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Poliça - Smug

2014-05-01 | 🔗

Ryan Olson is a member of the band Polica. Though he doesn't perform with them live, he put the band together, produces the songs, and co-writes them. I interviewed Ryan in his bedroom studio in Minneapolis. In this episode, he breaks down the song Smug, from their 2013 album Shulamith. He also talks about two pieces of equipment that have helped shape the sound of Poliça, and how he was introduced to one of them by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and the other by DJ Shadow.

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ryan olson is a member of the band polica perform with them live. Keep the band together, produces the songs and co, write them interviewed ryan and his bedroom studio in minneapolis. Coming up, he breaks down the song smug from their two thousand and thirteen album a schulman. He also talks about two pieces of equipment that have helped shape the sound of lisa and how he was introduced to one of them by justin vernon of bon Iver and to the other, by DJ shadow. My name's ryan olsen produce police there. The ban is krispijn and base to drummers bent of ask you and jerks iverson bubbles
cherry, whether I had a approach. god, gangs that are recruited like twenty five boy nearer to play, soft rock, basically Jamie is one of em. We It shows, together with other bands, whatever knew each other. In that way, She asked me to do something and I have already been doing like five other projects. I was working at at the time. I wasn't really trying to start new bands or I'm always trying to start new bands. That say the funniest thing to do is just start a band and said alright. We need to, banning drew and drums chris bearded was over here playing bass on another project. I was working on. It's like you want to try playing on this and you just slayed it, and I was like this might be. Actual bags normally have someone come over and over the course of my house and not try to make up and for you or whatever and swam dismayed studio stuff. But after we
got done. Tracking others like I might have to ask you to play this live. We might have to actually do this. A little bit I didn't know how much they're going to have to actually go out and do it Smug is the rare one where we actually in jenny were up here. Actually writing this associated from a long time ago. I believe I'm not really sure so. She play keyboard part and, like the vocal She wanted this to go basically system the plane sense process the that she was playing it. I master out with her petticoats and stuff While she was playing live there. two since parts in here and there, but from the same take of janni playin, the keyboards. There is both differently. One I made as in our budget
Or Andy in that way. I guess that he'd have a grand plan for it all. It was just like kal period getting drunk and playing around on keyboards ooh. I dislike made a boom bap.
really basic thing and then the shaker part. Actually I ended up running that pad sizes and edo a table. Then the thing and then I ran it through my pioneer pioneer he effects. One thousand is what I used to process. Almost everything like three of them in the band, all the pickups and smears and they're happening are from the the pioneer I don't programmer, cause that'd be super boring and not as fun and as fast for this thing it's this kind of loose, weird digital dub scenes. You know it's still the bestest like played out. I just think this is like one of the best, the lab I also support the first piece of gear by legs I started doing electronic stuff in, like two thousand. I
found it watching dj shadow play once he was playing the audience Five hundred and this kind of stuff he was doing burns. you watching how you doing is shit and that pedals a boy, my mind, how that is saying, unlike any other, delay pedal, looks leo horrible dj tool and It is for the most part, but it's taken out of a dj context. It's a really fun delay pedal. I go to it often for most I I guess I think in process, with a pioneer stiffly, a big player in process, music, literally and mentally,
while you're courted the vocals and the bass and the drums all at april base and justin vernon studio in wisconsin, the studios called April bass. He at least providers and areas where you play her both the dollars, but at the same time, it's a really a percussive band. The drummers took that be And broke it up down an obstruction. The high have said the same they're, both plain the beat together
the only other instrument you know. Melodic instrument is the base faces a major player in what the hell's happening. You know. So Chris gets to crap the song she's as much as we We were labour else really ooh ooh chris is just insanely taliban in general, and his bass playing got such a groove and suggest such a smart musician, if going to have one stringed instrument, is definitely what what is his pocket so perfect for it, and it's like just sensibility in general, First, are recording gangs just and ran lay down part. That is a fact Sammy Davis. This song last problems earth he like does a similarly
bone thugs and harmony. Vibe thing: that's all autotune the fuck! I don't want to do this. Our big ace didn't want to be utilizing autotune at the time, but just in case I change my grip. He crushes it first so that helps He good sales pitch genuine to keep playing with a paddle. So the geology voice, love, pedal, She was using it for gangs under and then his head fun. You know the idea of this having a weird voices the world when it chooses to really draw and that as a new tool to like play with
I've had a lot of depth tonight. What channels you do or how she thinks about. How were parts were you noticed using the harmonies that used to textures- and she can add to her voice- has helped her, I think, and songwriting and bullshit for having way too much fun with it. try to follow their fun campus, as possible. Mets been the divine rod for everything just like what is exciting for us right now and now here
mug by police
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