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Toro y Moi - Half Dome

2015-04-14 | 🔗

Over the past five years, Chaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi, has made music that's spanned a range of genres and styles. On his newest album, What For?, he shifted styles again. In this episode, Chaz explains why. He'll break down the song Half Dome, named after a landmark in Yosemite National Park that's a popular hike, but also a difficult one.

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hello. My name is John husbanded, my way ask me if I wanted to have them as I share your move it out california. I've only been here for like three and a half years. The nature is just crazy out in california compared to south carolina, so I've been really like getting back into nature and trying to really see as many different crazy natural things as possible. I thought about it on the hike this is, I could probably write but this cause, I'm really scared. Right now the song was written.
guitar, for I wanted the progression- have a lot of courts, but not be really connect it's a jazz fun. I knew that I just didn't. Wanna get locked into that kind of thing. mainly because I had trouble trying to write like other types of lyrics within that genre of like rmb and sort of more soulful progressions. I figured guitar bass. Music was a good solution. I figured like mine as well just go for Iraq, so I can travel It gets mother, lyric ideas out to go see a show. Watch music is, are gonna, go hike; half sir. We too have done for the sun arose
the guitar and the voters at the same time to Heaven, thing written on my blackboard and adjust, What do you do? How does that make you feel? And I'd like we just look at it whenever I am writing my legs and is just like moment in time really just talking What I did on friday when I'm in on Saturday and then after I did that thing on saturday, I feel my guru, sound guy, he built me this base. I got this base for like twenty bucks at goodwill in south carolina, it's all in pieces. I just gave it to me and he fix it for like another twenty bucks. Just like put his built in overdrive in it.
That's crazy citizen the base is doing is weird chromatic shift down so loudly were Concord gone up about scale down my friend Harry these I should do. I was out of things as we talk about is lacking. Alec jack's, filing housing. Ok, try a thousand blatant jacks. Five reference. loop that I play on the drums device. I had my drummer andy replay live, I'm never worthless. That's our drummers, I was cork, has acted sorts like directly real drummer, so he steered so smooth. He was I throw his.
These ideas were cut the base out of cut the whole band out in his hand. That is very. For the like keyboard sound, is tomorrow trying going do I ever foe sort of modulating the elephants for people who don't know it's just the low frequency oscillated snakes, the pitch premature, How'd it go. My fascinated slow down. The sun was Much done. I just really wanted to have like another element there to take it to another level by though it be called, it does have a free not nielsen from nielsen from animal playing thoroughly guitar his guitar turn his signature. Sound
really well I heard reverse the guitar intro and put it in between verses. Like a nice little reference to like it here, I knew that I wanted him on the record just cause. He shred song attire as like man I be so nice guy. Can't you and he's doing backup locals I haven't you have also use really gonna shy about it, as I just
you must be waging you must be weighed saying you must be waiting. You must be waiting. You must be away saying you must be waiting in his back vocals. Somebody said no one who is she. but it only happens that one vocal and if I play the rest of the song, became inherent right. Yeah, I was intentional, you just throw it in there just cuz, it's funny. You know the beatles to do that, just like throwing like random stuff, that's like inaudible, and it's for purposes like this is like I found this. What is this and now here's half dome by tory, while in it
tired. He does it. Song exploded got,
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