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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things (Main Title Theme)

2017-10-26 | 🔗

The show Stranger Things is a Netflix original series. It was first released in July 2016. Season two’s release date: October 27, 2017. After the first season, the show was nominated for 18 Emmys, and won the Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. The theme music, along with the rest of the show’s score, was composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the band SURVIVE. In this episode, they break down how they made the main title theme.


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with every new generation smartphones more new and innovative things. previous generation couldn't at the heart of innovation is micron mobile memory and storage micron. It's where data lives. the show. Stranger things is a netflix original series. The first season was released in July, two thousand sixteen season to release estate October twenty seventh, two thousand, seventy, after the first season, the show was nominated for eighteen enemies, it won t, me for outstanding original main title theme: music. The theme is with the rest of the show score was composed by Michael stein and kyle dixon the bands- survive, and this absurd they break down how they made that main title: thee, stranger things was created by Madame ross duffer. Ok, the duffer brothers,
It begins with an email duffer brothers sent to Michael unkind michael stein dixon. We are a ban called survive and diverse, reached out to us because they used or music in a mob trailer when their pitching The tv show the dovers used sancho dirge is the closing track of our first full length. The dovers reached out through email, it's one event, when you fifteen, it was out of the blue. Just a random email with some cool words in it. They netflix size I or when a writer and are you interested in scoring it, of course, we're interested like? Oh this x, privy tape, It's too a lot of different networks for awhile. With this mot trailer
and I'm really glad you got picked up by netflix just because of the kind of freedom and control they gave a new set of directors to go pick out a new set of composers and is willing to you're saying. I think, he's afraid, and I and the eu ok, my sire and was ok, I'm not doing anything tonight. going through the library and finding stuffed it send over to them. He I think it was, that evening. We ve collected about fifty things from our little library that we're like ok from this small, better criteria. This is what we're gonna send them an were like. what do you think of this stuff. They were very excited to get that much music. Like almost immediately. We made a good impact by doing that. How and Michael started their work on the show by scoring individual episodes. Baking tracks like this one for specific scenes
we can start working on pitching ideas for the theme until we had maybe done to or the episodes and actually we didn't even know if we were going to be doing the theme song There's a lot of shows that we have just something completely different than the score as the main title, but they pretty much decided somewhere around half way through a little before that that they want us to do something. So we sent him a handful of ideas. We made a couple sketches for the theme: and there I can know what what about this thing from the fifty things we sent over on day, one there's just a random library piece that we didn't even consider, but it had the vibe that they wanted and are alike expand on this very issue. He worked it
nothing was re sampled, it was all remade fresh One of the most important things for the theme was to have a mysterious aspect a little bit ominous, and then there is little piano, It's really mellow piano sound approach, five, the problem five is an old synthesizer seventies that was one of the most commonly used in part music, lots of newly scores to john carbon, and that stab sound is another time. This is a fundamental, the banning of the track and there's two courts. Basically As for the cords
the base I followed, the baseline has this role as each to their role in his efforts to is a great go to for a big attic baseline. Is because what I most dynamic parts of that competition because you opened the filter alive. You want something. to get energy any oh bad. So, let's more, I'm on extra sounds like sounds playing ardor. If you bring new, tyre and you're about to switch to another procyon access, strumming harder in a kind of adds a little bit momentum to get you into the next part theirs.
Ways you can do that with acoustic instruments that are not as easy to do with incisors. They have to make up for that by doing other things, so the filter opens an open to more and more. We had the baseline and we have the sequence, just fell? I needed something too: fell forward a little more? that's a sequential circuits pro one and it's just the filter and it opens and closes in a sound like a heartbeat. It's not a four on the floor like to do two. If you double up when you get the heartbeat, a kind of sets the tone and it feel as straightforward as a alludes to suspend or fear So I think it was really appropriate way to get percussion into the theme
That is why I think was definitely do not the adage to make it fit with the picture. So there company, imaginary forces did the title sequence and they actually had the video done before Are they finalize the audio so they're like you to make the music to The final changes There are some interesting timings because of the title guides and that's kind of where's, sound effects come in for us, so most of those happen every time they change of card. So whenever summons name is revealed, there's like these. accents does have said like well known writer and matthew machine. All this of eggs, are in tune with the music and basically mimicking harmony You want them to sign music to at the. Very beginning theirs. sir pleasure, that's really hot I octaves.
kind of sparkling, yes from noise in an economy, we gotta spiders because it can assembly consolatory scurrying there the climactic moment weird stuff, slowly, combining and building with sound effects and solutions. Filter closes sandbags. Come up and then it is this big, no transfer and that the biggest when they dropped actual title strange things, It's hard to say how long it took to make theme because we did most of the work in a day or two. But finish it and get it lines without a sound effects right and everything like that took-
I don't even know we were doing up until the very end
I still am wants to when you're working on something for a while. You gonna get a little desensitize to the quality of the armenian. I try to watch. I waited a few months and I like how much the show and I started to watch the first have certain it was also familiar. I'm like why am I doing is I know this so well. I did what you, but still I wasn't far enough for my pride was thinking about the mix and now what were you is that I can enjoy this last should be able to, but it didn't take very long to realise that the show is doing well the shook him on friday and then, basically, everybody that we lose getting in contact and telling us had people were telling us shoot. Everybody was very surprised when I saw your name on this tv shows. Is that actually you like that.
Now: here's the main title themed, stranger things by Michael star: kyle dixon in its entirety,
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