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Joey Bada$$ - Hazeus View

2015-09-15 | 🔗

Joey Bada$$ released his debut album on January 20, 2015: his 20th birthday. It hit the Top 5 on the Billboard charts. For the track "Hazeus View," he worked with Kirk Knight, another member of the Pro Era hip-hop collective. In this episode, the two of them break down the process of making "Hazeus View," how the lyrics reflect Joey’s wide-angle take on religion, and how the beat was inspired by DJ Premier and a beat he made for the Biggie song "Ten Crack Commandments."

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you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's in your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more at capital. one dot com slash auto navigator. This episode contains explicitly which, joey bad ass is a robber from new york. He's worked with us wrappers like a sap, rocky and action bronson, but he collaborates most closely with his fellow members of pro era. Brooklyn hip hop collective we about ass, released as debut album on january, twenty eightth, two thousand fifteen, his twentieth birthday it at the time five on the bill for the track here, whose view he worked with Kirk night, another member of programmes in this area. the two of them break down the process of making his view and how the lira reflect joey's wide angle, take on religion and how the beat was inspired by dj premier. cool everything's cool agonies state that this data more correct, called deflect. The corrupt god's will.
My name is travel, which any mistakes Enjoy bad ass children about hazel view produced packard night, he made to be in the became way before the lyrics closer. So basically the way out is restored. It basically made this on a tour bus was actually listening to a lot of primo. At the time I was listening to ten crack commandments, like back to back to back to back, will stoop to crack the book for you to get pushback even the way that he chopped it. It was kind of like on the wall chopped up, probably like din, then you're like when you naughty ahead to the beat that is like the piano just his right. When you,
this body down to the beniq nose, and so I wanted to create a beat that was like that definitely looked at the sample of ten crack. A man is, if you listen to the full sab of saint clair commandments, he only took like two three. s of it, like literally just took those and made it into one of the most fires beast in me, like you know, so I wanted to challenge myself to be able to To achieve the same thing, so Kirk found this track by hi composer, I'm addio tomasi the the found of the internet founded, are you too? We can sometimes you can find some here for you too.
The sample behaviorist view is not their long. You know is literally three piano hits. Does it the I wanted to have like all. I kicks together, not like space out like, for example, if you like up I just wanted to kicks to be together like yours and basically the way that I did it is. It was just like I had to one, but in any case a bit of a particular way. that was basically, the aspiration of aids is viewed I'd, that's exactly what I always wanted to do.
I been give the bt joey until like a little late, and I even after the two I was held in. If we're like a little harm in it, you don't want to give it to me basically courteous a table do like any someone wrote. He gets really aspire like to create music. So often between cities or just waiting at the venue, weena perform kirkwood low bow. Just gotta is india's create bees so I should remember the exact moment like use, Nan and outside is born, have holes on a huge problems. It is do something crazy and I'm just like yo. What are you number two broad. Can I here in a play. Please be and then a little I told them- I say your broad das, one of the best
you ever made? I was so aware that nicaragua working organise all projects, so I was doubtful whether you know this might be something that you wouldn't want to keep for himself. You know so I d like were right away about ideal, rolling. This right here is fire man, like you, gotta, do something great with this. We can finally gave me to be. Already had my verses ready by then goes. You know, Usually I have just verses in the station and if your majesty, beat that I, like you, know, they're not just laid down. I remember how it happened. No boma engineer came over. He gave me so much energy use less work, less work, I'm ready to work. I'm not a drink at all, but for some reason this night, our design, work on the alleged drink, you're not get em like the super faded. I went to the polls and I gave it. I like the first line The beach verse so the first verse you may one
what the eggs a brags embodies. Take back. You wonder what the apex of the empire state nick I'm saying, I am the apex. I am the one s at the top there. My city are my king kong at the top of the empire state building arms asia apex at the empire state meg. I actually wrote the chorus. Before we even went on that tour, it was at the time? Think of it as being, of course, I was actually right in verse and in the forest land. of the verse. Was we probably soon I did so, but I could see what I can where they exist and we probably sure retreat the two back and see what I can relate to basically what amazes like we're all human. We all at the end of the day, have something in common, but we see for different perspectives? And you know we act as if we have no common, because we're from this
places, or you know we're from different backgrounds. You understand what I'm saying that we probably savagely So what I did but I can't live like so hey I so well. I have a good to see you do my those eyes, those eyes, those I mean to my hazels view, I'm looking at bay from a perspective, that's like ariel looking down and see in everything for what it is to ro cosmic view of every day, was combining to god the elements which is Jesus and Zeus. You know the sky got my this view is basically the view that I can look Everything from and know that everything is you know equal is the same. So we just like you, I wonder if I will ever be able to see my lord and savior with this view, like what I'll be able to meet him, knowing what I know I consider myself a spiritual person as a group
over time. I realize you know. God is something that you can connect to anywhere. You are, and at any moment in time you know you don't have to go to church door, I was raised our man That is what counts is now how my mom I to be like six or seven, but I d, to access and mama what is our religion? I knew that I wanted church and we had a very strong connection with god, so When I saw him on this question, she said we I have a religion, but we believe in god This conversation is If we, the negotiations, that our remember to the data that I wanted to come, since it has changed and shape. My life was better. I just like you, if there is a whole bunch of religious out here you know. Essentially, there's one got there. You know why just confined myself to one religion, dame were me.
There is no limit. Now here's haziness few view by Joey bad ass in its entirety, somerset.
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