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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man

2016-04-05 | 🔗

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down released the album A Man Alive in March 2016. In this episode, Thao Nguyen breaks down the song "Astonished Man." Thao talks about working with Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards, who produced the album, and she speaks candidly about her relationship with her estranged father, the subject of the song.

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I feel like you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one, what's in Your wallet terms and conditions apply find out more. Capital one dot com, slash auto navigator. This episode, contains explicit language, my name is tat when the ban town they get down stay down. I was reading Marilyn Robinson's novel? Juliet, and there is this character, who is black sheep or an outcast of his family and his returned after several years of being completely, out of touch in his out to leave again and basically break his father's heart and there's. This passage. Where he's asking forgiveness from a family friend, then he stopped and looked at me and said you know: I'm doing the worst possible thing again. Leaving now glory will never forgive me. This care
and the way that he's developed and rendered me so deeply in iran I need me so much of my dad in this one passage in particular, sort of bombing closer to understanding my dad and gave me a kind of compassion and a curiosity about him that I hadn't entertained before wondering what kind of person he had been all these years than I did it, know him and I just started weeping yeah. I immediately started reading astonished man down the get down stay down, released the album a man alive in march, two thousand and sixteen coming up in this episode. Tao talks about working with merrill garbus of tune yards and why their friendship was so important to the production of the song, but first here's how talking a little bit more about the subject of the song astonishment, her father
He was very charismatic and he was around when I was a kid, but not necessarily a response simple tenure he actually was very reckless a source of great turmoil and turbulence for us, but I adore him and men. Then he left. When I was a kid eleven, over something and then he just kind of just kind of phased out I named the record a man alive because he is alive and well and well, tim and that I am and that worse you know that we could both physically be capable of being in touch boat, but we don't and is very, very peculiar to me. I went up north. I live in san francisco and I I went up north outside of the city and I a friend of mine. Let me borrow his cabin that just trapped myself with a couple instruments and a notebook and I demo as soon as I'm done with the lyrics
then used gazed, satisfied and then start to see, forgive I sent it to Adam, are basest and merrill merrill airbus pretty this record and she is tune yards. and is a really great friend of mine.
I had an idea that this record would be very personal and a couldn't have done it without a very good friend at the helm, and she knows you know she knows me very well and knows my history of my dad and, and so that part was imperative and sonically maryland bodies, this kind of fearlessness in this raw energy and that kind of fearlessness I wanted to tap into in production meanings, I would say a mirror. The drum sounds that she had on her records. I loved, and I want to sound fucked up. I over employed the term fucked up, because there are very in a way it felt like it was. The most accurate thing to say is the that communicated at the most effectively
super blown out. I want it to you. Can you eat you up? I wanted the drums to be the first thing that was felt and the the wind hook. You in Jesus quotas are grammar, one dimension that it acquired that I wasn't envisioning was a very simple actual sent base part. You know it's like a pig aware of the song and its also high in the mix, and it's one of the hooks of the song uh, huh yeah, The hm hm
I remember just loving all the german bay sounds that those guys we're wrangling I remember, sort of like doing that kind of weird dancing thing we're just grouping with their, but you can adjust sync your body so low, because, like that kind of this, all guttural provocation, Thanks to this sad will both be satisfied with our had been living thing, how the gates to decide. You know that's how that's jumped up. That was merrill's idea. She after we recorded it. She said just to indulge me for a second them and I loved it and it felt exciting, but it didn't feel dishonest. The way that's chopped up, I think, is really appreciate because it's you know what I'm lamenting as these decades of behaviour, this very cyclical circular behaviour that I'm disgusted with. I have disdain for theirs sadness in those lyrics that are in the first.
As you know there, you don't look for me, but I will look for you. You know. for me, but I will look for you without a wish to see but knew you don't look Me how I looked for you with that. I wish to see nobody knew where the sun. The first list, I wrote it said the beginning and end of the song is. I must find and capture in astonishment capture and astonished man hold him till. He knows he is forgive him. Which is in part inspired by Marilyn. Robertson's. Writing is one who we'd, be astonished with the amount of forgiveness that could be afforded him a kind of astonishment that that an end people would so common. King for him in and one you know-
and you know and he's convince settings undeserving of such I said we all love you, you know, and he laughed and said, you're all saints. He stopped in the door and lifted his hat and then he was gone. God bless him No matter how his family, loves him or tries to then can never keep him for whatever his eye. is about himself sapphire his ideas of what he deserves our when he's worth I don't know if that's my dad's deal, but. It certainly offered this different perspective in this humanity that am, I guess I had denied him, there's melt colleagues, this song and there's some sadness and grief, but there's an optimism in
this kind of new found forgiveness or- and this idea at least in the song, but I I wanted to exist differently and I wanted to be better and I wanted to be embodied in the course to have them be rousing I still see. The greatest service of this record was too, grieve to acknowledge the kind of pain I've felt I guess I guess my whole life and to just admitted into play to go in there and talk about it and write about it and sing about it and have it on record making this record worst me to do that and am so grateful to it.
The. Now. Here's astonishment by Thao and they get down stay down in its entirety, gazed sad.
This is for you to see you before you wish to see better for me or you would wish to see
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