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Gorillaz - Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.)

2017-04-11 | 🔗

Gorillaz is the creation of musician Damon Albarn and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett. They’re a virtual band made up four animated characters. Their songs are written by Damon Albarn and a roster of collaborators. Since the first album was released in 2001, Gorillaz have sold over 16 million records worldwide. In this episode, Damon breaks down the song "Andromeda" from the 2017 Gorillaz album Humanz. It’s a dance song, but also an elegy to people in his life who he’s lost, like legendary soul singer Bobby Womack, a former Gorillaz collaborator. Andromeda features guest vocals by the rapper and singer D.R.A.M., whose own hit single, "Broccoli," went quadruple platinum in 2016. Coming up later, D.R.A.M. tells the story of how he got involved with this track, and Damon shares an exclusive clip of a scrapped version of the song with D.R.A.M. on lead vocals.

(This episode contains explicit language.)


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starbucks by energy, drink is available online, a grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stay its nationwide guerrillas is the creation of musician damon. All born and comic book artist, Jamie hewlett, their virtual band, made up of four animated characters: the songs or written by damon, all barn and roster of collaborators, since their first auburn was released in two thousand one grows of sold over sixteen million records worldwide. In this episode, damon breaks down, the song andromeda from the two thousand seventeen guerrillas album humans, it's a death, but also an lg to people in his life who is lost the legendary soul, singer Bobby Womack, a former guerrillas collaborator and I met a features: guest vocals by the wrapper and singer drum whose own its single broccoli went. Quadruple platinum in two thousand sixteen coming up later drum- tells the story of how he got involved with this track, the first damon auburn, its grip, on song explorer.
and I'm no man, this original, from a conversation between myself and toilet time, guy who co produce record, we were talking about till the greatest Aids is pop songs and we d did the billy jean by market. Jackson, I can't go for that by holding those were two of our favorite. In their tempo and they're gonna pop sensibilities and How could we somehow chemically channel the girl? none of those into our own music. So We had a sizeable for this sum before where she started it, which was, I can't go for billy, jane for copper, right purposes. I want to emphasise that, the eventual outcome bears no resemblance and any resemblance is purely fictitious twilight zone is responsible for the beats
will choose this, the written that was the primary source. The sun, was get this bad guy. Get this feeling this good. solid dance thing going down iceland mom mom, mom mom, It must surely estuviere thirteen. I have a fantastic they piano, which is an upright acoustic piano that has been that's it to read media information, so is very easy to use in syria. My main instrument, but I didn't use any of the piano on the record. I just use it to solar, get my harmonic maps. established.
For example, on this record. I use a lot of profit sounds Chromosomes cold sounds and law. a viper sums. Much the same in every june on the record. Now guitars, not enough the acoustic too, since face similar drums, keyboards and vehicles, because de I wanted it to be in the future and the future for me It's always been sympathetic. Digital. record now, it is really important and on this requirement, Take care of the narrative is imagining something in the near future, which happened in america But the really turned everything on its head and make people feel very uncertain about their future and make a party record about that night that that happens so
in the future, its futuristic its fantasies imaginary, or is it so. I found a very basic causes together. And my usual way using involves a dominant monochord? and a subservient major code? Michael, my pop music in the monarchy, when the Looks tuna to a kid. Now, a lover. This song actually ended up being is very personal song. Armenia. I've never said this before What I mean on the record, its the song andromeda. It says for Ethel S, always the cease mother of my partner, and she was very, very ill. When I first sat down at the piano- and I was
thinking about her. You know- and I also came out one splurge- all those lyrics just came out at one time. The whole thing when a boss- looks tuna- The kid now lover, the first item of the song is when the passing looks to die for when she was eye. In the last few hours I went to see her and ass. We saw as tragic, it was, it was her passing final low, words to me was so beautiful and lifting They stated man and you know overwhelmed me. I one point, while I was rising, think of her. I started thinking about Bobby Womack as well, who passed away the two years previously when the cards to a close and was bought a grey sanna- and I too so thinking about all these beautiful pay. I've known, passed away, and so
said make it for the best times and the growing pains the good times the good times. Maybe ground. Member being in tears as saying that, because I was with them at that moment. Man ass, wise got their emotional talk on it, I didn't know what I was singing was improvise, but it felt so for it. At that moment and knew tat. He knew I felt like you know it was take the worse, possible outcome and the brain even remember, all the goodness that preceded that obesity proceeded that so I just came out in one splurge and then
Over the months I tried to articulate the into something that made more sense but realise at the end of the day that it was an honest thing, quickly and vocally. That's how I sang it that is it the improvised focal take spent literally a fucking years, trying to get it right only to go back to the thing I did in like two minutes. It's really annoying. Sometimes you have to come to put yourself for that kind of torturers process. Just really know that what you did originally was the right thing I tried lots of different versions about song. We did a verse rewritten by man didn't work. We did a version with christine
Then the queen's that didn't work, we did a whole version with dram that didn't work. Hey is cigar. Big baby, drawn as feature in the great guerrillas and rollin are gonna random car, my manager- and I are you- gonna work with David byrne in relative alight fuck gear, the nature of girls is collaboration, I could do my own enjoyment paper around and joy
camaraderie that all the laughter cool, because I mean I wanted to make party record you can't make a I reckon on your own. Can it so there is item cylinder track over an hour swiftly, instantly loved it? Because I'm a fan of foreign floor? groovy south they later. Really just send it saying you know, do what you feel I was I think that it is better if people right was from their own heart and their own experience. I encourage people to do their own thing appreciated at sousa urges, you know their monthly scented over is a really lovely guy, a slight, very open and honest in the sunlight. This, which is very heartfelt. needed that kind of, via this why did bob
You know we realise that actually all the course needed to be was that really lovely keyboard long ago and then take it. Does that Simplicity, that space was all that was needed Can you where. And the bid there. He did the bridge we kept because that was really strong. nicholas Does there's? No it too Even try
The word Andromeda comes from two places: Andromeda the name of a night club in coaches stir in the early nineties, etas, where I used to go. On a friday night, and it was the only path ice in the house. The term I visited Nigeria, applied so music services. connection between the music. I used to hear their the feeling, in the spirit of musical trying to evoke and also echo the deer, was, was burying to astronomy I imagine her spirit so being somewhere. In
some consolation. Now, when I look up at the sky, because I know she looked up at the sky was fine, so I think of how I look at the stars, this woman dealing in MR still alive so it's kind of its nicely that exists like to think about. When I sing it. And now here's andromeda by guerrillas, featuring drawn in its entirety,
and the two sides message.
When I was here.
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