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Meek Mill - Trauma

2019-12-11 | 🔗

Meek Mill is a rapper from Philadelphia. He’s put out five albums. His most recent, Championships, debuted at #1 on the charts, and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Back in 2007, He was arrested on a gun charge at the age of 19, and over the last eleven years, he was sent to prison four times for parole violations. But in July 2019, based on evidence of alleged police corruption, the Pennsylvania Superior Court threw out his conviction, and the parole violation that had led to his most recent time in prison, a five-month sentence.

It was soon after Meek Mill was released that this song, “Trauma,” was created. He took inspiration from his experiences in prison, and his early life in Philadelphia.

In this episode, Meek Mill and Don Cannon, who produced the track, break down how the whole thing came together.


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stone evidence of alleged police corruption. The Pennsylvania Superior court threw out his conviction and the parole violation that had led to his most recent time in prison a five month sentence it was soon after me. None was released to have the songs trauma was created it against me, from this experiences in prison in his early I can feel it off here in this oppressive meekly oh and Duncannon, who produced the track breakdown? How the whole thing What is the but go about a name, a meek mill when I a prison. I wonder play my mind frame where I come from
so twenty three hours a day. I could do something he mentally when it was Dyan Cannon, the lady, and you know, I had a heads up, we going to be released from jail, so I want to say, like how can I jump were with meek and make some feel excited? in classic and mean something to the culture. How can we the stance, both from Philadelphia. So we have similar fight similar battles as a kid. If, from the age of a toddler, to like ten years old, I used to love playing a game, I used to get a's and B's, and then, when are going outside on my front step. People was getting shot that was selling drugs. Of course, got tangled up in a life I had to protect myself the feed myself the age, eighteen accord a case again case. I was, charged with a bunch of bogus charges beat by the police, was on approach, issue for eleven years sent to prison four times in a long process a dedicated myself to making music, and I never turn back.
the minute he got out I reached out to, and you know you had a lot of things going on. You know it's getting out and I just say yo I got some for you. It's going to explain everything I started in answer to be making process with him a long time ago. He was a youngster, but this being was a lot more of a thinking process more than it was actually major sit down making a beat. If you, but some are makes earlier. Freestyle videos he asked If we start on this mob deep record I'll get away. My diet, like was rap, is done. Inspire me actually wrapped up there, be first mixtape the disease it offers and just pass them out- and you know that's how I started to get my buzz- is worse, best freestyles. In my opinion, I did a little research on it. I had it in back of my mind, like man, maybe did try to tap into the original sample of the Mobb Deep record. And it showed from the progress
from when he started to now they have always Barclay James harvests You can be higher the You know he's always have a big drains. Trying to get away from you noticed simple stuffing gain to the next level is always having to dream dream? Chases is label he's eyes, the kids have a dream. I met a lot When creating I look at it like a script, I create the storyline. I lay out the sample the I didn't have to figure out. How can I keep a certain bounce and aggression you know. Sometimes, when you get these telltale stories from artists,
beats are really downplayed because you don't want to interfere with the message that the artist is trying to give out. So I was trying to figure out how to keep the beat and aggression going. The same way I just want to have up temple fill and not just on lay back fail to get his message off and I felt like a fuckin pull it off. I can give him the the best out of his self about the story. you know. I don't know if he was ready to jump back in, but I sent it over to him. He was I hold this for me. Don't let us nobody does some special for. he came to Atlanta call me tell me pull up to the studio he's not gonna. Want you to hear some records. He was half way through the process at a first verse. Any
it's plan and it was like about fifteen people in there. They was like YO. This one right here is exactly what he needs need he and he got to the hook yet, but I already knew once he got that content on the first verse. I saw oh yeah. This is going to be special we must have gotten you want to you, they will make it sit awake, they give em a check. We still niggers, though, which was spread. I was locked up with a guy before I had to let him use a collect call just to contact his family after his mother died, couldn't connect with his family. So you know it's just like If you are imprisoning your mother dive, you don't have a certain amount of money. You can't even go pay your respects to your mother that could make or break you just that alone. Knowing that amount of a delicate stop you from seeing your mother for the last time and you know me seeing that being in prison around people who are poor or me coming back and me having resources and having money and able to support myself and my fans me from jail. I just had a different
outlook on home my damn they won't. Let him go see their mothers in a casket unless you have money to pay. That was kind of unfair to me- and I never sets a well with me- I just want to go- people a bird's eye view of the story I had to welcome. Many of us had to walk that's kind of silent, The it get away, part of sample meant a lot because lot of people, don't understand, being locked up twenty three hours of dark and one hour of light, what it see a brain. You really just want to get away. it's the main lot of things give me leave earth leave the show. Mental thoughts. So you The dreamer in beginning, which was the intro and then Go to. Getaway was basically him getting a chance to speak or how it was inside and how you was feeling. I make all my music on the spot.
