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TOKiMONSTA - Bibimbap

2017-10-18 | 🔗

Los Angeles producer and beatmaker Jennifer Lee released her first album as TOKiMONSTA in 2010. She has released music on Flying Lotus's label Brainfeeder, and has collaborated with Kool Keith and Anderson .Paak, among others. Her newest album, Lune Rouge, was released in October 2017. In this episode, TOKiMONSTA breaks down her song "Bibimbap," which is named after a Korean dish.


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feeling the next generation of five g and a I enabled smartphone experiences with every new generation. Smartphones can do more new and innovative things that the previous generation couldn't at the heart of innovation is micron mobile memory and storage micron. It's where data lives los angeles producer and beat maker jennifer Lee released her first apple. Has turkey monster in two thousand ten on flying? mrs label brain feeder. She's collaborated with cool Keith and anderson pack, among others. Her newest, album, loom rouge was released in october, two thousand seventeen, and then this episode took him. MR breaks down her song did him up, and generally, and I also go by turkey monster. My parents an increase. I was born in the states, but they had been in the u s for quite a while before I was born, I wanted to cry
It assumes that falls from my routes and my cultural heritage. I was going through Listening to a lot of traditional music, there is a style of music capacity. which is like some really old school cream folk music. He too is hard. And it involves a lot of women doing this crazy workers it'd drumming. That was also very performance based, and it tends to be quite sad, sometimes as walls woody two days. He'll. I was going through in listening to all those priorities, stuff
basically heard this woman wailing and singing over these drums and in traditional upon saudi. There is this drum, but it's on its side and it has a school stick. So one side of the stick is flat and the other side of the sick as rounded the perform, also uses their hand, so they can create all sorts of really cool, sounds and rhythms thought was really cool. But since I don't have that instrument, I took the sounds I heard from that and distorted begging on things in my room. That's how similar I have a few little drums at home, so I just did my best to find a mimic, the rhythm and the sounds, but with what I had available and then on top of that, I started singing
so kind of mimicking. The things that I hear in traditional penalty in I try my best to tap into my end. Okey korean person Michael. for the sun was not a sample. But to do what I could to recreate the things that I heard two reinterpret my culture. There is a few different layers of vocals on this song, The vote goes way so much into the precaution, and it's so rhythmic that style of two This will create music. It can become a product, but sometimes- this making sounds what their boys so Andrews, easy my voice to mimic what the drum sounds like embracing too with the gray language as a lot of autumn on appeal is almost like gave. You said: bang
this kind of like the same sound that a drum makes when you hit it. Like my mom I was saying that the bases too loud in my cars should be like condemns haughty normal call that boom boom sound is too loud. My mama said that way: scientist layering, all these local rhythms on top of each other, almost ip boxing The instrument, your hearing right now is called the cairo go astray. An instrument in korea, and I had a friend in korea whose arms was able to play the kaiser them. So he just sent me a bunch of whores off. but when I received it, I didn't really know how I would use it because it works in a very specific key. The scale that a lot of eastern instruments in general exist at its very different than the western scale, and it is very good
of course, it makes that sound in with a scale that I'm used to working in so they ended up doing is actually cha being an pitching all the notes in the song, so their original version sounds completely different. I didn't change the cadence of it at all, so the rhythm and all that it was kept the same because I think that's it the important element to their strict instrument. I did as pits the individual notes, so I think the guy I headed a loop, and I started trying out different core progressions that would compliment the choir gum, which initially proved to be a bit difficult But then I just kind of landed on these magical cords.
I really like volatile roads, you sound so that's the kind of existing scale and then I'm putting it next to more solve all our envy forwards and drums. I was just so happy that I was able to find that marriage between east and west influences with this. I just really wanted to tell a story in general. I feel that there is a lot more, story telling in lots of traditional music for Culture is all around the world and there is a bit like some that modern music. I definitely wanted to go.
On the site, linear, storytelling path, where you can follow the song and sort of meander with it as it turns a corner and turns into this big epic swell, and then it slows down again to continue its journey. A lot of traditional create music can be a kind of sad and, with this song I wanted to try some thing different. Like a son, there was a bit more heroic. That's when I decided to bring in the brass and trade. These big sounds in this big movement and a kind of change the mood I made the brow using a patch in contact. So there Real brass sounds, but they sound pretty good to me a lot of times on the road or, if I win, some are ass. The easiest way to create is what what you have been a lot of times. I just have these sample packs.
the main vulcan, Others are from me by pitched up quite high, I'm not a very good singer, but I would say I am a decent producer and I can work my voice in the direction that is complementary to the music that I'm making I does freestyle It's weird, like I lives all over the song and some other where some of it then, but you can also create such a cool. Sound just from the editing process as well, and I could take the vehicles. I can put some by comparison down, I compare them from left to right and treat the vehicles more or less. Like an instrument tax rates cereal malady that exist throughout the song
While you have the green vocals, creating this movement, that's more progressive and rhythmic This is having like two different ingredients in a recipe I tend to make this correlation between food and music. Quite often they're all about layers and a lot of times, it does take experimentation, peeping, bob icecream dish. It basically translates to mix rise, its sticky rise, and then you have spent chine sprouts. Go shoot things shredded carrots and then, on top of that fried egg, and the way that you eat it if you have to just like mash it all together. So with this song, I named it pevan bop, but I did
think I gotta keep it that name. I thought you know eventually had come up with a more profound and more serious name for it, because I thought the sunlight sounds. Who said lee- and I thought the song was a bit more serious, but when I really took, back in listen to them, our song in the idea behind it. I like the song. Very much is the dish itself, a bunch of different ingredients coming together to create this recipe, and now here's beaver bob by turkey monster in its entirety
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