist that we had signed to our label, was the reason the result became familiar with the revelations work, I played him some of the stuff he was really digging. Eddie came to some of the shows, ends that letter. Working relationship between myself results and the bands
did two compilation albums, and then we collaborated with him on the soundtrack to his film, the man with the iron fist. I had also work with ghostface. Prior to all of that The idea was to do a concept of what goes face. I have a friend of mine whose writer name is Matthew Rosenberg. These a comic book writer and he and I batted around the ideas for narratives foreign, album and We came up with this idea of thirty six seasons about you, know guy who had been away, from his neighborhood for a long time comes back home phases. Aged up for the worse and bad things happen now along the road she redemption is it. process than you have with most musicians and most wrappers most wrappers would never let this kind of thing happen by thankfully, your face, has the the faith in the process to allow a piece of music like this to be created here
as usual. I trusted me yes, I say I am thankful for the EU the thing is you. What you got understand is that that is really how he came up. He always worked with. I would say a strong voice producer- and he says you know it's. I see myself kind of like an You know like a guy. Call doing you guys get me my script. I do my scenes and then I leave So many months later I see it on the big screen. Am I lie? I never thought I was. You may go that way. I will take credit as a songwriter. You know we just came up with the the narrative for the album, but the wrappers wrote the lyrics. the musicians brought the music, This was kind of a Are you now? That's the classic, I think definition of an eye and are putting together arson repertoire. You know the song there were discussing here is called the battlefield and that's one on the album and that's a software. Each
the three main actors in the album kind of establish who they are. Actors are until a little piece of their story, once we had agreed on the storyline. My job was to come up with bullet points for each song. Okay ghost in song, one these are the topics that I need you to deal with in your verse and what we do We gave ghostface I'm all beats the actual music that you here in this out, but we gave him beats, We gave him the general instruction for that particular trap, and then he laid down his verse and sent it back to me, back at the nine years. That's thirty. Six thesis cities says that for all types of reasons stand now and they the same suit as lame. No familiar faces, son of dodge in the game. I want a clean slate, but this cat, a stray screw in It's me then, once I had that then I knew what I needed to tell the other guys, because
the rapporteur job is to establish their own characters and fill in the bay, a story that goes face for whatever reason doesn't touch on anti.
Move. The narrative along so basically the characters are tony stark's ghost face. Of course, Kool g rap, his character is called the future drug kingpin slash a slumlord who's gotten the neighborhood jammed up to make a killing field is in the millions gotta feeling like shit hottest. Food is grown out, a bogus welcome to the show, and then ses rogers, lieutenant rogers was the woman stated know if I could change my course. Nowhere to my frozen denim cast came across plas the best mustache on my move away and get lost. I just imagined I was casting a movie and it was like an audio movie like maybe like it was radio plays. You imagine like what.
her voice, a sound like and what the personality is, that they have either in real life or that it had on records in the past and then oh space filled in the missing piece is at the very end, there's a guy named my little thing he's from my m o p rack repair in new york. Oh he and I were you the studio before the ban came. They were messing around within with a sample from a gospel record. We couldn't really make it work, because the time signature, was so slow, but I like the feel of it. They These are the blues it had. The thing that I wanted for this song and the idea of these old warriors. The fact that the revelations are solar back to me there were the perfect guides for that for the job is just go. Ass was the right wrapper. I thought the revelations were the right band Although we had worked in the past on
other projects with the wu tang clan. They never been one where we had this much. I would say create If control, it was a tremendous opportunity to showcase the capabilities and talents of the group. yeah, I this is west talking now. west Mingus play guitar and bass on the song and co produce Bob said he fame worked out the kind of five they wanted for the track and the general feeling of it. I heard what where they were going conceptually with the same well that they were working with. they had been working on a working on it in there. Just like this. Just isn't working. You know in an hour we just kind of took it from there and so gentle, jenny soon as the drummer. He lay down the drums first,
we knew. We wanted to keep the vibe of the demos that were sent out because we didn't want drum track that wasn't gonna chilled with the lyrics tat were given to us so sort of a reverse engineered thing, because the beat came after the verses, which is obviously total backwards from normal hip hop approach. There is certain sort of cord structure and movement in the original gospel recordings. What we decided do is adjusts dumbing down, keep it would tang and just rock on
just one note when I played the bass on a rocket dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, you know just keep her right there and serve as the first layer after the drums from there. I decided double the baseline on the guitar to just give it a little bit more grit and emotion and then added a couple. More stats, some wurlitzer there's the high I kind of guitar part that doesn't
we created the intro? We knew this was someone, so we knew something had come in the beginning that sound like an inch row. The treatment is much different. The beginning sounds much dustier and kind of like an old record, oh What says says on the battlefield for a long time I can see life closing in on the soul body and mind being the nano field, Trey Williams, for a long time. So try any train. I know each other backwards and forwards. We have worked together for eight years. I told him. What do you need to do? He did it in ten minutes and then left
I came to see life Alexander see it. One. I guess I wrote that part. But I don't take credit for because again, as a very traditional kind of thing like you will hear something like that in hundreds of quartet gospel, records, even though we were alive band approaching doing it. hip hop project. We didn't want everything to sound like a bunch guises, nude lint around like this is a wrapper over, a band. You know we wanted the excuse to come from different atmosphere, which is very hip. Hop kind of thing cause it's sample based. Traditionally,
in every samples taken from a different record, different time, different genre, and that's part of what makes the soup, when the gumbo of hip hop, so beautiful, making a collage of different, sounds and bringing it all together and in recycling it in a kind of way that creates something new, even though you're taking it from things that were pre existing a lot of people, these songs of asylum are samples. They don't know that it's a ban until they look at the credits in the cd booklet or whatever. You know like lots I'm quoting what was this? What sampled is used for this, I think it sounds like samples when I hear it, it doesn't sound. Like a sample record to me, it sounds like something new sounds like something in between what other people have done before. You know yourself now only trying to get other people to make music. I like and now here's the battlefield by ghostface killah featuring Kool g rap
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