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MUNA - What I Want

2023-02-08 | 🔗

MUNA is a trio from Los Angeles, made up of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson. They’ve been making music together since 2013, when they met in college. Their third album, which is self-titled, came out in 2022, and Rolling Stone, Stereogum, the Guardian, and others, named it one of the best albums of the year. Consequence of Sound called MUNA the 2022 Band of the Year.

I talked to MUNA about the song "What I Want," which they co-wrote with Leland. Leland is an artist and songwriter whose other credits include Selena Gomez, Charli XCX, and Troye Sivan. In this episode, Katie, Jo, and Naomi, along with Leland, tell the story of how the song came together, from the original demo to the final version, and you’ll find out how a band that doesn’t really party ended up writing a party banger.

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dear listening to song explorer where musicians take up their songs and piece by piece tell the story of how they were made i'm reputation your way weird things about making a pipe gases that i spent most of my time by myself in front of computer talking until michael with no one else in the room and no idea who might be listening to it or where they are or what they're like but i thought i could ask you too maybe tell me a little bit about yourself and do it most personally possible through and i miss survey it would actually really be very helpful to get to know a little bit more about you and to get some of your feedback about the pike asked so if you two minutes do that please visit survey dot pr ex dot org slash song again that's survey dot pr acts dot o g slash song thank you so much this episode contains explicit language
malta is a trio from los angeles made up of katy gavin joseph mask and a naomi macpherson make music together since twenty thirteen when they met in college the third album which is self titled came out into they twenty two rolling stone stereogum the guardian and more called it one of the best albums of the year consequence of sound called buddha the twenty twenty two band of the year i talked to him about the song what i want which they co wrote with what we want is an artist songwriter whose other credits include selena gomez trolley extracts and choice of odd and deception katie jo and naomi along with leland tell the story how the song came together from the original demo to the final version and you'll find out how about that doesn't really party and writing a party banger
the katy in the band i am the singer and also the songwriter i'm just that play guitar naomi i made the earth interaction of the bee at the end of summer twenty twenty it is very simple it was the baseline in the drums and then that kind of ascending like pad thing
i didn't flush it out a lot because i think i was like thinking it was like just fine and i sentenced katie just being like maybe she'll like this i remember responding to that one it was a slapper it was a little flapper i was in a new relationship and i was just excited by the prospect of like putting something on the next moon or record an acceptance of the desires in yourself that you previously might have had some judgement over for me it was this about being in acceptance of my more hedonistic side and then i had assumed session scheduled with leland money mr leland is a friend of ours who came into our life couple years ago yeah i executive produced the music for a tv show called le victor and
i would put an original song in every episode from an l gb t plus artist we all wrote a song that unfortunately ended up not making it in but that was our first collaboration he just hand like a warmth about him and he was always very very kind i don't know many people like him where he's trying to lick help other queer musicians out i started out as just a genuine fan of their music and i feel so fortunate gus my relationship has the potential to go beyond fan and what makes sense to britain we collaborate so eighty and i wrote overdue when he asked like what you got i don't have a title or like solid phrases but i want something that feels really unapologetic and that feels fun
you know he's really come to walk the writing and i'm not comfortable but i'm comfortable if we lend so what we ended up viewing was taking five or ten minutes would be like by ourselves off of them and then we light came back and in some show intel stuff he had like the melody was hearing there's one hour there not era where our and i knew i would love to hear katy sing something like that in her tone i can just here to my head it was very now informed where it was kind of late miss being out and around people we he found the lyric together i wanna dance in the middle of a gay bar found the melody and shape to go with it how we're going to be able to emphasise the word gave it was like kind of
gary for me maybe part of it is just being raised irish catholic her home and also may be carrying around internalized homophobia and so part of what was interesting about writing with leland was like we're too queer people katy and i really approached this song from a similar mindset i grew up in a very structured environment where parts of me of necessity needed to be repressed and so i've spent more of my life but being myself than being myself approaching this song from that place i think it allowed katy and i too not over think the lyric i remember civic moment where we are coming up with this can have the chorus like i want the file and the games day and i was like i can't
