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Sylvan Esso - Coffee

2015-07-08 | 🔗

Sylvan Esso has two members, Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn, who met while they were both working on other projects. Amelia asked Nick to do a remix of a song by the band she was in at the time, and when that remix was done, they both loved how it turned out. They emailed song ideas back and forth for a while, until they found a time to be in the same place. It was at that point that they first started working on the song, "Coffee." In this episode, Nick and Amelia talk about the origins of the sounds and lyrics within the song, from a Little Tikes xylophone to "Hanky Panky" by Tommy James and the Shondells.

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apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode contains explicit language, the band sylvan also has two members have Amelia me, I'm next sanborn and Amelia and neck met, while they were both working on other projects. Amelia ask neck to do a ring for the band she was in at the time and when that remain It was done. They both loved how it turned out. So an orchestrated, a meeting and begin and talking about the potential for us to make new tunes together. They emailed song ideas back and forth for a while until they found time to be in the same place. She came down to north carolina, which is where I had just moved. While she was on our break from tour, and it was at that point that they first started working on the song, coffee to dance after it exhausted
if we had already written over email, the first of all like working in writing. That was one of the first beat I played for weird scrolling through beats, and I was like that one yeah. It was an old beat of mine yeah, and I got attached to it because of the beautiful. The bell noises in it the company little takes. They make like toys for kids, they xylophone toy that you didn't hit with a stick. It was like a piano keys, so that's me playing that I love sort of stuff like that, where you can really here the functioning of the instrument, the sound the key makes is like ninety per cent of why I love it. You hear that lacking of your feet Ears moving over these crappy plastic keys, I love a little thing, but I remember when I initially heard the beat it sounded like some: and playing a little tax keyword underwater like there's something ghostly and sad about it and quiet. We put
and my phone and I went out under the porch, and I think I wrote me most right there right, then about falling in love. For the second time I found When I was eighteen and then I fell in love can time when I was about twenty three twenty four I was born. Cause. I was recognising all of these really huge beautiful, so keeping love feelings that I'd had The four with my first love with the second, as I was, Oh man really like I already know all the secrets I mean last time. I really that one up am I going to do it again and you feel all these things, but at the same time you like, I know all these feelings, recognising that love itself as a regrettable motion with two different people So I started writing about it in terms of choreographed dance. Moves too. It's a dance, renault know the bow.
through I like song, writing cause. You can talk about things very directly and then pretend that they're metaphor later so the first sound you hear is that what kind of sound which is and I remember never to sing my sent parts. I never play with this particular since before and sheets. This plugins says it's not it's not physical thing, and so it is not a physical thing and I didn't have any other. Dear me said my laptop wish me. I actually play that on the likely that letter keyboard like the typing keyboard, which is why it sounds so disjointed his I'm trying to play yo triplets on something that is not made her musical interpretation so we have like the main bulk of the song, really quick, and then we couldn't figure out what to do with it. I wanted to like add different nineteen. Fifty dance move references
king singing coffee and then I realized that my baby does You beg you worked perfectly from it. I'm a jobs in the shadow song, my baby lads that hang a rebel the idea of it because one it's a dance, move the hanky panky, but it was also at the time when the sun came out in the fifties. It was a way of talking about having sex without actually saying that you have sex. It was just a way of saying that we have this cool dance, move that we do, but all kind of sounds to me like the partner it'd, be cheating on like hanky panky sort of sounds little bit like their seeing someone else like another question of doubt so there's all of those others interpretations wrapped up into it. Yet I the way you choose the melody there completely. Changed. The way I hear that lire and makes it a sad one. hey
it. Thank you. before we it added that section? The song didn't feel like it took you anywhere and be there to see the next one, but I think when I was thinking about how I could bring as hopefully as much of the table as as amelia abroad, on it as trying to figure out how I could emphasize the resolution that happens in your real life. This can be a sad realization, but ultimately it's a really beautiful thing. So then that idea kind of got planted have well. I wonder if I could modulate this in such a way that it ends up major
and like in a major key, I mean gita, the gita, the shame it's one of the things I'm most proud of in terms of our collaboration in the song being able to reinterpret such a bummer opening into a beautiful resolution. At the end you to the gita, the gita cinnamon same feat chain and now here's the full version of coffee-
sylvan Esso hm the stance. The state is the new. My words will dry up on the skin, just like a name other than the last place called state. Do you love the off the off the chain
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