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Phoebe Bridgers - Scott Street

2019-02-20 | 🔗

Phoebe Bridgers is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. In September 2017, she released her debut album, Stranger in the Alps. One of the breakout songs from that album was “Scott Street,” a song Phoebe cowrote with her drummer, Marshall Vore. In this episode, Phoebe and Marshall break down how the song went from an unfinished cassette recording, to an acoustic demo, to the finished album version.


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for seven hundred dollars on average and customers can qualify, for. Average of six discounts on they sign up a little off your rate. Each month goes a long way get a quote today at progressive dot com, progressive casualty, insurance cover in a few minutes, national annual average insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with progressive between June twenty twenty and may twenty twenty one potential savings will very disk. It's very and are not available in all states and situations. This episode contains explicit language, Phoebe. Bridges is a singer, some writer, from LOS Angeles in September. Twenty seventeen least her Dave. You album stranger in the Alps, one of the rare sounds from that our bomb was Scott Street, a sum Phoebe cobra, with her drummer Marshall. For in this, pursued cb and Marshall Breakdown, how the song went from an unfinished cassette recording to an acoustic demo to the finished album version.
the I'm Phoebe Bridgers This is Marshall Vore Drummer of Phoebe Bridgers? We met in like late fourteen became fast friends out day. We we're about music. I remember we were just hanging out a lot and then it would just be having an idea or something and you'd be like what do you think of this, or I would the same thing like I have this idea. What do you think of that and it seemed like some songs ended up coming out of that together, and so we, you ve, started writing a lot of songs, and this one is an idea that Marshal had I like how to get tar sitting on Phoebe's bad playing. The chords hmm just got set machine. Machina, that's cool! So there's a
set demoed skies these strange yeah, oh and then I just kind of have these lyrics from my phone, which were the first opening lyrics of the song. I first started writing those lyrics in two and fourteen. I was walking from my apartment to my friend's house, and I was just singing what was happening. I grabbed my mail on the way out. in between us, was in Arco gas station where he would buy stuff, show me. and that's pretty much all that there was just a few
and then the little tag that is. Do you feel ashamed and I like fell in love with it. But it was really only like half a song. It was like something I would play around the house what little bit was there and then it wasn't until much later that Phoebe sort of thrill so a round it and made it into something usable. You grabbed a guitar and we just pass to the rest of it out I like made up completely different cards that I thought were cooler in Sky Street Nyc Exchange and the contain
and then that tag the you feel ashamed lyric. You were kind of. Of that is like a precarious and then it would like open up into some big chorus, but I told him not to I really like songs where it me the listener kind of fill in the blanks, and I just felt like some big chorus- would italicize the subtext in a way that I didn't like and then He was like ok, okay, but just like hear me out, waiter again it was like. Do you feel ashamed? When you hear my name is it he has to do so to dig it with us That was exactly what I meant a commentary on what was just said felt completely unnecessary and actually kind of took away from the point to me. So I, like kind of stuff to from like overriding it. Definitely there was, a lot of like moments that not very understated or pretty. But
Do you feel ashamed? Lyric comes from a place when I had it like a really crazy time in my life I was twenty five I played a show, and I was standing by the curb waiting for to Van to pick me up and then a fight broke out, and my leg was. Broken. Basically, these guys tripped over me and they snap my leg in half and everybody ran away. So there was like, an entire year- ride didn't walk. Or play music or do anything just started dating someone, and so they more or less took care. Or me through the time that it took me to go through this whole leg thing, and I remember during that time, like not seeing any of my real friends and being very upset, and I remember the person I was dating telling me like. Friends are here for you, your friends, don't love you and years later, when me and this person broke up- and I would talk to my friend
They were trying to see me the whole time this person was telling them, like Marshall, doesn't want to see you I remember waking up to this thing that, like this person did love me but there are also working against me, and so I just wonder if they're ashamed of that kind of thing, and if they've grown up the the. So then we wrote the second verse we wanted it? Be dialogue. Phoebe made that verse into, like a conversation that you would be having with someone from your past
it's so sad and weird, to play catch up with someone who was so intimately involved in your life for so long and it was entirely imagined like what would a conversation like that, be what would the person asking us is makes me feel running into somebody that you spent all that time with within realizing that the world is changed and is not the same world that it was even a few years ago is a real heavy thing to deal with
