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Rachel Platten - Broken Glass

2017-11-08 | 🔗

Rachel Platten is a singer and songwriter who’s released four albums, including her 2016 album Wildfire, which went Gold. The lead single from that album, “Fight Song,” was used prominently by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. For a normally apolitical artist, the sudden proximity to the election had profound effects, both positive and negative. In this episode, Rachel breaks down her song “Broken Glass," which was inspired by that experience, and written just days before the 2016 election.


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a couple years earlier with another tracked by rachel plan, called fights are Susan, my rights on the top ten on billboards charts, but It was also used prominently by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. After that, every unchanged. For rachel, honest, I am a little afraid of talking about it, just because I'm an asshole, Some of the story that I haven't really told anyone. First ears: taylor from Hillary Clinton campaigning My name is my taylor and I was the director of special projects for the disease. team on hilary for america around In the time that we were sweating music for the campaign launched, we had kind of pulled together, everyone from the campaign to put in suggestions, and we looked for songs, matched hilary message. fight song made that list pillar weakens camp reached out to me a year before song started being used fire kept saying no. I was
performing a lot in the middle, the country I wasn't just performing in light blue states. It wasn't, it wasn't that I wasn't an artist that one to be associated with only one side of this political spectrum. and I knew how emotionally just complicated that election was so. I was scared god I can regulate how it was a political song. It was this I wrote in may better him because I needed a reminder do not give up on this those it. So that's why I was so hesitant, but they were trained for like ear hilary, loved the song, and that was amazing to me. I was when I first heard that and eventually I was, I guess faster. For its roots to January two thousand, and sixteen going to the primary season or slogan was fighting for us at that point in time, and so we started making it the music that Hillary walked on the stage and walked off the stage two at every event that she did for us
This was a huge piece of the campaigns or by the time the Dnc came around in July. The edges, of course made sense to have hilary to that some epidemic, product national convention, in July, twenty sixteen secretary, it was introduced by a daughter chelsea ladies and gentlemen, my mother I hero? our next residents, Hillary Clinton, knowing my son, is gonna, be on the stage. Then they turn it on just to see her walking out of an online, I'm really noble collar would soon I didn't want to take it in it, and then I just heard a kind It was incredible marching the first woman nominee on What stage walker
to my son after the democratic national convention I got so much heat. I got death threat, over the summer might at our feet, just filled with people telling me that they hated me how dare I take fights on away from them that was there song and healed them, and now they can was a anymore and I was heartbroken. The summer war on, and the campaign season. Continued rachel started working on a new album, but would eventually be I'm her twice seventeen album waves, but all of them had affected what she was writing about in her songs. I've been for three months may record so far in staying far away from the impairment songs cause I've felt cause getting pigeonholed aside the empowering girl and I took this impairments on all the way, and I got it but of hate from people, so I think I've
like. Let me just stay away from that stuff, but I gotta studio that day, still member first and at that point everything seemed to point for the Hillary Clinton victory. So right, as we are taking us in our poles only forecast. Five three model gives Hillary Clinton and seventy one point eight percent chance of winning donald trump. Twenty eight point: two, I said I feel excited physical women make it president, that's incredible it! the first time I was working with these two guys, Nate Seifert, endured rogers and there's something about them that felt gentle and sweet and kind of safe and I said you know, I think I'm gonna write something empowering today. I think It can do that again so we started singing the song actually have the demo of it. So this is me trying to piece out this melody them hearing in my head, and I can't my fingers are not doing what they want. You,
so I was hearing it first, so I was playing that and they were like what's diversity and I was like well, maybe this is the first. It was going to be a song about me feeling brave enough to speak up and not let all of that be that was happening over the summer with the hate I was getting on the internet. I was just gonna say like I'm good, I'm ok standing up in speaking my mind so have these personality and then we were second course and I the title on my notes and my iphone. First language not exist. The title is broken glass and then I kind of realized too. Maybe this is a song. About the selection. Maybe this is about breaking the glass ceiling, and this The song about women and
this is a song about us doing something that we thought was impossible. This is that moment in history, tat moment where we were going to break that glass ceiling and it felt right so bring on the page can sake. It's number my dreams not been pay, sir, but emma, any move. Now, it wasn't just for the election. It was our soldiers for women. I have struggled so much with using my voice and owning my power often back down and defer to men around me who for me, and I get that I'm the boss. I forget that actually I'm in charge of all of this The sun was also about me, owning
and saying, like I have gone through an awakening to and- and I get to write a song about that. Let's do this. So we're all gathered on the piano cause. We kind of made a decision, let's stay by the piano today, so we stay there as long as he could was probably two and a half hours, and then I was like no, this piano, I'm not playing piano at my shows anymore. I dont want this to be a piano bay song. Let's move away from the piano. Now, let's get so Since sounds, let's get some like we're basins, accords are killing you happy. I was just kind of like give me something deep, unlike resident, so Jared went and he starts This rallies and face, and then put in this really cool, caribbean gonna, be here recently gave me that, because I lived in trinidad for a year and a half- and I was telling you about It- I was in this
