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Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

2021-08-25 | 🔗

Lykke Li is a singer and songwriter from Sweden. She started releasing music in 2007, and for much of her career, she’s worked with producer Björn Yttling, who’s also a member of the Swedish band Peter Bjorn and John. Her second album, Wounded Rhymes, came out 10 years ago. It was named one of the best albums of 2011 by the New York Times, Pitchfork, the Guardian, and more, and it won the Swedish Grammy for Best Album. The song "I Follow Rivers" was the breakout hit from that album, and for this episode, Lykke and Bjorn break down how they made it, with help from co-writer Rick Nowels. I spoke to the two of them while they were at Björn’s studio, Ingrid Studios in Stockholm.

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Today's episode of urine break down how they made it with help from co writer bricknose, I spoke to the while they were at your studio, Ingrid Studios in Stockholm, The before getting into the making of this song I wanted to start a few years earlier and find out how the two of them first started. Working together, my name is legally. My name is Bjorn Cling I think I met him when I was twenty and had done. Some demos that I played for this right, label guy in, and he told me that so the kind of bad
you would really need a producer, and then he me touch with Bjarne who's, quite famous Sweden at the time it was a very big deal. So I came. the studio, and we had a very proper meeting played the Wurlitzer and sing a song, based on that, I guess You thought I was weird enough to. the challenge I didn't really like the songs she brought, but she had something I guess star: quality, or something like that, you know they had something maybe you had the most important thing as you can always write a new song that just something to work with. But that thing that quite hard, like chief, if you don't have it, and also like your tone, of course, in the voice so then he started coaching me on how to read songs?
I really like that ever since I was a kid, I've always been drawn to be someone's pupil and that's how started I remember, laying on a bed in some strange hotel room. Something in New York we kind of had the riff, like supervising a groove. We did a lot you playing guitar This awesome me playing a really untoned out a harp and then we sang on the rest there so we it but can be
set for a while, and then we got back to Stockholm, to really figure out. You know how to make a song from it. It took quite a while before We even went into rehearsals and did a lot of percussion ideas and stuff the. But this one wasn't, really finished. It was more like created a sound. Because I didn't love this song. She kept it in the garbage can yeah. For quite a while yeah. And I think also from personal point of view. I had just gotten mega mega heartbroken, so That was maybe the headspace a lot of hurt and anger, and you know
do you want to somehow triumph at the end, at the end of the album writing process. We had Rickman was coming in to write songs with us or is it Grammy winning songwriter and member of the Sun Writers Hall of Fame. He had asked to work with us and I was pretty opposed to it because we're both a protective over the craft. But I looked his credit he's worked with a pot of artists over the decades, including Madonna Adele, to pay John Legend and Stevie Nicks and I'm a big, Stevie Nicks fan, so then I was like okay. Why don't we I mean? Let him come. Let's see try something and then he flew and matter. In the studio here in Sweden, and it was a good trio for like getting results fast to because I could produce fast like us. Work on
their extent. He was really encouraging you now and he asked a couple times so What do you think is the strong Part of the song, the riff, maybe dunno, no, no, no, no, and no, no, no, no naming our who seeing the riff Yo Yo river running high run If run wild run the run. What is really good about Rick from a poetic standpoint? Is he always asks? Okay? What's the title you pain a picture from their from an emotional standpoint I find very, very interesting. I mean I don't actually say, I follow rivers anywhere. That's just the title. I think it's more about the theme and the current of a dark, Thank you.
It was like. I was writing from a very subconscious level about the dynamics and the archetypes of love be ocean. The guitar, the I feel like the cowbell. Is such a strong hook in this song life played by air by an the studio owner? Actually, playing an old jam rock band. So he just took two cowbells that was
nicely tune and take them up Luton. Then he paid to do that. It was like different layers of life. playing this lot of live playing on the whole record we boast, really enjoy real. Alison real instrument. we're playing real moments. The imperfections that come out of that well, there's no synthesize! You know on this record yeah The piano was marked up ABBA recorded dancing queen on that piano and we distorted the shit out of it, so you can't really tell it just sounds really really cool and good. I think we both kind of but taste for like the fucked up
the I see them me or you pitched down lifted up It's like regular, snare, so much board the regular case. So so we tried other. You know like this is maybe a japanese cheese, a drum or something you know there are two drummers Larsen Young John in my band and laws that always place with liquid, bring those things I feel like to. I don't know what it is. It's like Iraq, because something that's kind of
being thing, and you know you're following someone baby, the do you remember, recording those vocals I do I'm surprised, because now I feel I sing softer. I must have been really upset about what happened. I have. that kind of tone of a broken woman. you know, I'm just trying to write exactly what feeling. So whenever I sing my own songs, I just go there automatically I'm lake in the emotion- and I'm just you know, one hundred percent is feeling the the lyric and the sub text,
because I'm not also very good singers, not like. I can do very much so well for me, it's just about being as honest as possible. Some plug in plugins, broken kept liquors workers just for infinity and we like instead, is what s tat like. for the record, it is recorded that before Often it was never did you can never Create that again so was sort of like a. Big rug of liquors vocals from the whole song. So it's like. Oh that's, the sound that we need for the intro. Like its sirens, calling you out to the bottom of the ocean, because it's about.
being with the person that is pretty des given you know that they are going some other place but intimacy in a way to you know if someone has those types of hidden doors and rooms that they always go towards and I'm standing there and I just want to be close, even if that means being self destructed, herself, yeah and four JANET Lee at that time. Yes, The thing is also when you are an artist, it's a bit dangerous because we're kind of really interested in going to those deep places that make you feel so much where everything is so heightened cinematic and dramatic. So you kind of see the poetry in those situations and maybe a bad way, but at the same time all
movies, these paintings books, poetry, songs, are all made by a bunch of love addicts Integrity is a bit. You know you do everything for the art or for that feeling and for me, that is the most precious magic. Well, the thing about writing songs is just tapping in And watching it unfold and not being in the way or caught up just letting it flow. like a river. and now here's. I follow rivers by Lykke in and its entirety.
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