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Sleigh Bells - I Can Only Stare

2017-03-14 | 🔗

Sleigh Bells formed in 2008. They released their fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, in 2016. In this episode, Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller break down their song "I Can Only Stare." I interviewed the two of them in front of a live audience at the Kaufman Music Center in New York, as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival.


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starbucks by energy. Drink is available online at grocery stores, convenience stores and guy stations nationwide, sleigh bells forms in two thousand and eight and in two thousand sixteen they release their fourth out just a rabbit. In this episode, alexis cross and dark miller break down their song. I can only stare, I interviewed the two of them in front of alive audience at the kaufmann, music centre in new york as part of the extent of music, faster. I'm dared miller on from sleigh bells, and I do other music lyrics alexis kraus other half of sleigh bows singer, melody harmonies songwriter, with Eric
early demo. If this song sounds a lot more like shoe Gacy, I was at home my apartment in brooklyn, just of layering guitar parts that immediately reminded me of a could Johnny marr type prevention That longing that eight, you know that a lot of smith's records have a lot of the record from that period that I really like so. This kind of trying to rip him off yeah right and very private spheres, soon: Derek works at home and then he'll sunday material in our work at home. That's actually my report of the process is getting her the instrumental and soon when I get back for us. I love that challenge of trying to say
of a malady Second, I heard you sing the chorus that I can only stare when you hit the a what you hit that vowel does it it's like at the top of her range and what that lyric and with the melody and the delivery immediately was one of my favorite things that we had ever done. We worked on it. drive for a long time. The first few demo, machines didn't have verses, really wasn't even until later on that somebody brought to our attention like eyes. This needs versus the songs and thus all the way to carve out of writing a proper, incomplete and satisfying arrangement is worthless, just be like a minute and a half thing. This
like an interlude, Derek adsum really quality lyrics that we just used. I mean the songs but isolation and loneliness. Now it's kind of about like the egg, but the good ache that you have From you know, admiring somebody or something from afar, whether its four five minutes on the subway he now I mean how many of us have fallen in love on the subway, and you see somebody in your like I could. That person happy. There would make me happy everything would be great and you get to live in that little fantasy for fino. For a couple of in its bite I would never ever sing this song like, even though I wrote the lyrics, but coming from somebody like alexis now for some years it's interesting to me reveals a lot of himself to me through his lyrics kind of like conversation with him that, we never had. But I get to see it because I don't think my I myself as a lyricist, and I certainly can ever right, lyrics or slave. Our derek is able to
give a lot more lyrically, because he doesn't have to stand on stage and sing those lyrics and feel that vulnerable and I think I'm to perform them much differently because they're not coming from my own mind. If I don't feel self conscious and some people think that disingenuous of me, but for me one whose always worked session singer and has been comfortable singing other people's music. It allows me to occupy a space that I don't think I could occupy if it was my own that is one of my favorite part of the process- kind of stepping back in and reading them and then trying to sort of mine, my favorite parts there is this, ouch in the old studio that we recorded in and I'd always year over there with her phone held to her mouth like coming. It Looking really it's like a total freak and that was always a good sign, because I knew that she had something. So this was me sitting whispering into my iphone,
oh, who who so the verses from mere like almost intentionally juvenile, like their sort of a romantic quality. To the way that you know, young kids, few crushes you know it's either the beginning of the rest of their lives or at the end of the world. For them I wanted to cry eat something that sounded like your heart was really sinking and that you were dead, britain sad you fool who diverse verse drums pretty orphan,
they serve the purpose? The clean, simple, I think, there's too much river bottom, but on and on the arm. This is actually a song that derek likes. You should hear what he says about songs that he doesn't like chorus Children so a lot of room in the speakers and in the frequency, but you know that it's swallows up a lot of frequencies, just kind of like caveman shit like that the course needs to be louder. A bigger louder, kicked romani. It's like not Clever at all the, since I wanted to get right bright, psyche, I'm behind the ex Evan style, which was a sin. really popular limited eighties, definitely heard it almost like lying since patches that I really like ours
digging around and I found the patch- and I was like. Oh my god, it's sound like amy grant baby baby. When I was ten years old, this is like my favorite song, and I still reference these since patches than my head. This is not a product is not oppose. Undead series are really love that track, but I am a big fan of distortion ethic. Anybody that listens to abandons is aware of that. Both of our ears were sort of craving that's what we and gravity and menacing quality that those sense have definitely sort of offset. What I felt like was something that was sweeter. The sore like a sweet, innocent quality to have you broken as a kid, but like very real isolation is its dreadful. It's a prison
and that since, as know, it's extremely oppressive, so you hear that any sort of brace yourself that you're about to hear something heavy. This was a one of the first songs were recaptured. Much different, vocal qual, Delivery, you heard me sing in a different way. Engine, registered an emotive, more pushing my voice more. The first Could we made a point of not a moment? There was a lot of just make it dead Can you do it more lifeless when we would track those size. I would stand still as possible,
You know there's like not move a muscle, whereas I can only stairs the opposite of that. It's a full physical all delivery in performance start to breathe. sue It's hard for me to sing is, as far stamina goes. For sure I mean that it is a fatiguing vocal because it is existing and a certain part of my voice, which requires me to push a lot of air of pardon my range where that I'm switching register, so it definitely has that sort of natural cry to it. This is the first song in eight years of running, songs together, I changed the key of the song to accommodate her range. Just cause
it comes down to how that a sound and stare writing Song like this is very hard for us. We can have. left it a bit half baked because we didn't feel confident enough to fully executed. For me, it was just really a lesson in paying attention to detail really listening to every little moment, every little harmony, every every cake, every cent, every layer that the time I feel like this was us maxing out our potential creatively, not something that happens every day. as long as statue like we're sorry, our way up, quality rise is on this. I believe that the pre pretty happy now. Here's I can only stare by sleigh bells in its entirety
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