I don't write my music down, so you know soon, as I get a thought, I got to rush to the booth and lay it down piece by piece. I think that's a great thing other times towners you write down things. You are he got it the filling out on paper, so now you're reading it back and you're not giving it a certain amount of fill in this. Are we back and is very hard to give it the same energy? When your brain you're, giving out the emotion as you're saying it what they tell you, sometimes when you're depressed or you're feeling some type of way right. All your thoughts down on paper you'll feel better. Wrapping is different. you speak into the mic, you know I mean all your motion to people. They fill it a certain way, tell them on experiences from grown up any cyber environments, like a don't care being shut down and all Lady Cumnor now who don't even notice, cares and when I got shot or black is she holding 'em. Tell 'em like this Bri baby, like hang in there, I know pizza these them plus Cupid at ease they shut aboard
only he when he could have told him just freeze could have put them in a cop car, but they let him just bleat the Emily. Come in baby, just breathe. at one in particular, was just chill given it just take me back to where I see moms run the middle of street. It tried to wake the baby up and they already passing and know what I you say that line. I know exactly what you're talking about so a platform speak freely and the world to hear his troubles, and you know I was happy about their debts were exactly what I was aiming for and they I say, oh, how can I make this record bigger? You know go to musicians of fifteen hundred enough in their band. California they've for you know, Snoop Doll, J C. There the girl with taken records to the next level. So you know what I'm trying to get that field. Always Cheltenham to really put the icing on the cake,
You know those guys come from the church, so they're always bring an end to the best of the best I don't even have to tell them sometimes where I'm going for, I did say YO. I need like that. The grunge fill. You know what like you're walking through the neighborhood on Halloween, so they put small vocal chop in the back of them feeling like it's, that mysterious horror, film filling and then live guitars in there I sell I do know all my journey would make. It was light weight for the proper time and give The canvas to paint on honestly
the bullseye. sit there and you're listening to him. You feel some type of way. I just want the job When I say I see my brother's blood on payment, hey you wake up in the morning for the evil basis, I see what are your home? Is your fringe of family members shot down see too much or you'll start waking up in the morning and feeling evil feeling like you want to. get revenge. Fellow, like you want to protect Therefore, you might want to kill or do anything or harm someone else because doors, so must try me, I hate my real reason why I made the song. I always thought of it like this. I used to have Community Service, with the veterans in I used to see some of these veterans. You know they might have went to war in their soldiers that they went to war with two of them. Five of mighty got killed, some of them
have like mental issues because they seem too much and been through too much and you know they might have post traumatic stress. paranoia paranoid, think someone to kill him and commit a crime you gonna, find the court system. The first thing they bring up. Is this the veteran is post, traumatic stress, Neighborhood is one The last one left, all four brothers was killed, carrying a gun in a neighborhood, her Gaza killed offers brothers as they probably prodigal, kill too. So you know each defend itself. He Guinness, I may catch a case, and you know we go in court for carrying a gun. We, I'm Goin essay on paranoia if you can the data in my neighborhood, those three hundred kids? They look like me murdered this year, my neighborhood, that's! Why the carrying a gun that doesn't work. Black and brown men in court? Do you think they are even bring post, traumatic stress up in a court, were they labour You a gang member or a they, don't even bring it up. They don't
Sid off a circumstance. Denham base it off of mental health, post traumatic stress disorder. Is there fair to Sudan, as fair what am I gonna go to school you might ride to the hood of the ghetto and you might see kids on the corner name and face might be balled up in frowned up. You know people automatically classify him he's a bad guy he's dangerous, he might be dangerous, but might be in a a eyes ma might be on drugs. He probably meant
Tempe animals this year. No, it's hard to really fix your face and fix your image in seem to be happy when you been to these type of things so where we come from it's a different world and now here's trauma by meek, mill and its entirety. He has even these well my dear
when my like someone is very well like your life has given rise to power of business? We celebrate remains to me what is still called deep enough must join. I don't mind we nor last, take your time. Courtyards alternative to more gas. Don't get double did not begin now. It's called me a call. Someone just remind you that this is one reason why we must now do you want to. You will make its way through the biggest, though, would you expect these them? They shot important when it comes to freeze could apply what they think. I'm a baby, this spring
last night: may I think we can we live. We got another thing then stay way, there's nothing you fifty now you are probably too, but they do. You now specifically deals job mining is now. Do you think you ve got the woman you spill,
just how many times you similar jirga noted, I won't invisible Sheridan Zone, a kink among them. I want Mozilla, not a rain is naturally more so called nice done for, like normal almost maybe what are you going to know and I might keep your drive Ukraine quantity? I was in itself, somebody say me: I'm gonna jail college and explain it to my baby. I gotta do to count the twice and, as a maiden tramp tramp tramp, how does a good job
visit son sputter dot net for more information about Meek Mill, there's also to learn about Reform Alliance, the organization he cofounded that aims to reduce the number of people serving unjust parole. Probation sentences he find a link to buy or stream the song thanks to. thanks for sponsoring the shell. Scarcely is an all in one platform that lets you build a beautiful website for your business or your art or your band. If you want to sell stuff, they've got e commerce templates. If you want to make a blog, they give you buttons. So your audience can share your posts on social media and you can have multiple contributors, so you can work on your site together,
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