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Jack Johnson - You Can't Control It

2018-03-28 | 🔗

Jack Johnson is a grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Hawaii. He's had four number one albums on the Billboard charts. In September 2017, he released his seventh album, All the Light Above It Too, and in this episode, Jack Johnson breaks down a song about parenting, politics, and the ocean. It’s called "You Can't Control It."


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The I'm Jack Johnson and happy to be here this song, it started from a little jam that my good friends that girl that second I had made he's got. space in his garage. We go on sometimes and just jammer make noises and stuff. In this one day I jumped on the drums our plan on the keys and then I had a little place part do it. That way, brothers, he was born on the same day same year, everything we have Hence this rating.
It together and stay up all night and like get a four track out, write down ideas and then try to sing them, and I learned a lot from that. He was First person I ever met were you. I felt that inferred to share lyrics within those kind of things. I love playing the drums, probably my favorite instrument to play, but I'm pretty limited in my drumbeats, but it's just so meditative to just sit there and get into a groove, so we're just goofing around, and I think it was time for dinner and we were like don't forget the ideal. As it put it down yeah, he sent it to me like a month later. Like I remember this jam listening ass, nice so start making the record. I played for my friend Robbie that was held me produce, rub electorates and he dug the groove, first thing. The Robbie said when I played it to him, was like us cool, but we get rid of the nineties drums. Like. Every nineties hit right there and I was like no way as said James Bay
funky drummer beat the music nah, not at all. He was like, as borrow the Wonderwall, be the head so anyways I was like alright, whatever I was a little offended, but not that much so when we started I went with a cross. Stick on the snare Instead of trying to use my foot, which is pretty clumsy, I just took the mallet and hit the kick drum with my hand, just started with the boom boom boom. so then I would go with the high hat and it was nice. I use two hands on it and Do all these things that I can't do if I'm sitting by the drums we just cavalier in it the and then we were
about thinking like it needs a little more like ambiance, a little more ethereal kind of a feel. We have this old school tape, machine, passion and through the tape, as soon as it came through that machine. So is like a record that sounds so cool and then he start doing those. I got him another call we kind of throw it. I fought for every dime on the snare that cranking enough and like throwing it. The guitar was the next part added on I played so much alone that I used to try to fill a lot of the space with my guitar on tracks. All on there. It's and so been kinda. Something nice over the years is just starting to realize that, yeah guitar doesn't need to be on everything and I'm pulled out a little bit. So this one is cool because it doesn't have any kind of rhythm guitar track
I like the way, an acoustic acousticon grounds it you know, and then the electric is that one that has a nice sustained. It's First time I've worked with Robbie in the studio and has found Robbie Ray has family over too. So we are on the exact same schedules Robin The shape sounds of stuff in the day and then be finished around dinnertime. Sometimes you'll be really excited to get back in there. So we get the kids to bed like a comedy, Her kids are down I'll call you a minor down and then we'll get. I can assure you our times. I would write the words back at home at night. Was thinking about how your environment influences your music. Like the noises you hear, I live in Hawaii and So for me, as I guy a lot of this wave hitting the sand real soft in the summertime and as they happens by every twelve seconds and pretty relaxing, slow, sound so they are the ocean to big part of my kids life to there a thirteen year old eleven year old, the seven year old and then other
it is really powerful and they see it when it's really calm and they can snorkel and it's you know very inviting, and then they see it where there's a daze that it's coming up over the bank and underneath our house like Poland, he's down. You know, she's, like a monster that you have to just stay away, and so they see every side of it. So I was thinking about trying to explain things to my children. Sometimes things see on the news things you ve read: books, and you do your best as a father we want. I think it's the best thing just to admit like I look, don't know everything or just little beings out here in the middle of this vast universe. It goes on and on, and we have no idea where it ends, and so that's What this song is to be as like a dad telling his kid. Madame of this, but in the end understand one thing: they won't you from this ocean. You can't control it just life itself, just one thing: and when you drink from
This bears still show you. control, Then I added the guitar line that the vocals do in the chorus. yeah yeah yeah. There was, as one sound Robbie found that I really liked it was kind of like there's almost more air than it was a tone. You know it on kind of like a watery almost as hope you on, as is a little small keyboard. That's robberies tourists, refining, as always has his strange sounds. like somebody me hey come, I give you something I can take relate to, but once I heard that
the first time really liked it. it's a really interesting time in our country right now, there's a lot of division and the political climate. There They influenced even so like this, the It's become a little bit about thinking about people who are in charge your things and may be taken a culture into a war. Sometimes If you look at these people, making those decisions- and you think was wrong with this person- I dunno here so that that's where he began as I did, your mom forget to tuck you in MT. Turkey will make who began a wall with thin YO, one that you could never win to me. It was like trying to be empathetic with somebody like that, since I'm kind of sing into my own children, the song. Take it all the way back to when they were a child, even though, like the first think is Abby like what a what a jerk, but I mean not gonna, be empathetic to the point where I, where I pretend to agree with it or anything, but I think it's it's important to go deeper,
is really about anybody who wants to build any kind of walls that going to divide us. I raised by culture- and I grew up in a is a very multicultural place, like I've learned, so much made my life so much richer, so that whenever I feel anti something I tried. I quickly cash myself and say: ok, I'm against these ideas than what ideas my for you know. I try to these come from this place of freedom better something down. What are you trying to build? Heavier to your kids, yeah they've heard they they've heard all the songs. They are really sweet about letting down play the songs around the house lot to listen to mixes I'll put them on like while they're doing homework, and just by the end, it's funny. I hear him singing little words for me. music has always been a very family thing, even before one kids. I learned play guitar on the front origin again the the living room. Where was always a lot of people around? My grandma live next door and she was always at our house and my brother's kids Roy's around
just real natural for me to always kind of right. In a way of knowing my grandma's going to hear songs, my kids are going to hear these songs. I'm going to sing all these songs at my house at some point with every round. now here's you can't control it by Jack Johnson in its entirety the
This fast though she gets it took you
made, you began a war with one that you never win. Sand doesn't matter that it all. This has to do with the very wide basis. Stand still show
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