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Thundercat - Them Changes

2015-07-30 | 🔗

Thundercat is the alter-ego of bassist and singer-songwriter Stephen Bruner. He’s played bass for both Suicidal Tendencies and Erykah Badu and went on to help shape Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly.' In this episode, Thundercat will break down the song "Them Changes" off his new mini-album. Thundercat co-produced the track with long-time collaborator Flying Lotus, with Kamasi Washington on saxophone.

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I am a stephen Thundercat Bruner. The plan based around the age of four or five or so Every time I go back and look at different pictures and stuff like that always had like a guitar like toy talk, he started writing in my early teens, a lot of the time music starts with the drums for me This song, I remember it started with the drum sample from the isley brothers. You know: footsteps in the dark is one the most amazing song period. You know the way my generation we grew up with today was a good day, so it's like, of course. I would hear that more often, you know, plus nobody got killed. South central london today was ice. Cubes is so juxtaposed to theirs. I know it's a class
It's a thing you know- and I was just like he was always like that weird feeling of like, oh god. Here we go sampling. You know so yeah people have used before. But you know, as I am not going to not explore the options of what it has to offer me. You know, because you can feel that drum when those drums start, it's like they're, real, heavy, I just started the drums and fell right. Dashes me courting on the base. I play a six string bass to write with a lot. I have because there's no way we would play a lot of the part on a four or five shrink. The cordial really think like plant thirteen's or, like my base with my hands, really spread out. It was a custom instrument, people neck and enable body does act is really bright tone. That's the sound!
People usually refer to record with me. in item lotus, I ain't a master plan, another basic those. Maybe you should get the other base. Starting with the court and the informal, dude, just the baseline. That goes with it. My mouth bow bow bow bow bow bible is the same base is going through a mogul. Folder envelope filter those farmers are like pretty intense prepared You know it's like the man things, you can do with them. As I guess it's like you're playing a synth. So many knobs, you know you got learn how to use them. things are really valuable for reason. They, like the Bmw petals. These mobile phones have,
inspired different things in my playing, but the people have lots of nicknames for flying lotus, but I mean me personally, I call them lotus and me, and him have worked together throughout the years, has always been like a pushing each other's limits. He told me I need to say more, so, you got to be kidding me. I sound like I'm farting on at mike and he's like not, and you got to say Nobody move, there's blood on the floor and can find the first four legs they came about was the first verse annihilate masking like some weird spiritual truth with it is like it's like. No, I just broke my girlfriend and I drink a lot when I'm sitting here. Knowing this ain't, real what are you break up?
as has effects on you. we can do I hope it was like totally doesn't help it at all. drive. You know the put whole business out. There is nice final wanna tell anybody, that's your business, but that's what exit mine. You if you, expected to be worth anything the you. Even if you have to be telling the truth, it has to be the, let us take sportiveness half way through it. I would say you know: there's a lot of work has been done with base evolve, at some point he's. Gonna touch the music He'll see different sprinkles are different since sam. any kind of beans and stretches the whole thing in two different capacities:
breathe through this. Maybe you shouldn't bring this straight in like this. Maybe you should shut up and let the beats play for a second and add small nuances, You know it was definitely lotuses idea too. The mercy on it Sam This kamasi washington hide washington. I was gonna play the part that, with canada, china point to watch, didn't she, you didn't hold you, but doing
he has his own sensibility that you allow me to get to. What can I say you should do this? Just like I've been playing would come out literally like there's a picture of kamasi hold me when I was a baby, so it's like Knowing that what he's gonna play is gonna, be the right thing. I trust what take a solo I think of it That is exactly what it is. I guess that's exactly what it meant: the. I see it as it was fading out I'll, give it a failure. I love you, That's amazing, as exactly it's supposed to be, the keys are recorded in my apartment with,
the person that I tour a lot with named in his ham. Dennis is amazing, as I like kind of ragtime eddie you're playing around me singing you're, not just carping like as a j song, and you like you know, so they even rhythmically yet to find a place. That's not where my voices it didn't. take too long to like Dennis like process system really fast in this Troy didn't anyway, that he wanted to do like ten takes now like I get killed, First time as there is no point easily The boy, let me try another, not I know that's one a dentist- is unnecessary.
It must have been a good somebody help by nobody. Nobody move now. Here's damn changes by thunder cat in its entirety.
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