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Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones

2015-06-11 | 🔗

Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in April 2011 and became the most watched show in HBO's history. The main title theme was written by Emmy-nominated composer Ramin Djawadi. In this episode, he'll break down the different elements in the piece, and how themes within the show inspired his composition and choice of instruments.

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Virtual interviews, visit indeed dot com, slash song exploder to learn more claim your credits at indeed, a calm, slash song explorer again, that's indeed dot com, slash song, exploder terms and conditions apply, need to hire you need. Indeed, winter is coming this one will be long and dogs will come with it. That's a clip from game of throne the hbo series that premiered in April two thousand and eleven and became the mole watched show in hbo's history, this is the main title. the theme was written by Emmy nominated composer remain jollity and sub sewed he'll breakdown, the different elements in his peace the themes within the show inspired his composition and his choice of instruments.
I'm a names from ingenuity and I'm the composer of game. Thrones David he opened and then, while other creators off the shelf, they took the book in and decided to tell listen to a tv show. They sent me to ever so the first two episodes of the first season, before meeting with them. So I watched him in and of course I was blown away. I thought it was absolutely amazing what I saw. but heads started on the episodes and we were. reviewing some music in this and that and then they set out by the way. There's also mean title a theme you have to do another, ok and its almost two minutes long now days, inn in tv. That is has either no main title at all or its fifteen seconds or seven seconds. Usually very short, so I thought it was rather unusual to have an opportunity said a longer piece of music. They say in all the visuals are not complete done, but we would love for you to just go, see the visual effects guys and meet with them and and check it out.
so I did, and it was these moving the buildings come out of the ground. You know about it and what it is now so that was all there an early stage, and it was absolutely inspiring for me, the one key word that they said to me about writing the maid, title was that they wanted it to be a journey cost. A lot of different locations again has lots of different characterised as just a lot of travelling in the show and that something that they wanted to convey with the music as well on, and then, when I saw the visuals and saw the different locations all that inspired me to write this piece. I wrote the rifted, and da da da da da Da Da. I think that was the first thing that came to me and- and I built a whole piece around that basically the riff is played. love by the strings, the first two bars are minor and then it switches to major and then it goes back
mention was just because of what the nature of the show is. There is so much back stabbing and conspiracy in and anybody can turn on anybody at any point. So I thought it would be cool to kind of do the same play with with the music. So, even though the majority of two pieces of minor does that little hint of major in there, what kind of switches and a changes back again. So that's the opening the melody first get stated by the the solar cello the thing. I liked about the What was that its four sided? that's one of my favorites instruments, but at what I love about the cello that it's dark, which is perfect for the show it has a huge range it can play really low, it can play really high and even if it is higher. Actually, it still has a darker sound and that's why I thought let's try to make that the main instrument for the show
and then a solo violin joins an octave love. but to characterise me, eating or something like they know. What I think is so great about game, It says that there's so many different characters, you never know which path they they might go on and which characterise might interact or meat though I thought, by starting with a single instrument, with a single character than having a second instrument join the seconds character, and then the mallet
the repeats one more time with the full orchestra. So all the violence played then as well sakes, I be everybody plays it and it's just gets moisten epic. and then from there it then the changes in and we get too. I guess you can call it a bee section. What I like about this be section is that that gives a sense of venture mixed repeat, and actually we have choir come in twenty women
this so getting recorded in prague, everything gets recorded But the internet- basically, so I just I dont travel to prague. We just do it over the computer and I just have a microphone set up in here and just talk back the fourth over microphone and technology just makes it possible to have them. the record button over where they are- and I heard over here in great quality and can give notes till we ve been doing all of the recording sessions, It's a variant. I actually have with adding just a little bit of a The mysterious sandwiches, some a hybrid of dull summer inelegant contains, which has actually it's a scandinavian instrument dislike small little harp and I just thought the sound together gives it like this plucky. marie quality that I thought was nice, the
with a combination of just started that you can't really placing location wise really by combining this too and in what way about it as after the peace get so big. It leaves you hanging with the mystery and the question of what Is this episode going to bring because game of thrones is on four surprises, so I wanted to do the same with them. Main peace by just give This last little question at the end, when the first episode aired the next day David advance, sent me. I think everything was a rock that somebody had put up. I thought wow and then a couple hours there they send another version and then it sort of started from air psych. I guess I couldn't believe it actually. Now I have to self perversion and my head with says: wiener we know we can we have you heard the period
Click version guys, I'm flattered that it's getting so many different versions out there. I think it's absolutely amazing. People have been super creative about it and when, whenever you think of it, this is it and also like one new one, that somebody came up with a degree of my god, this is great. I just wanted to how to capture an overall impression of the show. So if you turn on tv and this theme place that you go okay, his game of thrones. This is my show and you're just warming up to get ready for another great episode, I think, so beautiful about to show is that there is magic in those dragons and zombies. I just feel like the creator flee, there's no limits, and now here's the main title theme to game of thrones by romania
in its entirety. I put up
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