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Reissue: Mitski - Your Best American Girl

2018-08-29 | 🔗

In honor of Mitski’s new album, “Be the Cowboy,” here’s the episode she did in 2016. — Mitski has been making records since 2012. Her third record, Puberty 2, came out in June 2016 and was critically acclaimed Pitchfork gave it Best New Music status. Her music has been featured in the tv show Adventure Time. In this episode, Mitski breaks down her song Your Best American Girl, along with her long-time collaborator Patrick Hyland.


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start hiring now with a seventy five dollars, sponsor job credit to upgrade your job post at indeed, dot com, slash song, exploder,. This offer is valid through March. Thirty, first go to indeed dot. slash song exploder to claim your seventy five dollar credit before March thirty, first, indeed, dot com, slash song terms and conditions apply, need to hire. You need indeed Maiden episode with midday in two thousand sixteen and since then she's gone on tour with Lord, and she sat in with the house band on late night, with Stephen Colbert and generally everyone's fallen in love with her and this month she put out a new record. That's getting praised everywhere, the New York Times Pitchfork the guardian everywhere. It's called be the cowboy and it's grip so in honour of that new record. I wanted to go back to her episode from two thousand. Sixteen and realism emits key talking matter process here. It is he's been making records since two thousand and twelve her newest record puberty,
two came out in June two thousand and sixteen and was critically acclaimed pitchfork give it best. New music her musics also been featured in the tv show adventure time, and this episode key breaks down the song, your best american girl, with a long time, collaborator, Patrick Island I the in the midst ski my full name is midst. Mitski Miyawaki, I never grew up with musical instruments or with equipment to record the I learned to write was just
writing things down on paper and hearing it in my head and kind of hoping for the best, and I don't I don't work in a band, so I am alone in my own head. So the lyrics and the vocal melody are king. In my songs they always come first I could it'd be little spoon and kiss. You thing goes for food, but exposure, you have so much to do, and I have nothing to do with me. The chorus in first I was on a bed, and I wrote down the words your mother wouldn't approve of how my mother raised me, but I do I think I do. and you're an all american boy. I guess I couldn't help
trying to be your best. American girl, I was in love with somebody but just felt, like our background, Or the places we come from or how we were raised were just so completely different and it fell, It's something that couldn't be overcome by love. I grew up very nomadically. I grew up moving around a whole lot and not just in the U S, but broad and my mother is
up and ease and my father's American, and so I never grew up with a sense of community. My sense the family is very different. I think I grew up more with a sense of every thing will be lost at some point like you have to prepare yourself to let go at all times because just kept moving. So much- and I kept you know you can only say good bye, so many times before you start to like automatically prepare your for that. So bringing was just very, very different from the average Americans this
isn't is seeing the food huge huge so for them on in birds with the moon, naughty stuff could awake at night, oh descend into food. I wanted the accepted by an environment or a family situation. Where you know people lived, in the same place, all their lives and knew the same people and nowhere they're from and know their place in the world. That was very foreign to me and I didn't feel like I could. I could learn how to
be part of that. The next thing is your baseline, so it's not even the chords, it's just kind of the roots, and then I kind of build off of that. I picked up Turin College. You know so it was too lazy to actually learn all the finger formations, and so what I do is actually just tune: the guitar to a d, major chord, so that if you strum the guitar, just a d, major chord, immediately rings out. So I could just pick up the guitar and play simple chord progressions without thinking about it The make things really allowed in my headphones, and I think
as crouching over my guitar. So basically you can hear the click. If you, if you listen really closely Patrick is really good at layering, I the I am, Turkey, land and I produced and recorded and played instruments on the song the those since they come in reverse
before it heads that was the most spontaneous thing in the song like this. I was pretty much mixed and almost totally done and their night I just the transition from the first to the course was too abrupt, and so I've thought So how can I turn this awkward moment into its own event and make it a spy sure thing, so we what the cords do there? This could sort of bloom into a big lush thing right before the whole song explodes the and then manipulating the temper It's a formant shifter. I don't even think of it as a voice, I think of it as an instrument.
in the If you had to boil the song down to one moment, I would say it's when the first chorus heads the intensity of that for of my quote: unquote, career of playing music and performing it. I've been doing it solo with either a piano or a guitar. So with literally just your voice in one instrument, your biggest asset is volume change, so the beginning like I would use, dress big changes in volume, changes in tone to
science is interesting, keep the the music going. So those things have become your band members this. Is it a hallmark card. But really you were. You always want what you can't have in that all american thing like from the day I was born. I, why could not enter that? How hard I tried I could never enter that dream that all american White culture is thing that you that is inherited instead of attained, and so yes, it's a sad song, but I will and to make sure that it reflected
all of the contrasting feelings like you can be heartbroken about a relationship but also from it realized that you are you and you're. Ok, who you are or you're, okay about where you came from. And now here's your best american girl by Mitski in its entirety. thanks
the the.
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