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The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

2014-01-01 | 🔗

Our first guest on Song Exploder is Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel, aka one half of The Postal Service (the other half being Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie). Jimmy breaks down the song The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, and talks about his instruments, his influences, and accidentally making a loop out of Jenny Lewis's backing vocals.

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starbucks by energy drink, is available online, a grocery stores, convenience stores and guy. stations nationwide, The postal service was formed by Jimmy tamborello and vancouver in two thousand and two. They lived in different cities and would mail recordings back and forth between seattle and los angeles. They only made one record give up, but it's sold over a million copies is considered a landmark out of the way, combine indie rock electronic elements in this episode. Jimmy tamborello breaks down the postal service song, the district sleeps alone tonight My name's jimmy timber ella from the postal service for service was open that I did back in two thousand to two thousand three offend ben gibbered, who is also the singer for a death camp. Vacuity
and this was kind of like other electronic side project, we did together. Other music that I was making in the early two thousands, as using bessie one sampler slashed the size of the K, two thousand from criswell. Almost everything on the postal service album came out of that that machine. It comes with a lot of preset base pad and male sounds and assertive since as sounds that you can edit any sound. I use a credit change it from the pre said just so. More regional services the sensitive zones that are used on districts sleeps tonight,
to make peace. For the time, I think it was a mac quadra or something maybe the old mac it still wasn't really powerful enough to record audio into it. So much, they use it as a car sequencer would control. There came two thousand with maybe so I would sequence some kind of programme the drum patterns in the computer. Since this is one of the first songs that we worked on. I still had this idea that this was going to be more experimental, then ended up. Being I think, in this song, the drum programming definitely is indebted to bjork homogenic.
You know, I guess it was a couple years before that I must have still been stuck on that style of programming, So I think we are making. The scientists can imagine is sign for burke, germany will more music was another big influence on the son I think goes
copy, lali, puna and especially the second half of the song when the pinafore on the floor beat kicks in those like the first half as long as you're going to second have his lali puna. So if I sold just the drum, this is what it sounds like. In addition to me, and then we also had Jen word ingenuous, do some some additional workers on the record, so I, had been the smell track for the sun and he came up with a demo, aided the main vocal and, as was a bunch of harmony
can a background vocals, but without his own voice. Once we are further into the recording process. We decided there should be some other voices besides just up in. Maybe it was nice to not have it be a one man ban type a sound? Maybe it would be too lonelier something of his resolve. Bends vocals. I think it really helped that there is some other people in their. So here some of jenny's, back and workers solid out. First hear her yeah, keep me to wonder where did them then came down to, can oversee and help with their according which is because it is also time where we can get to know each other, because we really none of us. It hung up,
much in some signs I felt like. Maybe there need to be a little bit more variety in the sound, so add parts, and now in the sun. It might have been It is an accident with a delay pedal but loops elevate. Chinese workers made into texture and the sun as one of the lessons that we put into into district can play their part myself he's making. It comes in after the second reason. It's kind of going into this urgency,
after we put out one record on stubhub and that came out in two thousand and three and now we're at the ten year anniversary and we're going to do it like a deluxe reissue and going on tour. This summer Here's the district sleeps alone tonight by the postal service in its entirety
users! Ass! Much ass! We see.
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