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Patrick Carney feat. Ralph Carney - BoJack Horseman (Main Title Theme)

2016-08-04 | 🔗

BoJack Horseman is a Netflix original series, an animated comedy about a washed up 90s sitcom star who's trying to figure out his life and career without drowning in self-loathing and existential despair. It won the 2016 Critics Choice award for best animated series. The theme song for the show was created by Patrick Carney, who is one half of The Black Keys, and his uncle, Ralph Carney, a multi-instrumentalist who has worked artists like Tom Waits, St Vincent, The B-52s, Galaxie 500, and a lot more. But the track wasn't written for the show, originally; it was just something that Patrick and Ralph made without knowing what it was for. In this episode, the two break down how the song was created, and how it went from their long-distance collaboration to become a TV theme song.

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apple, podcast or wherever you get. Your podcast, oh jack horsemen is a netflix original series than animated comedy about a wash up. Ninety sit comstock who's, trying to figure out his life and career without drowning in self loathing an existential despair. The two thousand. Sixteen critics choice a word for best animated series. The themes on for the show was created by patrick party, whose one the black keys and his uncle, ralph corny, a multi instrument list who has worked with artists like tom waits, saint vincent galaxy, five hundred and a lot more, but the track in britain for the shell. Originally, did you some in the patrick and ralph made without knowing what it was for this episode, twenty two of them break down how the song is created and how it went from their long distance collaboration to become the main title theme Patrick carney drummer, for
the black he's and produced in corrode the theme song to boot, jack horsemen. With my uncle ralph this is ralph carney. The uncle of powder kearny, they played some instruments on that boat, jack theme, We will send in soft back and forth to each other. Since I was a teenager uses then cassettes back when you really. Sixteen is those rural areas. I got some good ones. I got in the music because of wrath, the first time I think I ever saw ralph perform my dad. I don't remember feet workers up or if he had taken but it was ralph play with Tom weights on letterman, and and probably, eighty seven it was eighty eight, but that's, ok, rob was more, they influence them. Some I learn a play music with I came back in two thousand eight am specifically to record some stuff with you.
and we in our memory you're like withdrew, myspace, bade right now, tat amerika. I think it's too adding it might still be up that it still there I built a studio at my house in nashville. Basically, the theme from both jack was just the first ever recorded in the studio. Smaller test make sure thing works well, The first thing I did was: I just build a click track: a borrowed roland jupiter for of my body in ohio, and I plug the protocols, click track into the sea the employed and enter. our pleasure iran, see these controlled voltage. It was basically the primitive way of controlling synthesizer externally, with different, like electrons source,
the Jupiter force full keyboard that has like old, weird presets. The whole sound of that is from glitching out the clock. It moves in that way because I have so much volume I think, going into the cv. Input from a pro tools could track that is just totally glitching it out and the next thing I added to it was the drums. So the way I do drums typically, is I record, like a very simple, be like kicks their higher. When you hear the beginning of the solemn drums, first come and that's just a loop of just that very simple pete and then the next thing I did after that was recorded a whole drum, take a fills on top
We think that that was a distorted, rhythm, guitar kind of car response thing that I am a recorded in mano it and then took the panama and went left or right I love to collaborate on music. I prefer I hate working by myself. The fact I had even bothered to structure something and get a rough mix together. You know it was all because I knew was going to send it to Rolf. Uh, huh, first, while when I got it from Patrick as like man, this is you really coming up with some cool stuff so The first would I I put it on and I just look around my ramming, whom, there's a tenors acts right there, at any rate, a couple, a rhythmic things that,
like asia, that's gonna, be cool little rev, there's that were bought up my part, they, basically find something as you like a river, then double it triple it sort of like beefed up some of the parts like they were written at horns ports. You know and then I added based trombone umberto sacks. So there's a lot a low horn stuff- and I can it gives it that bite at the very end laid bare transacting. They really cool how badly had isolated that is like a solar instrument. Colleagues,
symptoms Please simpson. Berries acts the thing about the sacrament saxophone lay in rock and roll such ban rap but I mean the aid, is like a can supplement him voice. I think so. Well, it is why it's Important instrument, what comes to jazz and suddenly that Ralph has such good instincts, and everything he plays is interesting couple days later, I got an email with both the files back from him and I knew like instantly after play back there. I was gonna work artists, through a kind of edited stuff and makes today Three months later, I gotta email. one of the producers of both jack. A guy named nor bright and I didn't know it is ass, I'm no bread, one of the executive producers on the show every part of biological had been sort of well? What what's our dream? Andrew an account,
process. It was what's our dream for both jack will our net and we got well our net look who's our dream for todd airport airborne, we started Do we have any special. We start making the show and working on the main title iv. Salt lake, okay, where we going to do this, we very special it's going to be very young, emblematic of the show and it felt like well, it's worked all along from this point. Let's go for what would be our dream and for me personally, I've always been a black keys fan and because we're on netflix, we had a lot of flexibility to do something really different so reaching out to work with one of favorite artists was carbon. No brainer inside must take a shot. This a show that not a typical animated comedy is a funny show but a thoughtful and has a dark side to it. When we heard the original track, we knew mealy that work is captured the tones
well. When you hear the saxophone and you hear the dream like one body of the case. I think it is something that a meeting Lee we weren't looking for, but we new was right. We heard it, we showed it to team at netflix and said. We think that we have our main title when thinking something very special and when he was going to bring the show and identify right out of the bat, tell the fans and tell people. This is what the show is. That was just really like one who is lucky break. You know was on my hey man he's we wanted to do this thing for a cartoon about our sheena than a bit like a right, which should I what's action. I play that sounds like a horse. I would have thought about. Do margin in our progress. Are you thinking de hard so that its the best whirlwind? Something done just like it?
the main Title sequence for both jack horsemen, where the song appears in each episode is about fifty five seconds long, the music added to fit the length the original version that they made is actually about four and a half minutes long with sections that are never heard on the show. So now here's the boat, back horsemen theme by patrick current featuring ralph corny in its entirety,
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