fireworks that's so leg obvious but cusic no the same fireworks leg we want the fiery turned the chemistry fine to say the thing that's like down the middle east amber feeling kind of inspired by how may pop girl the weary humility sounded and i was like oh i want to do a precarious that has leg sometimes both in our duty i'm gonna do one of those moments ass then wait there's no way i wanted her to get it then mega burrito cause that does but once we got the complete thought like ok this feels great and when i have a verse free chorus and chorus disarming session is over i'm like a second worst i'll do it later
and then i sent it to the broth when i first heard the song i was stoked but as i got some sound like shite they have to go like now i remember i headed day where i worked on it in alleys guess bedroom alleys nowadays pertinent and flesh out the drums new drums and new base sounds my dad's my mom is based player so let's just like where my head is that most of the time and then the others like a little loop that cuts in and out in the chorus that a little bit of motion that wasn't there in the verses
i'm a little cameras that i just like to after the first time you hear her say i want the full effects felt like nineties supermodel energy shalom harlow like naomi campbell linda evangelista era like tearing down the runway killing it thanks started working at our friend joanna's studio she has a little place like under her house and that's where we call princess work we work from my twelve to five and we we came up with that string moment like with the sample that kind of sounded like that violence that are in toxic that's toxic by brittany spears and i know most people probably know that but i just wanted to clarify just in case
as they were sitting we all of toxic he's just truly one of the best part signs ever once that wasn't it was like well now have to like figure out how will guarantee on guitar is especially in a pop song like this i think we're adding like single stacked notes as a way to like create movement so we'll like record like a shove me going up like a single no sometimes when were recording vocals either want slake are and put off she wants us to leave her completely alone and adding
this is one of the times because i don't think any of us knew how difficult this song was gonna be to sing but oh my god it was insane i got here you are you're angry at the mike but it was because i didn't feel like i was doing good enough there's not a lot of space to breathe and the song that well and then i also has like a mental effect of like i can start to feel like panic i just get it in my head and then and then sure enough like i can't sing something cause i'm scared to go for it and so i know that what i really need is for my friends to tell me that i'm i'm doing a good job so i said you were doing it i need everyone's you'd be says living nice to me and not sweat happened are
he says who engineers for us in the studio i hate this was the day where were you asked for a compromise and he said this change his life so has he didn't know that you can do that asked for a compliment or something s for support near your great at that especially in those moments year by the end of the day though we had the google like it was so clear then me ooh well then i'm willing to pay yeah there are just a lot of hours spent putting in work to do little changes by it i would say that right the bridge was my respite from the endless sea of details i really was i you say psychosis psychosomatic yeah irishman
for her literally sang out loud i really want the bridge to use the word psychosomatic and we're alike the the i knew that i wanted to go back into like digital this is when we were vibrating at an extremely high level i remember being flipped she was singing the lyrics we were just like this is going to take us back into the chorus that is so fun
the this song needed to be bombastic harm he stocks just help make a moment bigger cause she's got what i want one none of us really party at all events this for good being that we have the song leg we had a lot of conversations around like what if this is gonna people think it's ok to go and get really fucked all the time and like from my
made twenty is too i just turned thirty and that's kind of ben like in on and off like i'm sober for a while and then i'm not sober and i think just protesting it out for a few years like i i like it more being sober but there's something very freeing about just being like ok i'm using the metaphor of the party to still try unexpressed something that's true for me ass their way it's a delay not knowing what i wanted to get in then mega also like honouring that nightlife as having such fundamental and important history for queer people and marginalized people to like me able to gather and feel safe i was co writing it as a fan and co writing it as a gay guy who wants to be apps
lately you work losing my mind in the middle of a gay bar dancing to this song and that has happened multiple times now and it truly is the best feeling i remember playing it for my little sister and her saying like yeah i would think that you like party a lot were in our sled era without being sluts all it takes is like slot in the heart foot in the heart if you're also a slut in the heart of your best friends yeah absolutely and we're sluts to each other's heart yeah absolutely and now here's what i want by muna in it's entirety
again the duchess boy boy the i'm gonna guess that's just bon bon bon bon bons the weights is not what i wanted to get it then
well then
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