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Natalie Prass - Short Court Style

2018-02-28 | 🔗

Natalie Prass released her debut album in 2015. That year, Time Magazine called her an Artist to Watch, Pitchfork gave the album Best New Music, and Stereogum named it one of the Top Albums of the Year. In this episode, Natalie Prass takes apart a new song form 2018, called "Short Court Style," her first track to come out since that debut album.


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Natalie only takes apart a new song from two thousand Eatin eighteen called short court style, diverse first track to come out since that debut album My name is Natalie Press, my first record. came out, two thousand and fifteen toward on it all of those in fifteen and then It was time for me to start running for the next record, one of my favorite collaborators, this sky, Kyle Ryan, we blocked out a week. right together and dirt. That time, I got an email from my friend Teddy blanks asking, if be interested in writing. Music for his short film odor em know. My name, it's Teddy blanks oh Jerome knows is a short film about a young man who says I love you on the first date and he
as to try to figure out how to stop doing that that's this short is so much about this oversensitive man and his nervous adventure in the dating world. We thought it would be really interesting to have the music. All be very seminars and done by a woman writing for food almost always been a dream of mine, and I have no teddy. blank. Since I was in high school, are bands used to play together? I was in college and she was in high school, and so we approach Natalie, because my co director Alex Carpets, can I both loved her album at that time I was partake clearly obsessed with the beaches, and especially there's one song, children of the world The keyboard base, in particular, was like What really hypes me up whenever I hear that song the I showed that
the what we do. Something kind of like this vibe and Kyle started playing on the piano. Just these two chords, the I was like that's it and then it's like how about this. a base, sound so I just started with that line Ba Ba Ba Bam, Bam, Bam That's me playing that Juno Bass. from now on the whole process of writing short court style was one of those magical moments that you always hope to have when you're a songwriter.
all just started unfolding like so easily, so I first sent them to track and Teddy was like. Do you think you could add some like vocal, like an ooo or something justice, show that, like it's, you Natalie, I was like got it. My favorite Background vocal word to sing is not honour. I love all those. classic things that people don't really use anymore. I think it's fun. and I thought of a little melody no. none The
We were just bowled over. It was exactly what we were looking for without really knowing what we were looking for, sure Court style is like the whole title for the song just play. title honestly: it's kind of embarrassing how I got the name because it sounds really pretentious, but I had like a core tato in my hand and which is a fancy espresso drink, equal parts. Espresso equal parts, Steventon and It was just funny. I was like short court what style. below it. What you know c o you are like basketball, I don't know, and actually I'm in that short feeling like a character in it? I posted on my socials and got such a reaction to short court style like where can I
that track this something I can download somewhere and so I would like to come. Well, like yeah man, we have to finish the song. It's just so much fun Maybe we should write lyrics to this. You know this doesn't have to be it just for this short film. It could be like source on at this point- I was like okay, I'm ready to record my next record the track that appeared in the short film was just Kyle and I, but I knew I always wanted to have that song interpreted through a band, because I love those old recordings like Chic. That's just drums, bass, guitar and vocals, and that's it. Russia will make you dance I want to take that and just make a real
celebrate Tory Groovy band record were like a band, could play it and people would dance. I live in rich in Virginia, and I always wanted to record my second record enrichment, but the label was at the time. They saw me as a different kind of artist. I think they wanted me to record in allay with like a big pop person or something They really push back against me working in Richmond and when you working in the creative arts. You know you have to stand your ground for sure but you also have to be open to other people's suggestions. So I was like our let's go out to allay and record that's when we did Second version playing at live the band out in LA was Beck's peeps effort on Base Roger Manning on keys, joy on car on drums, dream team.
And I was just singing- but I didn't- have lyrics yet the just gotten into this relationship, at the time, and we were her figuring each other out, when you're new in a relationship you have to learn about each other, and that can be so difficult. Sometimes- and you know- It takes at least a good handful of months, in that honeymoon, like oh, my god, everything's amazing, women and then third, fourth month. You're like wait. A second and unease. are fighting over what you want for dinner, many things to start coming out. You start seeing like the little nuance things thinking here. so. If I don't like how this person talks to the cash register or CBS I dunno. If this is going to work, you know which is so silly but like
