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Santigold - Ushers of the New World

2022-10-19 | 🔗

Santigold is a singer, songwriter, and producer. She’s put out 4 albums since 2008, and she’s been featured as a collaborator on songs with Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, Diplo, and more.

In this episode, Santi takes apart her song "Ushers of the New World," from her 2022 album Spirituals. She made it with some other collaborators she’s worked with before, including Grammy-winning producer Rostam, and producer Ricky Blaze. She told me about how she tries to channel her gut instincts, and how she wanted to transform some of the darkest feelings of 2020 into something galvanizing.

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a calm, slash, song exploded and the disco will automatically be applied at check out. That's article dot com, slash song, exploded for fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more The Sunday, gold is a singer songwriter and producer she's been out for albums, since two thousand eight and she's been featured as a collaborator on jazzy, the beastie boys diplow and more. This episode Sunday takes apart her song ushers of the new world from a tutor. twenty two out and spiritual, she may with some other collaborators. She's worked with before, including grim winning producer roston and producer he placed should help
about how she tries to channel her got instincts and how she wanted to transform some of the darkest feelings of twenty twenty december galvanizing mining. This anti gold. this song started with an email from Ricky blaze? Who I first met through diploma. back in late, two thousand ten, I remembered diplow being like hey. This is young producer and he lives in brooklyn, but whose families to make an. Unlike the you really like his music So I met him and we ended up doing the song disparate youth together. So
I got an email and he was again using me trackless check out, and I was tired. but for some reason out, just like let just before I go to bed. Let me just hit play It was basically just the loop with love and drums and some sense light about the initial track from Ricky. Is it that is really slow, like almost pushing Paul. I almost sluggish don't feel your movie room somewhere in the way. Folks was like an urgency about the future, but it felt really soft, like a very gentle conversation about the urgency, and I was like
When that happens, I have to record someday immediately. If I have an impulse, I just quickly record straight away on the computer. This is like This is so wrong as an analogy but like if you're about to throw up and you're like I need a trash can right now, because you know it's coming and you have to have the thing right then, as you miss it, I am like sloppiness music maker. Ever I don't about the quality of my recording I just want, idea, so
I give my low have bones and I just sing a melody. the. So then, the next step is very strange. I literally right down what it sounds like. The gibberish is saying I list basically what is a sound in its war. Is it don't exist and I'll write them down there? what I do is I go about. Try to fill in the gym. British words with real words that actually fit with the same. rhythm, obviously, the same consonants. Truly like a puzzle. sometimes as a couple words do exist and write them down like like Google. Six sound like stand up well. I like that line was keep it got garden, makes me sick can fill in over on the sin of flour, carry too much and so
there is definitely process taking place. When I wrote this- and I was looking too rise above not in his escape is way but in a way I could see forward in a way that gave me peace and hope in a time they felt really hopeless the pandemic. already begun. There was makes messaging those coming about like people's safety and just one and to keep economy going. Just really not people and our well being first thing your man, if you can were scared to save the day. I had insomnia like really bad in the nose having trouble processing at all and normal, to do this, we got to get around us
we have to work together. There is no way towards the future that we want, if we're not gonna, build Together, I did have to work on their course a bit. The first thing I came up was the you say we com so well. I was like, oh, that I had as other idea that was ashes of so. And then as a bully. go together she's gone. My mom starts as she went to unfair, philadelphia and herds, it was really boring and I did not like going but my dad's family from baltimore and his grandmother was a pastor at this church and in his eye, was the organist
and I love this church in baltimore. We we didn't go that often, but when we went wow it was such an event. It was like the ushers and white and the people be catching spirit and holy ghost, jumping up speaking tongues and fainting, it ushers with grab the phantom exciting and so there was this image, is kept coming back to me for this record of. Ushers all in white holding up this person as their transcending as they're just beyond neo outside of their bodies. It is going to another dimension.
cause. Time is the way the issues of the new world. We are the ones that are going to bring the new world that we want to live in the gonna. Go ride, being locked up in your house It was getting increasingly hard to balance all the demands of being a mom, because I had three kids might It just turn to sow, isn't it we gotta get up and work on a song to hit. You know it was more like I said, get out of here so at some point I was like I'm gonna record. This whole album met alien. Canada, we
We drove up to canada in rv and we went to squamish, which was in british columbia. We intended to only stay for like eight weeks. We end up staying there for five months and I ended up shipping, my music equipped, now and renting a cabin in the woods were really got into working on the record as so by then we had a baby sitter. You know my mom also came so I was able to actually go to work for light. You no good eight hours a day. Sometimes I realise that making music was me weaving my own lifeline during this time, so I think, be. In canada in particular, in the music song really helps. What if I wanted to go with the production- and I worked with producers- virtually I can't rostrum who, I known since he was in vampire we can in the beginning and who have worked with before he's one. My favorite people to work with
ross did a lot the baseline. There s rostov he added drums. We use a lot of ricky's original trans, too I have listened to a lot of like like duty and stuff like that, where it's just like you've got all these parts coming in, but it's not necessarily big chord changes. It's just like you're, adding parts and then things fall out and then the rhythm changes the As though I tend to bring, local elements like I just build, and so that it feels like you, ve entered a different space,
Oh. But it will weaken the bridge I might is a little boring. It just needs. A little thing goes: okay, my god you're right. having a producer named simon- that I was with go through the song and see this evening that you can do and what else, and about Simon, is he's like a vocal genius like he can do all kinds of crazy cool things with vocals and make them feel like instruments a major and he did a couple of things, but that's it. Cap, because I was like I love that right here. You can't We stand what is saying, but you feel it I ask
We use multiple producers on one track, because Sometimes what I'm look four is beyond what best. I can do and is beyond what just one producer can do and as the actual. merging of all the different skills adds, that makes it what it is, and I think that is kind of key to that makes us anti gold song. A lot of the time is being able to bring different people and to bring these little special skills to a song. Sometimes, when you working with people that do a lot of pop music psychiatry, position into the gorgeous deblock always put the same. sure I'd like to hear that, unlike what It plays a leg, you atmosphere or like Marvin Gaye ones, that the party in the background is the way that
love the idea of putting some environment, not some fagin by like put some people in their wisdom environment as it lift I love group calls a lot of my vocals record as if I'm a group, I do like multiple vocals and don't make I'm very tight cause. I to sound like I'm several women, I don't have one of those african american, gospel neil traditional voices. I don't seem like that. It might to me when I hear the. became women or the jamaican women. Unlike that's my voice, I'm like them, which is dead It is a different style of singing indifferent style of vocalize in You say we com, I know. you'll see, well were gone I mean Songs about
social issues and thus partially because of the music. I grew. Listening to our group. Listen to music bout change, whether it was marked gay, whether we need a simone, whether it was some. Happier and queen the that music, Was about change as what I learned? Music was growing up This is a is cries, is a song about the need. ass, to come together and create a future that we need. This is a protest. They were using our voice fighting for the things that matter. It's not like
hey, it's only us and not them, they can be everybody because it needs to be. It needs to be all of us. If you can understand what I'm saying that you can feel the urgency and the necessity of us being able to salvage what you got here and make it work. That's why I'm singing too. And now here's ushers of the new world by sonntag old in its entirety. the The The
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