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Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light)

2014-07-15 | 🔗

In this episode, rapper Open Mike Eagle talks about making the song Dark Comedy Morning Show, along with the track's producer, Walker Ashby, aka Toy Light. Mike breaks down how Toy Light's original instrumental version of this song inspired him, and how his view of his own vocals on the track has changed since recording them. 

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Behind the scenes, powdered prince. North pressures of fame. Why was The tour abruptly cut short, listen now apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts this episode rapper, open mike eagle talks about making the song dark comedy morning show, along with the tracks producer walker, Ashby, aka twilight might toxic. But how toilets original instrumental inspired him and how we view of his own vocals on the track is changed since recording
That sounds like the right, monotone wrong people wonder be redone right. We got that done comedy that DR dr doug guess it's crap is moving the frontline like stand up club attachments to win the finals. Ninety eight on sunday morning, like a preacher name, is open MIKE eagle, a right and record and perform rap music. toy light I produce for mike uncouple song. I was in Boston but a year ago, and there guy out there who promote, shows by them o connor and he puts on shows up there, so he likes to stay very breast to what's goin on especially Ella bitsy easily
on a personal where, when you just sitting at his house talk- and he just kind of plan- beats play music the whole time and he played distracted really caught my ear and like I made him repeated and in I made him tell me who was and then I went on soundcloud and it was. It was one of walker's tracks. He goes into the name toy. and so when I saw that he lived in a lay one decided to reach up. It was really really wonderful. It get that message. From him. I'm really familiar with a lot of the rap stuff around and pretty small. You know I saw a kind of the same family, our kind of connected. It was flattering that he liked it so much. I think what first caught my ear about the track. I don't know a lot of like music theory terms, but Feel like there was a chord progression that was really interesting,
for me I really really get ready to write a song. It's like I have to let her get me pregnant. Almost you know what I mean that I have to like have to let the beat like live inside of me to the point where I can recreate to be in my head when I'm away from it over and over again it's about like finding a frequency and answering whatever questions this be is asking me he's been enough time would it be in a few days to get that way or in this case actually spent quite some time with hanging out with it,
it was a process, it was a little longer than it usually would take me, but I think that's more to do with just where I was an album and trying to figure out a different way for the young. Dark comedy cod is the ocean at a low, because nobody seems to know when I'm joke in for those who have heard me embedded sarcasm so while working absurdity, I had really gated singing to hooks. Only in the past, but this my definitely played more with singing deliveries of rap lines and go going in and out of singing going from singing into straight rapid and back to singing, even within the same song, my relationship to sing is kind of developing over. because my john was our heck actions. Cliche melodrama farms, flat
what I was noticing new player. I now is how emotional livery kind of sound, especially without the music, like I hear myself sounding really vulnerable about the words as if I was like reluctant to SAM. That was kind of to me. Right now, my more immediate memories of the song right now or the last ten or twelve times I performed it cause it's been in my life set lately and so now, like alike, in front from a crowd, I'm definitely delivering it, with more emphasis with more weight, now so it's interesting to hear that make it on the record. Is that kind of timid, but actually fine ass. The case for a lot of my songs is over the course of learning how to perform them, which is yours they like a year or two later, even after that I was already out, then I have a whole completely different relationship with the lyrics and saw often feel like. Oh, I wish, but is, kind of no way for me to get that unless I wait five years before put stuff out
when they laugh to keep from crying into that laugh to keep from crying. To me, this is a specific reference from trap. Pup was the I guess I'll have to keep with. What's going on, people kill people, that's a lot. It just you know, comes and goes people talking about. It allows kind of important that line always struck me, and I wanted to borrow that for like a thesis statement, I was an art major at u c a and one of my focuses was sculpture and there is a giant culture, junk yard. In the back of the of the lab, where it was free for all material network- and I will just go back there with my auntie recorder and tat things around and sampling
A couple of seconds of that, I probably looked like a freak out there, just like scraping iraq, but the religious warm, deep, sub bass. I wanted you to almost not even hear it. It's really just just to be kind of a floaty foundation. You know it searches, a warm song. You know super warm and as open, and I think it was the contrast of the super warmth with that anchor in hip hop. The dorms are like the heavy in a way. Even though they're not even allowed there like this still got liked, his is heavy rhythm inside of that warmth, like that's the kind of beat I'm always envisioning hearing drums can be like kind of heavy hip hop production drums, but still have. musical element, sooner
the things may is trying to find a balance between like what's dark, and everyone was funny and playing with those lines. It put and ahead headspace of wanting to be vulnerable. Wanting to be very honest, I like it was challenged me to go someplace it. I was afraid to go.
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