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The 1975 - The Birthday Party

2020-08-12 | 🔗

The 1975 are a band from Manchester, England, made up of Matty Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel. They started playing music together in 2002, when they were teenagers. Since then, they’ve released four albums, won three Brit awards, and gotten two Grammy nominations. Their most recent album, Notes on a Conditional Form, came out in May 2020. In this episode, Matty and George break down how they made the song “The Birthday Party.”


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Matty and George Breakdown, how they made the song. The birthday party, name's Matthew, Healy, mine George Daniel I guess, I'm prime I producer, and he is the primary songwriter we've been. Together, since we were children, so we just For each other Song started in allay I spent a lot of my twenties in L normally either I'll start. Something on my laptop or Matthew, come to me with an idea and want to record it, but this actually for the birthday by a we were all playing in a room together that was
first time in years that we'd sat down to like work out the range of songs. You don't do that when we are writing songs. Normally there was a productive, something about you wanted to. Try The very first thing I had was him playing the guitar and sing on the server. I like simplicity of form and sexual ideas bill on top of that, was it acoustic tab. I had the idea that I wanted to play, see, shape and have the baseline just move around that and then I call the guys in the room to see what it felt like. I'm pray, You're have recording on my phone of us kind of figuring out joint jobs,
The Ross was kind of just playing that repetitive baseline, and I played the drums. I remember it needed to be really light, like we were using brushes. We just realized that the harder he played that be it just more and more void of emotion. I kind of became don't be a fool the way the way in approach. Most of the sounds like to keep them kind of soft. I want this record to be quite simple of quite pure and its expression, I knew that the sun was just going to be this. Thing leaping round again and again and again,
It didn't feel like a big statement. You know like a big reaching statement and it felt like quite humble and and it's kind of sad pace at the way that I wanted to talk, and then I wrote to that The first thing that you come up with is normally the best the stuff that I want to leave out is probably the stuff that I should put in Something comes out and then edit to preserve my own. ego. I try not to do that. I was going through a tough time Stephanie re evaluating myself and my behaviors and stuff like that, and I kind of lost a few things. I realize like the first time becoming out rehab around about that time, and my relations it was kind of slowly coming to an end. Everything felt like it was drawing to an end in a kind of natural way, and I think that, like.
You put it into a song and stuff and it becomes romantic and exciting, but all those things just boring inside and we had eat. You know what I mean you know. I try and out of the boring sad parts, my life, because it's better than them being boring, says love I think a place, guile it would seem This goes some way be seen. that seems This song was kind of me, a pie like we pay is very conversational, almost light about a series of conversations that I was telling you that I was literally having
I seen Greg and he was like seeing your friends at the party thing. Kinda fucked up as far as ease and style that day it's like a play about my experiences. a fictionalized version of reality, it's kind of about being my age, which is an old and a teenager and reflecting on like the nuances of why it's like being there, each where some people still emotionally immature. Some people are moving way further into adult heard than you are I don't know I'm just I'm a bit socially not socially awkward, just not helpful, four intimacy with strangers. insane going well I stuck in her.
Cincinnati my favorite part in the song is actually the girls or the girls can get that lie, I was going to get girls to sing it. So we made a demo version of it to send to them, which is It is me and we kind of like fire the the vocals. Basically, make your voice sound, like a girl without kind of changing the pit. And then it was funny and then it was kind of just the best thing. I've seen the girls and they were like okay. This is a guy myself from MRS Campion. The. It wasn't until I think the end
I a trip where it kind of stuff. Coming to life and becoming away more kind of strange and psychedelic thing. Like the way that we use the piano arpeggio, from the op one teenage engineering sin, and is this ample of a piano we just recorded like three octaves, so you just go boom and then that's all in one sample and then basically, when you play chords, it plays places. its lumpy, our petty it's free time, because the way the sampler works is the higher the pitch the speed of the sampling different. So you get completely changing ever evolving, Apache is imperfect,
and that became like just one of my favorite things. I've made, we wanted to have all these layers but also keep quiet, love intimacy, it's full a like country and western kind of like sounds ready for love like slide guitar. hmm, my country music, because I, like its author tis, a and its aspiration, and it's quite beautiful. This song like like a country record going to torture. Just has like a kind of her a trying to yeah. That was my playing the banjo the banjo doesn't really sound, like any other instruments really like cuts through, and his party,
and then, if you kind of juxtaposed, the banjo would like seen this alive. Weirder stuff is very dismayed. It trippy faster since go to Omnisphere. It was like two sounds: blended When are they some calendars and I can mediate bucks Even though we added loud tonight production, it became this really weird trippy think we're tunnel make the song feel like you're in a room with us playing a song. People talking kind of is a cool way to place. space. It was actually really difficult to finish the song, because there is this whole.
Idea that we weren't serving the song without it going somewhere different vocally at the end and it needed to have like this asp. They shall chorus. We try to the things that it was just not what the song was. It didn't have a course in it wasn't moving towards the chorus like that's not Oh sometimes, you know a chorus It's just a repeated section in the sun. Just wasn't about repeating itself. Narratively leaves about kind of never ending stream of consciousness. you know, sometimes that your instinct is your aunt. trying to kind of massage into something more palatable. Just you know people smell a rat in. If you try to give them something that you think that they one so instead of that The ending is dislike and of big instrumental finale the I The best friend and I'm player John Worth
and he did the brass arrangements for the other brass players. The main thing, like I said, was to recruit things played softly, but I didn't they apply to the sacks, because you wanted that to be kind of strange. play aggressive. I my friend stay clean. Bad as it seems, I
always finished with that line about the friends depend on my friends to stay clean assistance, sideline, isn't it I said like that's not where it's going to end. You know that was always like the placeholder end and then we just realized after world that it was the end. on my friend stay sad as it seems the sad scene, but it's like the ending to the graduate. You know I mean it's like there is no ending I've, doesn't work like that and now
there's the birthday party by the nineteen. Seventy five in its entirety,
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