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Natalia Lafourcade - Hasta la Raíz

2015-11-23 | 🔗

Natalia Lafourcade has won eight Latin Grammys, including three for the song Hasta la Raíz, which won the 2015 Song of the Year and Record of the Year, as well as Best Alternative Song. In this episode, Natalia breaks down the writing and recording process for the track, which borrows from a traditional Mexican folk music called huapango, but also still includes a Juno synthesizer and a pop sensibility.

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You might feel like you're taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital, one. What's in your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more capital, one dot com, slash auto navigator My name is natalia enough with gaudy. I am a singer songwriter from mexico. A few days ago, Natalia la forgot, a one for latin grammys, including the two thousand and fifteen song of the year and record of the year for this track, asked a lot of which translates to to the route maybe or to the court date down to the court yeah. That is a good way of saying in this absurd, natalia breaks down the writing recording process by which borrows for traditional mexican folk music called upon, but still also includes a juno, synthesizer and pump sensibility,
I went to my friends house. His name is known in barcelona, he's a great composer from mexico as well. I really want to share this some right impresses with others. And I know him since ago, we get to see how the other was growing up, that was one of the poorest. Since I really wanted to try to see, We could make something together in this way only because the love we have to each other. We were talking about it. Importance of keeping your roots and keeping all the things, that build you ass, a person, the things they do. I even though you may go very far away from hum the importance keeping all the things that build you.
Your home, your friends, your family, your experiences but it's sing about something that will remind me of mexico and hum I was hoping him like why don't we tried to look like a very Additional reef from mexico, these work, bongo thing on the you die and he picked it up, so he is like playing that work angle there. Solar panels in many areas in mexico, but I never tried to pull Any music like that into my music and makes it with these pop.
Sensation of ozone. It was like a very You say like very inspiring moment: bakers. The sun was coming late. Fast super fast. I studied like trying to put the words together and to make the phrases of this song, so you went into the studio, the earliest headed, recording the guitar, and then he asked me to go. Linked to the to sing the song, so I will ain't, it is to you, so I had the paper and I started, seeing in the sun, when he was recording- and I was this covering the words by seeing in them. So I was getting these groups bombs and all that magic feelings that comes to you whenever urea, seeing in his song, the jury just discovering the boys
that is in the other room, is this in boys that I did that they see wilkerson leaves and then the service a mandatory, you see your seconds venus. The loop little gerda soon learn not jesse. Wasn't in the swing is spiralling beer gonna almost rather girl. I request we didn't change it because I wanted to keep that feeling in the autumn, when they produce It came and listened to our demo, the Becky almost All the things that are indeed tat are the things that we put that afternoon, sir. I call my friend muddy envious and she's talented. So she came to my house and we said a couple of days and weeks
but on the arrangements the, the strings. Keep you the feeling of an epic freely that's how you feel when you're flying away from something endure, going through so many things that may you stronger, when did you have tat emotion and that's it: station india arrangement,
the raise many many electrical sound hidden in the other trucks, That is a you know. We did record abate, but we took it out with
we want it does sung to have this sensation of three well thing. If we keep the base line. It would take you away from that feeling, so we prefer to keep that line sir. It gives you the ground, but it is in our real base, the guitars were recorded by to establish, which is my guitar player, we were first doing that malady and sale of one and with the syndrome. Then he put that metal of the into the time it has. The whammy did you know that, though he will put the octave on top
under such ass. Three, on the same note also day better there is this line has Deborah, at the end what are they hockey seegars then, throughout europe, Still inside of me as I am keeping you. I am not forgetting I keep you inside of me. I mean many different things it is love, but it is Oh, so all the things that build me and then help me.
Be who I am now so I keep all that I keep my home I keep the place I come from. I keep my mother, my father. I keep my lovers and I keep my experiences. The good and the bad moments. I keep all that it is. Port than not to forget your roots. Key that and you can grow up, and you can I throw away and you can be a big. Are these or whatever you want to be, but it is more than anything, to keep all that a here's asked arise by natalia laughing
in its entirety, I see I see spain is pitiful sight to see the light of the greek authorities coastal areas as important as this type of measure.
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