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Sea Wolf - Kasper

2014-03-01 | 🔗

Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf breaks down Kasper, a song from the album Old World Romance. He talks about his songwriting process, collaborating with his bandmates, and the evolution that comes with learning the difference between making something that's good, and making something that's perfect. 

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What are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorites on starbucks by energy? Drink is available online at grocery stores, convenience stores and guy stations nationwide. This episode, Alex brown church of sea wolf breaks down, casper a song from the old world romance. He talks about a songwriting process, collaborating with his band mates and the evolution that comes with learning the difference between making something. That's good, It can something that's perfect, alex brown church,
The band see off today really listen to casper, which is from the latest sea, will fathom old world romance that came out in september of twenty twelve Additionally, I serve to set down acoustic guitar and come up with ideas until you know something click with me and then I would to stick with until it became a song, but this time- and I wanted to be a lot more productive. I just wanted to have a lot more songs to choose from at the end, I would just record: is the ideas I could in a day on my iphone starting over a year ago, every few weeks. I go back and listened to those recordings and then, whatever you have jumped out, me! That's what I would. I would kind of like that aside to be a song that I would add that working on this
In this regard, I use my martin and I would send it through vendor twin, revamp and. you don't make it and then also have that the ample another woman like that, like the app, is well I'm kind of lemme too. I saw it like pull back on on the folk like. Can it influences for this album? That's part of the reason why I chose to go with that certain non traditional acoustic to tar sand and some of the sounds I the change up what I normally do, which is right with his guitar. I just felt like a kind of developed, a sort of thing that was sort of my default in terms. like rhythms and like a style of of song. So she will. I'm a jellyfish, and let me this overtime de extra machine which is damaging from eighties. He was, I have just Thing it's none of my bed chamber,
Drummer unlike and sit down and programme beats. I don't think as a drummer would thank you. No! I don't, I don't think is isp something that's real. That would be pliable at all the other sounds kind of not humanly possible, elder joey's like pretty amazing and getting it very close, the Drums are essentially just kind of double the drum machine it took me. a little while to get the vocal merely for the first time in the vocal melody that I came up with for some reason, This wasn't that impressed with their distant think. It was that cool. Eventually, I just thought. Like. Ok forget it undiscovered word.
some recorded and I'm just gonna forget about a move on and I ve gotten frustrated with it, and I felt like I don't wanna. I don't wanna like beating into the grounds. I felt like just capture what I have now so I did and like two weeks later, came back and listen to the song. A thing this guy's gonna clear because the hilton green is some knees, stood a latin and storm latin and still even happened when the air was warm and knock it here that in a thing called me, I could feel that in a thing reach me mt sounding almost like somebody else had written zone and the signal, The main thing is that this was the second song I wrote for the record and it was a the lesson to me, so I kind of took that with me just sort of letting things be just capturing first instinct.
and being a little less critical and a little less of a perfectionist about getting things to be. You have just so that's what kind of took away from mixed. Of doing the song, and I feel like it's. It's deadly been a good thing for me in that. I know that I don't have to get things perfect for them to be good. I feel like it. had a big effect on my creativity. I feel like more inspired than I've felt belong to. That's ok re playing that part. He did some additional production on the record and he's kind of a swiss army knife player. He can play but everything he threw down a of keyboard on this record and on the song actually came up with this opinion, guitar part, of course, TED Linsky, it base he's sort of the long time see what based player tat just came up. This partly kind of immediately in I was like I have done for
for whatever reason, I've always struggle, it's getting a good. They sound. I really like war. beetles. Ebay sounds, but that's I like what I usually time, do but end up, never sounding that good in the mix. It just sounds like mush. I think it's funny because of the name my songs and like the basic yucaipa to tailor the way the base sounds too the way everything else sounds to get it say like cut through the mix, but still sound, based and sound good zack brought it like an eighteen, fifty seven p base in action, relating to the seventy days and an old mpeg fifteen and speaker flipped out at least forty years old, or something as I get this business
really pretty good combination. We just play games, I get done leases. Piano part was something that she was I have just noodles round with when we were first trying to come up with ideas for keyboards for the song, I've. That's it. I'm just keep that she's like that's not even apart, but that's it comes in The first course. Yes, this song. This is basically just about stepped in your adulthood and your responsibilities, issues that you may have had in the past that you kind of just have to move on from and that condition being a little bit scary, but also a little bit empowering and exciting. I don't know if seeking a perfection is necessarily a younger man's pursuit has opposed
an old remains pursuit. Others think we get no ourselves a little better as we get older and you ll see like our own strengths and weaknesses, and I think it we sort of evolve as artists we get closer to certain, knowing where it is that we wanted do you know, I, like, I should say We get closer, knowing what we don't want to do. So for me, I know that I have a tendency to try and make things perfect in an atmosphere that other people, but for my own definition of what it would be I know that that's an issue of Mine- and I know that is something that has slowed me down in the past and I feel like. I don't want this. Slow down anymore yeah. Here's casper by sea wolf in its entirety
This is com.
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