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James Vincent McMorrow - Get Low

2016-10-19 | 🔗

James Vincent McMorrow is a singer/songwriter whose first albums fell somewhere on the folk music side of things. But his sound has changed over the years, incorporating elements of R&B and electronic music. On the album We Move, James worked with the producer Nineteen85, whose credits include tracks by Drake and Nicki Minaj. In this episode, James breaks down the song "Get Low" from that record and how it was inspired by Clipse, minimalism, and Los Angeles.



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Why are you smiling My name is since Vincent magma, ten debate something of a rhythm initially. So the sun was based on a drum pattern. That was the inception of the song. He was a tall napkins like with the little like bongo on the congo hits, was, I told me too, and I go sit for anything yeah you, like grinding by clubs, round the neck zones far as to call out like the perfect song is at stake.
Does no music in it until this tiny little thing comes in a one point is superfluous excluded track at night. It was crazy, but that song, the first keyboard I ever owned, was like a cork triton, and if you got it, I think it's percussion bank, one on the presets that come within the first. four keys. On the left hand, side are the entire beat for guided by clips, and that was in here, this thing for me when I was a kid because it was the same when you want to, Do you, sir? You wanna like make beats, and you won't grub, loving hypocrisy in its part of thing, to figure out causing so much gear you need to buy in the summer learning you need to do, but the sake,
darwin NBC or be super proficient in how to cut up ur sample. So I just liked the energy the drum pattern, and then I had the course pattern. It was like a right in part on the roads thing that written one day. and it was Ok, there's a somewhere, I decided. to get at a deadline for wound, see something different and I realized Yes, it was just I'm sick in an agony, alien environment like with not like my full range of gear, its a good way, for me to like find a different way of working. That for me, an uncomfortable position and I had no choice but to face it because when you're home- and you got your studio, it's possible and it's nice and you can- I can pull up anything daring Need within five minutes is a glass you up.
This money is working on a one active keyboard and you gotta guitar, and a copy mike when I started writing on the guitar. It was all based around this, like a minor, a minor F major thing. Busier busier. I was in vain of just like doing what I do historically wishes is like adding a lot of ideas like guy fitness What else can I do wishes grand, but it just wasn't what I wanted the songs to ultimately be on this record I knew I couldn't pretty this record myself because I just wouldn't make those demos, that's where I had it
and I will gun in his studio- and I would have probably kept it quite similar. So that's how it sort of came to be nineteen. Eighty five produced this song. I knew eighty five. Who is work on the drake records and nothing was the same, and when I sent this m stay. Eighty five actually left to guitars. Out of what I sent him. There was a part of our brain but the guy. I don't think that the eighty five will be into the guitarist. He was listen to music at school being out, but something else needs to be there, and I just told him up from was like what I had this and he is again it's the sun. Does it the guitar, as is the being on the record, till the away comes in Drums are one. Eighty five does incredibly well
because I had written the baseline on the prophet six in a kind of hide. This save, I guess west coast almost like they areas feel to us, putting needed something more aggressive on underneath it When I used to hear like to nato. Eight soundtracks like how do people do that, the way. It is eighty five world- and we just like some distortion to unfiltered it out of their best, and he turned us, so we just follows the baseline, Eighty five was great. They re like brought a dance like the bare bones of what it needed to be, which is a singer songwriter, some with an aid await underneath this is the thing I've been going for my entire life. My
so on the two records previously this has been work on music and then work on lyrics. I wanted to try, and force myself to get in the rhythm, rewriting lyrics, quicker, ha ha ha ha I love the way I dunno rails living with a heart becomes. The thing with like songwriting is, like you always tell yourself every time you finish your record. You like I'm, never going to say the word love, I'm not going to say the word heart again cuz. I probably got three or four songs where the word heart has a pretty prominent role in the chorus and you just think when I use that word again because its played I to me, but there is no better where to use for that why you're trying to say there, so it just one the thing I wrote it Dan was like right now, the heart some. I can't do that, but I just couldn't find a better you know.
they sometimes you just can't replaced the thing. Sometimes it just needs to be a heart, lira scientist. That's what worked another way to know what your heart when it comes to revive, unlike head dry vocal is my experiences. The better I've gotten the less river above used, and I, done better as a vocalist and I'm more at ease with my vocal being from the centre and have worked a long time to get to that point. So the idea of them, like wrapping up in reverb, seemed redundant to me. This point I wanted the lead vocal to be very unadorned heard. You again, everybody says but I still wanted these harmonies to be in the song somewhere said. The idea I had was to have a common response. so they are their response to the lead vocal. So they cut in really harsh heard again everyone He soon
I get nervous, Nineteen eighty five when we were first talking about working on their records- and we were it is back and forth, and then he had his guitar thing buried, really deep innis, an actress like what is that any member can use like. I was a girl joke, like had this guitar, that I'd recorded so just call up unable to like the notes ran to fit your son aspect. That has to be the thing it's a lean section and having like a screaming electric tomorrow red, like it will illicit reaction like when people hear this everybody fresh reacted, tombs sake that guitar Bartha like where did that come from that's great to me, yet we find it funny when we first heard it but it does have a very like visceral reactive sent to it, which is something that too
Guess I came to lay because allay was like the play. Had always wanted a kind of trying to make music get low. Was very much about my lay experience. When I first wrote the title, then it elicited quieted funny response because It was a yellow. Has connotations were like being in the car and ass. It is really famous little john sound from fears backwards. I love Am I had watched as a rubber devour movie from like t, doesn't send it has an ace I'll get low She's about a man like he organizes on fuel and get low interest is dying.
I love that movie. First of all, I think it's really great, but I really just of that saying that idea, saying that, like being annihilates me was like dying or anything, but the idea of growing up then. Moving in change is part of this record, it's in its bones, and now here's get low by james Vincent MC moral in its entirety. as you can everybody's going small islands hall
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