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Reissue: Courtney Barnett - Depreston

2018-07-25 | 🔗

Earlier this year, in May 2018, Courtney Barnett released her second album, Tell Me How You Really Feel. And last fall, she and Kurt Vile made an album together. So I thought this would be a good time to go back and listen to an episode she did in January 2016 about “Depreston,” my favorite song from her first album. Here it is.

Courtney Barnett released her debut album in March 2015. By the end of the year, she had been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, Spin named her the Songwriter of the Year, and she won four ARIA Music Awards in her native Australia. In this episode, Courtney Barnett breaks down the song "Depreston," which began with a visit to an open house, on a house-hunting trip she took in the town of Preston.


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Where are you a musical words, are native Australia in this episode, quintuple that breaks down her song Depreston, which began with a visit to an open house on a house except she took in the town of Preston, thanks to sown for letting me record this interview at the Sonos studio in LOS Angeles, and it's going pretty JP say well, let's just say that pressed metal ceilings great. My name is Courtney Barnett, I'm a song writer from Melbourne in Australia, Preston It is a the suburbs of Melbourne, trees and bigger backyards. So I went and looked at this house as house hunting and in car ride home the hulk idea.
I have come to mean that moment. It wasn't a song or an idea. I've been seeing on for a while. I the idea in the car, and then I went home and was sitting around with my guitar and I just Spain trying to teach myself This go between song called straits of your town, the, and it's got this kind of riff in it. The and the riff four to Preston was kind of born out of playing around with those courts in those that melody
I just sat there at my desk and played it. over and over and the words just kind of came straight to it. I was kind of this dwelling over? What had just happened in my head, we drive to ass in dress. We say to lease rested a man with his hand in a back outside the first impression phase seems to press it the Californian bungalow in a cul de sac that house hunting experience set kind, open home, I feel really intrusive, a lot of the time going in. He look here stuff on the shelf. Like he's supposed to be looking at the.
The room size in their whatever, but I look at daylight record collection in there and what books. I have on the shelf so kind of intrusive I mean you instantly paint a picture of the person who's there. These photos, different cause. It was this lady had passed away. Some of his stuff was still in there. and it was this extra layer of of intruding Yes, that was a kind of catalysts and I've been up all day The thought tonight instantly in my head- I thought you know who was she in who the family and to so those kind of little question sets not that You know the house was stunning or or anything like that it was the kind of emotion that it pulled Then the handrail in the shower a collection of those canisters for coffee, tea, flour and a photo of a young man in a van in Vietnam. the real estate. Lady showing us around to dropped that
The deceased's estate in the family was trying to sell the house and move on. We were king at the house as a property, not as someone's home and that kind of nostalgia, memories that go with and then, when she said the thing you know like he could. knock it down and build a bigger one or a better, not that it's disrespectful, but just at this place that someone's built in a means nothing, it's just a kind of physical thing that you could. And I wipe out and start again she does that instantly stuck in my head and it's such a Sinestro, a comment that has so much kind of built into it. Yeah, if you've got a spirit of the moon une you. nah kid down Stop
I could always hear a kind of group singing the refrain kind of coming in one by one that my, but when I actually did it. I didn't sound right. We deleted a couple of the other voices. It didn't feel right it. a bit too, like a run now, let's sing these ending bit bit cheery, but to kind says My straight so I think we just kept it pretty simple dines. The bass player is the the second voice. I, a spell of the moon, and you could knock it down and reboot if you got a spare Sometimes I dwell on My dear sighed isn't
tenant have the general story in my head, but the journey to the end of the story can sometimes take like years to ride. But this one, the words just kind of came out and the story and a right it. So I had you, no extra verses and analysis it's about cutting it to tell the story in a perfect way, but then I was quite easy to write it. How to record- and I couldn't get it sounding right. I think cause it's so minimal, and it's quite bare and vulnerable, that everything just stuck out so strongly say yeah. We tried to go to the couple of times and I just like straight them. In the Van Dells, like no I've ruined the song, I can't cut release that the secret in the end? Was we tried to keep it as live as possible to capture that it's kind of like if you like, tip toeing around that song, because it say: bear
we use brushes, you know on the drums, tried it. the different ways and it's kind of too, Island with six this one doesn't have a chorus or sending got two say it doesn't really go but I knew that it was done. You know, didn't it didn't really feel like. I needed that much guess the thing is like not every song needs I saw you know like there's no rules, in songwriting and any if there was, I wouldn't know what they were I. The guitar solo is kind of the only moment where in a something happens or changes daily, scum, does the Sala. He was one of the produced. This is well. He was sorry kind. Jeanne with the emotion,
I the song, his guitar playing, really because it, answers to his truthfully, so that guitar solos, like it's so emotional tional Eric it's like weeping psychic like a crying lady, the I the ten to Preston. I was thought that that was funny like that was in my invention, a couple. My friend said it cuz, I was like I know, I for it little while and I had to go to depression
two percent lives awake to do like job seeking stuff as a pretty, doc timing. I didn't have any money and I was pretty down on myself and I had to get the train there and and my house, my like he going to depressed in today, so it always kind of stuck in my mind, and I said that it's not a bad place. No, but it has that kind of memory. For me I have that time specifically, but in know geography it's kind of irrelevant the songs, obviously kind of about looking for a house but it's not really what it's about. I think it's just about, mortality, he filled his life work to make money to get a turned, she family in and then you die like I said I looked at the house and I when I'm in and then started writing the song and then a couple weeks later. I it shouted Jan my girlfriend
and she was like that house was in Coburg, not Preston, we had looked at a couple of houses and my houses is muddled up. That's not even about Preston the fade out using a really rare decision. Nowadays, the site. Because it was such a kind of simple my dear I don't think I need quite how to ended. We did an ending that was in the fade, but I know it is it feels right feels like it. Kind of it is two peas and get smaller and smaller and a kind of risk. Likes the song itself. You know I like life, goes on and on and on and then kind of of.
Now here's depressed by Courtney, Barnett in its entirety, you said we should look out. I guess it. Wouldn't we
To be around these coffee shops, now we got that Koolaid never made a lot, a greater say than twenty three dollars and leave the job to a house interested. We see police arrested a man with his hand in the first impression. This place seems to press a californian bungalow in a cul de sac, the God lovely God in a garage for two cars to park are a lot of storage. If you just go on the and it's going pretty cheap, you say well, let's just say that the pressed metal ceilings, great the say, the handrail in the shower a collection of those canisters with coffee, tea and flower and a photo of a young man in a van and the cant. Think of boss. Anymore, was a fun room, faces South Carolina, and I wonder what she bought, the God, a spirit of the new
you good. Now, down and start rebuilding. If you
A spirit of the new Duke could knock it down and stuff. We just got a spare the.
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