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Julia Holter - Horns Surrounding Me

2014-10-29 | 🔗

Julia Holter studied composition, and in the song Horns Surrounding Me, she arranges not only acoustic and electronic instruments, but also layers of ambient field recordings and background noise. The song was released in 2013 on her acclaimed album Loud City Song. In this episode, Julia deconstructs the recording, and talks about what she did to evoke a feeling of fear in both the music and the way she sang, changing her voice on different parts of the song to create character and texture.

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her voice on different parts of the song to create character and text. My name is julia holter. I wrote when surrounding me. In two thousand and ten it was. Like a soft piano song that I use these lyrics that I found it wasn't. My writing was Pushkin. We played this song that had no name for like a year and a half live.
had these other lyrics, but then I decided to put my own lyrics to it, and that was what concerning me because in the The song is about being kind of bombarded by noise, sound like needing to find one. Inner peace. I guess so I just Think of like the loudness of brass, and I thought that something abrasive like that was what I wanted and I was tryin. Almost imagining like Originally, my vision was like a marching band chasing someone chasing you and not letting you here, your own voice or something which to me is really terrifying. Actually, So I really love.
Somehow Trying to be a man and the sun think registers chain to be like scared. Man like how it scared man thing I like doing some I don't even know how to sing like a scared, woman, except I would maybe be kind of quiet, and I think I was trying to kind of be like and very for this, and that was my closest comparison, the school. So I guess sick. Trying to evoke the fear of a man was kind of fun, so we
actually staged chase on the top of a building. And I was just like you know three and like doing what I needed to do for the song and endless running I was getting really literal with that Gus I just love- spirilla and cinematic moments There is also liked sort of a field recording that I did once it's a piece of itself of life
and running around with the recorder on my apartment building and then me playing harmonious in my room. It's a song I made for fun one day, that's inside of horns or only pick. I started making filled recordings and I was in college and I was told. Really confused about music. Because I of hated everything a road and I was doing composition as my major so like the press, There was hunter view like a good compose there, and I just like couldn't stand. We think it is doing- and I wasn't singing at all the time or anything, and I It was attractive to me because I was trying to find my voice as they say. I was interested in the environment much more than just like music cole concepts. I'll frequently record something that just seems really exciting: to me, both in terms like the sound source leg. If it's a bird,
making crazy sounds, but also like the way that their echoing in the structures and unlike the spatial aspects of it. I like to have this element of noise there a lot and that you just get noise and a field recording and that's the noise of a room noise of space, and that's why it takes ever like this recording session took like two weeks, and there was like months and months and months of arranging these guilty winnings and like making sure it just all blends, and that takes like a long time. a lot of the song is just a drone if you really get down to the harmonic structure, but within that I play chords and there's that moment of a g, natural, the and then it's like really scary,
hey. The a horn pyre. It's a really funny combination of a trombone that was recorded in mexico, And a saxophone this He is sounding horn yeah. I have a sax sound on my nord, it's pretty great. Actually I ended up arranging parts for everyone to play and he had to scale back the acoustic things I'd arranged I rode out everything and a lot of it reaches use. Electronics for, in the end I just was asking for that more than the acoustic Ellen
and that I had kind of thought would work ugh. it's interesting that I sing differently when I performed than when I record when I've perform live. I actually tender really push. My wife, without any one would ever hear this its roots embedded in better than this, I couldn't get a real oppressing into commend scientists that you just add river. Oh, the and you play a song for a really long time live it's real He hired to record it because recording is
opportunity to really do something magical that you can't do performer. And now here's one surrounding me by Julia holter in its entirety,
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