figuring each other out and trying to make it work. And then you realize oh wait. Yeah this Person is amazing and I think everything's going to be okay, so that's Basically what the song is about. The up. and downs and just working it out kind of love and just not giving up kind of love and it's retorted like we did it very still here so the chorus round and round river ups and downs. But I can't be without the love that I found. Hey ups and downs, I can't eat with. Love that, though, I use breath a lot as a percussive thing, I'm so into that stuff, and I feel like that's just as important in a melody like this, would be a good place to have a. I think
More than that so the band out in ally was the most sick band ever, but just Enfield a comfortable out there when I meet Do people like kind of it's hard for me to come out of my shell immediately and just didn't feel like My best self was being heard so that's. When I put my foot down and like you know what I want to stick to it, working enrichment, my home, I wanna let go home at night after him than traffic. I wanna be with my friends and there's nothing. Anybody can do to like make that any different, so Natalie the left l a and went back to Richmond started over with a new band and a producer she'd worked with before, my Buddy Matt White. We both grew up in Jenny, Beach together, managed
to work so well together, cause I'm very particular about what I want. What I want the instruments to sound like what kind of feel I want and what I love about man is like he can then take everything that I'm saying and organize it and get all the positions on the same page, and the guys that are playing in the band? They are biased, but I think there's some of the best musicians out there rich It has a really special music scene so sure, court style. That's all as all about the base and Qatar writhed and what was so beautiful was they took my original demo riff. And developed into something. So cool the sounds like it repeats, but it really doesn't. So we got Cameron Ralston, the Bass player,
Alan Parker the guitar player and I love in the chorus islands riff the The rivers No catch! You remember when he played, and I was like Man- that's a catch is part of the song like that's why I love collaborating so much cause. It's like. I have this the idea, but I never would have thought to put a guitar melody there and it's really cool and then we got pence in Shan cell on drugs, when you have a drum taken, you're doing a dance song, adding in some shaker and a cup Snaps and claps really take it the next level. pension roles into the studio for the big suitcase and he's got
all kinds of fun, percussive stuff, the, Those are glass bottles that were set up on the floor of the studio in the live room. It wasn't really a blank planned out. It was you do that and we know that. Oh that's, perfect! That's Harris. Aka, Dj Harrison who plays the piano and all the tracks. They pay a semi, it's like an amateur like a piano on our roads. To me a little bit, Hamas has got nice little Bell quarrel, here too it
as that real seventies, shiny sparkly, piano, sound, she's, very crisp, very magical sounding Matt. like I really want there to be some kind of sample in the song like someone One yeah, you know hey I was like. Alright, cool. and Devon is in the room in Devon is like. Oh, I have a bunch of sound effects on my keyboard. I have this quick. I sound like is that brazilian instrument you play with like a wet rag, and you rub this stick and you make the sound it's a precaution instrument, Don Alot of Life Paul Simon tunes, so
that sound it's like hilarious like digital version, he started playing that we a all just like that, just like the leg keep going and he just played that quicker the whole way through, I'm pretty sure like he just sat there the whole track. it just brings me so much. Joy like I will never get tired of that quickest sound recorded shore course style, nonstop from seven p m to midnight. That ban public that track. At least I'm gonna see, like thirty, sometimes filigree. Here this a lot nowadays, especially like we recorded that live one. Take we're done.
I think that's really cool, but I also my mind goes to like. But where could you have gone if he had just done it like five more times or ten more times like you could have really developed into something special? If you just thought about it, a little more the That knows my love for layered closely. stacked nineties, background vocals. I just go nuts over that stuff This is day like there's like empty, With that I get that lot of fun, recording my vocals in that way and Isn't that idea he was like. We should start the song with the I the person that I wrote the song about. We been weather for like two and a half years at this point
It was hard work and it's still hard work and We still have our ups and downs. At the end of the day, you're like ugh, I can't believe I found you and you're the person that I'm going through all this stuff with like this is great. I played it for him, when we were done tracking. Our both speaker in the kitchen. I have to tell him that it was about him like he he knew right away and he was like. I love it and we just started dancing together and kitchen and it was really sweet. and now here short court style by Natalie Press in its entirety.
I went down again and again. He came back again.
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