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U2 - Cedarwood Road

2015-06-29 | 🔗

10 Cedarwood Road is the address of Bono’s childhood home in Dublin. For the U2 song "Cedarwood Road," Bono looked back to his life there as a teenager, when skinhead culture seeped into his neighborhood via the Seven Towers, housing projects that were built around that time. In this episode, Bono traces the arc from those memories to the lyrics of "Cedarwood Road," and The Edge breaks down the process of how the music was written, with the original demo and the isolated tracks from the final recording.

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Kibags, my own page, that was bono, lead singer of u2. Talking about the song cedarwood road named after the street, where he grew up in dublin, will talk more about how he channeled his memories to write the lyrics to the song. The first we'll hear from the songs, co writer, the edge detail the process of creating the track from the original demo to the final recording made with the other members of youtube, drummer larry Mullen Jr and bassist Adam Clayton, hi. This is the edge you two songs can start from any kind of beginning I'll, guitar our drum part. Anything really that excites us and inspired This socio road actually started with a guitar. If that I played it
home, I thought was pretty exciting, so I got a couple of hours free one morning I started to try and see where this rift could go, but the problem when you ve got to reflect that is ok great Does it become a song? I just thought they only one thing There was just make a scene change to get away from the roof completely, so the Next little, better composition was the exit from the roof. Refugees is big kind of it. a nun skull exit. Just was like the way to create the full stop for next sentence. At this point about home, I've got guards. And which used as a kind of sketch pad and I've got it
from loop of larry's than amusing is as a compact beat a few years ago, we figured out that I was doing demos with drum machines and stuff, and I said well, why don't I just make you some drum loops and then you can kind of do whatever the hell you want with him, so Larry's being occasionally if he felt like it just gonna studio with an engineer. They display jobs for three hours and, like other from tempers, different styles, whatever he was inspired to do, and then they send them to me, and it's just so great for me, you know what I'm workin on a demo I get a larry beat and so I was way better than anything. I could come up with It sounds way better than an drum machine, so it's just a great it's starting point. For me is a writer in qatar plan to have a great back beats work over
My job is really to find a way to inspire am bono, so I don't often care to finish out a piece fully, I just wanna, get something down that I think is like a great starting point, and then I know that you know whatever I come up with going. Gonna come up with something better, so I just need to get it going where its identity is clear and it's got some kind of fighting In point of view, that's interesting with Stammer was just the riff, the end of the river and the beginning, the verse
so we're in the studio train back. The subtle demo clearly, we need some others. Since- and I just. I'm gonna. Picking up the attorney such just plain, the subtle, melodic idea: I knew that there was something else I pick up. The guitars worms are, the two of us are like. His little motif actually becomes the intro to the song animal Work on court changes to try and tied into what I have already written, and what transpires is that actually becomes the main course part, and we start trying to come up with a new melody ideas that could take the song to some kind of crescendo. That's when the sun had really been composed as it were, and then the lyric was the final.
That puzzle, we haven't idea for their weekly, in fact, those complete different course. Lyric. There was like it had this other identity, but We mix the song listened lived with it for a while, and I think we all felt that it really could taken to another level. So honest started, trying different ideas, fruit and became the idea of riding at about see that would road the street Follow here I lived in a region a street car sweet place, but behind the back garden they began to build. the seven towers, the when towers were an experiment for ireland in the seventies and they became the gonna projects of north county dublin as a kid of seven or eight or nine our guide working in the field, but
By the time I was thirteen fourteen fifteen things got a little different. kids from the inner city had been found possibly relocated to the seven towers communities have been broken up and people who didn't know each other, was to live together. So they were very unhappy. I were angry, There were annoyed this where the people that we would meet as young teenagers, and it was very hey aggressive and so my love, my early memories of teenage years. Where of violence and the sheer fear leaving the house gonna catch the boss, I was running down the road feels knew. I was We'll give soul is real than run into you. My best and since I was three years old is now to the world as gogi. He came from a family,
fives, he would road and they were very religious. The father was like some figure from the old testament and he was tough on those kids and so as well as the violence that I was, syrian sing from the outside An exterior world of the tough neighborhoods grew up around cedar. Would road we risk. Turning to the violence that was interior, domestic violence, and so when I met google, I kind of new instinctively that he would be my comrades and you may these decisions when you're a kid. Without even understanding the gravity of the mena. I've spent the rest of my life with me still my best friend. Even to this day and friendship, one since one its work. Is what I can tell you. My absolutely fair every bit of the sun ass, nothing, my singing or the words its edges. Guitar seller is that of all the dignity of that name,
some dark characters indeed, but the jen decency, people, just goodness, his guitar, I couldn't love so idea and later on in the press according can help us efforts? The singing tree? You may be the only weak. Complicated saw no one bottle and since we want this is the city? Would road sound suddenly
all these musical motives start to take on a different meaning. The meat Second, the lira, combined in a way that paints a picture that either on their own, really couldn't achieve the kind of malevolent causing the guitar of mixed profits. thence in the context of drawing up a very rough part of dublin as it was, then myself and my friends dealt with of skinhead boot boy, culture of the time by creating our own reality. eventually, our own rock n roll band that's how we dealt with fear that we felt When I was writing said it would the big revelation for me was you can't really leave these. Beyond because they are who you are. You can never escape europe. Bringing you know. There's a part of me that still there I'm still on, Syria would road and now, here's cedar would rode by you to in its entirety.
I was really ready and that lesson was friends since its work is just wait here, because if the man was still this three words just this,
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