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Sheryl Crow - Redemption Day (feat. Johnny Cash)

2019-06-12 | 🔗

Sheryl Crow is a singer-songwriter from Missouri. She’s released ten studio albums, sold over 50 million records, and has won nine Grammys.

In April 2019, Sheryl Crow released a new version of her song “Redemption Day,” which was first released on her self-titled album in 1996. This new version features vocals from Johnny Cash, who recorded a cover of the song that was released posthumously in 2010. And in this episode, Sheryl Crow breaks down how it all came together.


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it's episode. Sheryl Crow breaks down have it all came together. There is tearing straight to Heaven's gate to Heaven's gate The story starts in nineteen. Ninety five. Hi, I'm Sheryl Crow, so redemption day- was really inspired by having made a trip to Bosnia, and having performed for the troops over there and really just said I ain't been witness to what war can do to not only communities but the countryside and to the psyche of a country. Camp Linda was the host of a very special role, one of today's hottest musical artists to decamp to get the soldiers something special to write home about
I was really struck by not only what I'd seen, but also by what I was seeing on tv, which was mostly coverage of what was going on in Rwanda simultaneously and yet the questions that kept going through my mind or were Why are we in this area and not in Rwanda, trying to protect the people from the genocide that was happening. Why it would be used sing our human resources, as well as our financial resources. In one area of the world, and not in another, at times those decisions are not made on human rights, but out of greed out of wanting to continue a stronghold and a certain part of the world where we can have more control over oil and over decision is made that affect our economy and it felt careless personal and agreed. Yes to me, and it still does. But I didn't
down, write the lyric in didn't even have an idea for a song about that trip. Till I got home, and I sat down on my couch and was really wanting to write a song about this break up that I'd had before I went to Bosnia and instead, what when coming out was a song that was not at all about a break up. I opened my compete. bitter and started typing in what came out where seven stanzas top to bottom, basically just a complete thought and it was, really in the tradition of Bob Dylan Kind of Lyric. When I read about, Dylan Lyric there's a very distinct cadence and that oftentimes dictates what you're going to sing, and that was really the case in redemption day. What followed that was a mess Woody Anna, a guitar groove that just fell in
with the cadence of that lyric. Let the tradition of talking blues that oftentimes would apply what they used to train b, and that was sort the visual backdrop for the song. Just the lonesome cry of a train beat it was very inspired by the feeling of Lonesomeness end and of standing there. With these questions about why we make the decisions we do and how will it affect our children, our children's children and there into the day we all get on the same train and we all go to the same place, which is obviously death, but that
sad. It still is a song of hope, and I am It was a very quick song to record weave quickly went in in an afternoon, and it was done by the evening, and I put it out. one. Nineteen ninety six I've had throughout my a lot of songs, I've written that have been very politically oriented, but play the singles other ones that are more accessible to commercial radio, not necessarily the political songs of the songs that has social meaning. I've been very lucky
if such sold a lot of records that had the songs I cared about in the tracklisting. So I know a fair amount of people heard songs that meant the most to me, even though the singles were what got them, play at radio. One of the people who redemption day was Johnny Cash. I got a phone call from it meets head or who is married to Cathy Cash, Johnny's daughter and hits I've played Johnny her song redemption Day and he would really like to record it. But he's got some questions for you and you put them on the phone, and I was taken aback just by the whole scenario, let alone be now being on the phone with him: loving, Johnny, loving the old school country sound and they are always just really kind to me. I can speak for my review of not having known them as well as a lot of other people did that they were. Amazing kind of mentor types there
is very supportive to me and they seem to always kind of route for what I was doing, and that meant a lot to me. Cheryl met Johnny cash and June Carter Cash in the nineteen nineties. When June Carter passed away in two thousand and three Cheryl sing at her funeral, the phone call from Johnny Cash came Few months after that, this was shortly after June had passed, and I had seen Johnny at her funeral and I would not have expected He was going to go back into the studio and record, more especially being in that process. Still morning June staff, so we asked me a lot of questions about different lines in the song. I think mainly so that he could feel he was behind everything he was singing. one of the lines he asked me about was come leaders. Come you men, great, throw
The bonus save the play set in you know. My explanation, for that was that sometimes we are spoon FED just enough facts to make us feel we're informed, but we don't ever really get the full story then, A couple weeks later, Jimmy called and said: hey we're sending you the demo and call me when you get it. just really made it. His own from leaders come men of great lithosphere. You pontificate your many virtues laid to waste and we are listening so I called him and Johnny got on the phone and asked me how I liked it, and I mean it's just just an Ex ordinary experience.
