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Stars - No One Is Lost

2014-11-26 | 🔗

Stars is a band from Toronto, who have been making music together since 2000. Their seventh album was released in October 2014. For this episode, I spoke to several members of the band: singer Amy Millan over the phone, and to Evan and Patty in their studio in Toronto along with their co-producer Liam O’Neil. In this episode, they talk about the inspiration for the phrase No One Is Lost, which is the title of this song as well as the album. And you’ll hear the original version of the chorus: one that they wrote, recorded, mixed, and finished but then, ended up changing completely.

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my name is Evan grandly I'm in stars. I play base and since I am patting I play drums and this is the only real I engineered and produced this with these guys, even though this track is the last on the record. It was the first one we started the first music that was written was really that long, sweeping filtered intro that you hear off the top. So we put all of these. friends sense into this filter and had it kind of side chained from the base from so that it would kind of pomp with
in the hmm, that. We added evans base guitar, I write music with my bass guitar. So a lot of my misguided ideas actually come initially from the bass, guitar you still get the psyche: human fingerprinting, the strings as the strings as a human and sat synthetic kind of quality all at once. The filter slowly, opening up its incredibly anticipatory. Really kind of amazing, anxious feeling you get that feeling of The party happening in the next room and you're slowly walking down the hallway and opening the door and all of a sudden you there. The
we had a sketch and total campbell. One of the two singers heard the verse and ass. He was peering, the verse literally just sits there and rights and is no book. He comes up lyrics on the spot, usually about ninety nine percent of the music, the lyrics that he comes up with her done on the spot, and What he writes is what you get nine another. We can another message jacko looking for a friend, you got a pulse you got a problem. We know the real you, so why are you pretend torpor right, verses unable to say that there is a correct there and I don't know what to do for the park. You write the choir this animal lamb and I sing and play a little guitar star. The chorus is actually really did,
When will we originally wrote it s a little bit more kind of song writer ie, and then we let a friend of ours, Same shop from metric mix, another version- and he listened to it probably thirty times before he called me, and he said what time hunting in the outflow of your song is actually your chorus. Amy was real getting that melodic hook. no, it is loss and he was like that's the bit that you need to hear on. The choruses lose a little bit of like and nothing to lose scenario where
like aright, while Jimmy has an idea of something that could potentially make the courses more exciting. Why not let him do it and see what it sounds like, and it was just about choosing what we wanted, the sum to be unwise. It seems like one big hock unless, of course, is the bang, but the drums that thereon there on the courses are the drums that patty original played to different music admit. Originally, I found it somewhat dramatizing when I heard them Jimmy max. I was so used to hearing the original version that it took me a long time to. Finally here it for what it was but I wasn't there in the stew
for when these changes were made. So everyone who was there was billy enthusiastic about it and really felt great about it, and I thought they were insane a little bit like. Don't you hear that that sounds wrong, to throw that aside and accept and trust them like isaac. I'm just gonna have to walk away from this one and believe in it, and that I hope that my mind will switch the synopsis of start firing on the same wavelength. At some point, since we started learning it for our lives, show. That was, I think, first time. Actually, I could actually hear what it was supposed to be. For me, it was he's getting back into it in physics, the engaging with it. That allowed me to hear what was going on. We have found you got diagnostic cancer and really young and we had to kind of go forward.
In blind hope that he was gonna get better and he was gonna come through it in the end, ok and torque, no one at on t shirt. You like the right things, aren t shirts- that was the desperation of of that farm the feeling that we had to have carried out on that but no one would lock than that we work and obey him. and now here is no one is lost by stars or not demanded fact because he can't sneaky. I bet it adventure scuse me, listen. the! What hmm the-
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