I made the demo kind map out what my idea of the structure was, and I laid it for my producer Tony, because I like really wanted to put it on my record, and he was like this, doesn't a real song, a couple Weeks later was like I'm going to just experiment on play plane the exact same thing again, I think this is a real song. I think it is good and I did- and he got really excited and like did not remember me, showing it to him for the first time when he didn't like it. So then we went into record and started with guitar
the acoustics are, is a J. Forty. Five that Glen Campbell owned, Glen Campbell's country singer from the sixties and seventies. It's like my favorite guitar that exists in the entire universe, like so dead like it doesn't ring at all and that's what's your brain, Headed to me, Scott Street like a stray. Listen now. How open continue I love doubling my vocals eighty five percent. The music, I listen To- is Elliott Smith and he does it so aggressively and I loved it hard. I loved the quality that gives a voice
money. When I'm lonely, that's when I'll burn it it takes some of the emotion out of my voice, which can be melodramatic sometimes, especially when talking about my feelings, which I do often and so it was a way to take it out of that zone and be more expressive than like the production helicopters over my house every night when I go to bed my guitar player came in and played on it and he did the helicopter noises. What Harry was doing was he was playing a chord with a v im down on the guitar turning
the volume and shaking the neck as hard as he could, so we like maybe that stupid if we make it sound like a helicopter and then we ended up doing it and I loved it, I have a theory that the jokes you make in the studio or actually just kind of the best idea as by your just shoving them aside or if you get made fun of her having the idea you can claim it was a joke. Whatever your job idea is, is probably just a genius idea. You're a little nervous about when we went record drums we like, oh man, it should come in on the weird offbeat, where I say drums I was playing drums. that's stupid, too much and it ended up
my favorite thing about the song. I love he idea of something kind of turning into another universe like you set one tone and then the tone just like completely shifts Those are the octagon drums of was a toy piano. I think it was made by Mattel. If I remember correctly, as these like discs that go. And but they're made of laminated paper. It's all floppy put them in and have different sounds on them, so you can select just the drums from these discs and you can adjust the tempo until I kind of grooves with your song and if you put them in upside down, they play backwards, Robin
stood all the strings on my record, he plays Paul Simon. He plays Oliver Bunnybury stuff to keep it sparse is beginning to me I am a real sucker for a big builds on all. had to say was he: I wanted to be really sparse and the beginning and then open up and so yeah. We just like put Robin like your microphone, and he did a bunch of stuff that we really liked. hmm. This Greek, he weird string heads are robs specialty I really gravitate towards people who have a completely different go two thing that I do like an instinctual thing, that's just so far route for me and Rob's, definitely like that like just intuitive for him to do stuff like that.
and then Tony Berg, the producer of my record, told me. I needed an outro, so I like went into the vocal booth wants to sing the melody and then bunch of people went in a different time missing harmonies. We layered it on top of each other. The like this very victorious feeling thing Tony handed us each like a cow well, a bike bell all these crazy toys because he loves the Beatles and he was giving us the seed pods that had dried out and whereas, like shake these narrow the microphone and then
take this train whistle and blow the train whistle every other time when we're done, recording the outro and it was so giant and like all the crazy bells and whistles and everybody singing together, just as very emotional day or a into the rough and Tony, twirled around his producer chair a single tear role, And down his face- and he said it was if you're looking back on your life- and it was just a failure which is his version of a compliment Marshall who had never sung harmony before sang a harmony on this recording, Do you feel to shit Worley sang until we met and then when we
we're just singing together? Our voices started kind of sounding exactly the same self. I love at quality on the recording you when you sing something like do. You feel ashamed. When you hear my name, that could mean it so many different things to so many people. But for me, I think pretty only by this one person in this one, really bazaars a real time in my life tat. I went into as a younger guy and I came out of it all as an adult is feeling ever is being in a relationship. That's like all consuming it's your whole life for years and then just the way given that it's crazy that people can be completely estranged from their exes. After being, deaf for years that someone would think of you and feel ashamed of what happened in that only feeling that's left.
But now, my association with the song is like singing it every night and listening through other people's ears, a highlight the show for me is like people singing along the end. What I like, but the signs it's not. Telling you why you're sad it doesn't say a lot about what you're host to feel and Just so glad people got it, and now here's Scott Street by Phoebe Bridgers in its entirety, the walking. Scott street feeling, like a stranger
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