say this is going to be the most important song on the record and to hear him say he wanted to build a body of work around a song had written, I mean obviously it was a profound moment for me, and it still continues to be profound to me, especially the older I get, and then as two way shortly thereafter. Is there a train heading straight to Heaven's gate? To Heaven's. Johnny Cash's version of the song was released posthumously, seven years later in twenty ten on the album American six ain't, no grave. couple years back. We were out on a country, tour earn opening up for a country act, and so we called on his son, John Carter and said? Can we integrate Johnny's vote, into the live version and noose, some footage for the video,
So we did and that's when we started to really witness the weight that he brings to a song that he really gets behind and just how powerful it was to hear him singing about freedom to these big country audiences. The just having been well to bear witness to the impact that that had that really. inspired this version. When I started making the record this now I'm feeling still kept hanging around that we need put the song out. It needs to be heard in that incarnation, but it didn't feel
exactly right, mainly because it felt like it was just snatching, something in the past and trying to make it work for now, if I had tried to integrate Johnny's version with my old version, which were very similar. Sure it would have had the way that it needed today. You know today is something different in our country's evolution. Our unique experiment in democracy all the things that we base that on are starting to be attacked. The truth is being so challenged and the importance of the Office of Presidency is being, at this moment and the fact that we doing anything about what's happening in the environment, all the Are we know what the outcome of our doing? Nothing will be, and it's not to say: well, it's not going to affect me I'm a mom now of two small children and and even though I may not be here to see the
ex of our not doing anything. They will some day ass. The hard questions. That's really this! we of this song. Why did you make the decisions you made and that feels so much more urgent and dire than revisiting the lonesomeness of a train beat I had a yamaha, seven foot grand in my studio, now the piano and just started playing and that's what we wound up with and Actually, my mom was a piano teacher, but I did not take from her. I did from the time I was seven all the way through college and I got my degree in classical piano. The piano, I think, brings it a certain amount of starkness and urgency
It needs for right now. We had as a string arrangements done by this wonderful string. Ranger named David That's, italian, violinist and composer Davide Rossi. The it was pretty simple and moved for the most part with the chords, and I had them add like a few lines here and there the and then the more I played it for people if feeling like. Oh this deserves something bigger, so we wound up
having another wonderful string, arranger do kind of an elaborate string arrangement for it. We recorded it. Apple in London and just really beautiful an extraordinary arrangement. However, as found that it didn't feel urgent me or didn't have that starkness. It almost became weighted down, and I didn't want the listener to feel like They were listening to a tv commercial and I realized that what He makes the song just kill you who is the simplicity of it. So we wound up back to defeats the strings are really just a little bit of a bed back there to create sort, a sonic environment that you're not totally aware of, but that is moving. You
and then we got Johnny's vocal in there and that was it I got in touch with Johnny Cash, his estate and they centre the vocal track from his cover version. The vocals he recorded in two thousand and three Fire rages in the streams and swallows every thing. It me it's just an image, often seen blue television, it's really hard to explain, but having somebody's voice in your head. Who is no longer on this plane? I was very emotional, and also very I dunno that there's a word for it, just extremely eerie. You know like having him in the booth with me Was there no oil to excavate? Riches, Richardson Trade, for the fate of every person.
who died in hate through us. A bone you men of greed, because of the timber of his voice, but also how present he was when he sang at her present on the MIKE he was. He could hear all of his mouth noise is even and to have in my head and to be singing with it just felt like he was standing next to me. There train that's heading straight to Heaven's gate heavens, singing was John. On the vocal. I basically just listen to his phrasing and I Additives settle harmony and let him take the melody, obviously didn't have an option with that but I would have wanted him to sing the melody anyway. the way child man. and woman
watch what again. The course is very hopeful. But it also is an indictment of all the things You do in your life, it's the things. You say it's the way you treat your neighbor, it's The decisions you make it's what your children, witness that at to all the moments that you carry with you on that train that define the importance of your life. Your legacy we're sort of standing at the precipices? fully inciting real change and committing to who it is that I believe ourselves to be there is returning in that and not is over yet and now here's redemption day by Sheryl Crow featuring John
Cash in its entirety, the last Saturday but why we've those who are the rooms at grave and clashed in room keep on killing the Jan so to feel such things. Way to watch without being sadness
it's stray Heaven's gate you do a child and a yeah, For ready, election in the streets and swallows everything is the
it's. Just an image often see on tell us from leaders germ man of very liver, sir, you fund is a key year. Many virtues lay two ways and we are listening. it's heading straight. to Heaven's gate, to Heaven's gate. And on the way child- and and warmer grudgingly
I should like day say three person to them again:
I It's buried in the countryside, It's shooting and shells were The.
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