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Harry Gregson-Williams - The Martian

2015-10-15 | 🔗

In the film "The Martian," astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is stranded on Mars, forced to rely on science and his ingenuity in order to survive. The film opened at #1 at the box office, and has earned critical praise as well. In this episode, composer Harry Gregson-Williams breaks down his music from the film, where part of his job was to score the excitement of scientific discovery and the grandeur and mystery of Mars itself.


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till I could taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more capital, one dot, com, slash, auto navigator, figure out a way for grown three years. food. The planet where nothing grows. Luckily, I'm a botanist, two click from the film the martian, where Matt damon plays astronaut mark want me, whose stranded on mars and asked rely on science and ingenuity in order to survive. At the time of Recording the films been number one at the box office for two weeks straight in this showed composer harry Gregson Williams. Breaks down his music from the film were part of his job was to score the excitement of scientific discovery and the grandeur and mystery of mars itself. He begins with how director ridley Scott first offered in the job to work on the film a script
through the letterbox one day with a terse note, said the red it like it. Do it died ploughed through the script in one hungry sitting under it. It was in our brain, and I certainly somehow really wanted to do I'm harry gregson williamson, the composer of the martian score our first conversations were about tone and color and he showed me a very myself- very complete, first assembly, the film so the film had really taken shape by the time I came to it, The outcome of the first meeting really was that I should focus on botany matt Damon character, which is pretty clear that I should from the script is optimism for life. His love of science and problem solving that he was. seems to be able to handle with humor and charisma
all this should be reflected in the music it in that there is no reason for the music to be too dark for too long in this form, and that was quite a revelation to begin with, because I had thought, though, belong to die, listen and despair. He's only hang onto a tiny thread of belief that he could live, but for the most part, is a guy who's. Up for the challenge Some music that you picked out here has technological, santa big aspect of him talking into a camera and no one else. There him alone on mars. He look. like he made up his mind. This is it. This is. The date is going to leave the keys, cuzco, stuff, with basic rights and low chilean bases The This little theme, border eater, comes a couple of times in a movie and its core austere, it's part of mars motif and then
the moon changes somewhat brightens we get to whose smiling we heard little hop thing. there have been alone. It gives us a spring little springer step to be an organic played instrument, I wanted a text, I didn't want it to be guitar. I didn't want it to be candid, and that kind of limiting me hop seemed absolutely perfect, and then I'd stick out. That's right, delay on it. I wanted that feeling like a mounting excitement music I had to find a way of embracing a kind the scientific side of the fun he was having
to begin with. I wanted to have some fun with little are since in the past, sometimes I'd say my schools, since with a little bit of orchestra poking its head through this one. I think is the other way round. I think it's morgana with some sense of around. In the background, so after the keys been gone for a little bit, does a gap in what what he is saying and it seemed like a better place to start the melody witches these open. Fourth and fifth, the it's getting higher and higher it's very optimistic
Full variation, I added a beautiful alto glockenspiel I have which just give them. genoa, sparkle as we go forward. I needed to very one more time- and I add an otter hop which is kind of a small and very very hi so. These are things at once. Looking to do is to build a cause development without taking the listener out of the movie for a moment, instead of using piano way through. adding less. So, halfway through the first part of this cue, the since give over to our astray
what's the matter, so the subtle figure did a little by little bump bump really was looking for some release here. I realise that that could interweave itself with the sense by the time, the yellow that further the whole orchestra have been introduced. It needed state his theme quite clearly without being too ostentatious, yet let me be the start of a sea, not the music, because
that's right. They met before it's really when he maybe, and I'd really want to get in the way of that. when we go over to the second part of the queue, which is a very different temper, didn't feel different key transition, is a key change. So there three string codes in there. Which say hello, I'm changing he now. We gave from sea, might F major to beef, major, which is where we really want to be a major key at first, I wrote the back part of this q in the same key is the front part in sea, under a didn't seem to give me the left out. Looking for sir double back and realise that the transition from the joy of him leaving to thee
sort of majesty in crossing mouse. That was a public place for modulation and then on. The french who comes in and the new key with the beginning of the theme is also the choir there. An inquiry and the awesome, text that we found the nature of things by rehman philosopher could lucretius so actually seeing something that makes sense conceptually, but more.
more importantly, for me at that moment there singing vows and continents they're not to singing oozing ass. If enough would ask in the audience to take something really seriously and the hollywood come in doing an irishman, cooing goodness knows what it just it takes. The personal is like were believe that so their singing about info space and their part. In this thing, it sounds like something important these Methods to hopefully make the music more believable a lot of my writing. Time was re pleasurable, maybe I think it really helps when the movie sudden good actings good the writings good here very much joy. And now here's the fully assembled score sweet from the martian composed by her Gregson Williams.
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