bans and eye towards them, and I would love to make a song that feels like that. That has some of that element, so he actually used still drum so once actions looping and gradually more and more things are added to it and words. Flying that way the Words are I'm on a highway full of red lights. I've lost so many long nights and I was picturing midnight aside. terry car, on this highway being stopped. Every hundred yards and being so frustrated Jared check the thing that I was humming down down down. He took my voice actually and twisted into that
that I had that violate the centre. To that I wanted it to feel like there was a crowd of he thought that they were kind of lost not being heard and there having suffocated and jerry. I just found this thing that almost sounded like someone yelling out and then drifting like, little ghost or something since they got. My hunting sounds and like now. I can keep writing these words. So still die knives in my back. So do the tracks. honestly. That was me imagining Hilary and me imagining how she might feel how she was just here attacks from every single angle. and how hard that must be. Everyone was looking at her as a public figure are not as a human being to some
and to attack and like blame, and we still do it now and I think I was just trying to understand like how that might feel and getting a taste of it over the summer from just being associated with her just a tiny bit. I was just trying to understand how it might feel to show all of that. Not. does the little taste that my in securities couldn't handle, but the man some responsibility in the negativity that she was facing from every single angle, so that one It was for her, so still got knives in my back. So do the tread southern election happen I was in away at the time at a session. that day, I came home. and yeah, like all with america, was an emotional night one or the other. There was some buzzfeed thing that was going around like little girls cry holding up posters, then
common manager- and I said well a vision that song for cinema? That's all he said, are you kidding? You are just telling me how the little girls crying was acting you in impacting you- u absolute, Can you finnish that's on this? Isn't for her? This is for those girls this is so hard to talk about it because, again, I the heat. Inserting myself in us. And I really am afraid that, like talking about this alienates, and who have every right. Do you enjoy her music to buy things like turn them off its. are you talk about because my experience last summer honestly, but It also is just as you do that, and I have been advised by sending people to not tell the truth about what it is about, because the say what do you really want until the repercussions of that later? But the honest,
It is that it's kind of exhausting to keep coming up with new ways to spend. However, the song, when the truth Is that I wrote it about saying that I think anyone whose really listening here so measures like no. No, you definitely have to continue this on. agnes studio. I finish. I have a little voice and of how the bridge got me aside, they were almost five years ago, who like me, spitting things are really bad and then them interpreting them being like ok rage. I think what you mean by that is that they were. There were really beautiful at doing that. To lessen the word their through to the other side, I'll survive on the fighter through the other side? I'm a fight. Does I'm a survivor. because you know I never and it's a chain
we envisioned humongous group of girls, like a girl, choir, stopping and singing together in reality, is with me and eight and that from a really raw place of to believe this right now I right those things when I need to believe them, I'm not always there emotionally, but I'm afraid like that, but it's where I won it gets you almost like an affirmation so We finished the song on the night and you're like this feels great. I kind of wash my hands of it was cool and move on, and then there was some discussion about whether this could be the single. This is a contender for the single. that wasn't in my mind the single that was just something that was special, that I was glad that I've written I became a whole nother struggle of like getting. I can the mindset of being okay with being the girl, with a fixed in the air and open myself up to that again
but eventually, I said: ok if this, the you single than I want to really get this production perfect, and I hope you like it's perfect right now and I think I know who could make a perfect. Starkey is a dual from Norway. They are production, bad asses and they ve done everything, frown beyond, say, katy, perry, firework, reality- diamonds, a ton of sea stuff there incredible, so first, start gay about it and by the way I got met would like a lot of every one time. He knows never gonna work there too, busy they're, not gonna. Do this housing whitson, that's not say no before I ask okay, so post, star gate, store gates made up of tore her medicine and mikhail ericsson, torture Wasn't another session soldiers me in macao, I play the song for him and he loved it. He said, of course, I would love to produce it at do additional production on it and think it needed much. I just thought I'd need like a couple tweaks tightening, so I
thought that that's what he would be able to do was kind of thin it out, but kind of almost a remakes, he also spit it out. I came in and heard it and I was I going well well, but we know what the hell's going on wasn't early fervent, but he did Something that was mine going to me and took the drums completely out of the chorus ok. So if you go to the Jared version, there's drums in the chorus animals, so there's drums and it feels good but you couldn't understand what I'm saying and the limits for the most important part of the song to me and it just like a party and I we want the sounded just be a party I wanted well to hear what I was saying so oh he brilliantly made it a dry,
ass it does that we would like Six versions are we did Simon tal? That's a lot of work but finished june twenty eightth and whether we august twentieth. And all of a sudden. I realized I was gonna start turning outward again and not only that, but with a song that could potentially be divisive so- scared scared to release it, but I on any backlash, because I haven't talked about it politically I'll deaf. We avoided and skirted it. I've done use, but I've really kind of avoided. Any questions about the election, it hasn't been fund because it also doesn't feel good to not save. what you really think about something how people react
It is not under my control and too I'll be able to tell the truth about where the sun came from and its roots and who is really for that hurts to another here's broken glass by rachel plan in its entirety.
lives. So many many nights, noise, no sale, sale, listen again, says among new way way have been based in any man. S still do they gave me. My friends is still do that because you know maybe you know I was a baby.
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