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Warpaint - Love Is to Die

2015-03-03 | 🔗

In 2013, Warpaint starting working on their sophomore album. They retreated away from their home in Los Angeles to the nearby desert oasis of Joshua Tree, California. There, they wrote the song "Love Is to Die," and it was decided that it would be the single from the record. Now, with over 6 million plays on Spotify and nearly 3 million more on YouTube, "Love Is to Die" is by some measures their most popular song. Designating it as the single was a decision that was easy to make early on, but it was also carried unforeseen consequences for the band. In this episode, three of the four members break down the sounds in the song, and weigh in on some of the difficulty they faced getting this track from the initial idea to the finished recording.

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on onstage and behind the scenes, prince deal with pressures of fame. Why the tour abruptly cut short, listen now on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode, contains explicit language in two thousand. Thirteen or paint started working on their sophomore hobbled. There. Retreated away from their home, in LOS angeles, to the new by desert oasis of joshua tree california. There they wrote the song, love is to die and it was decided that it would be the single from their upcoming record. Now with over six million plays on spotify, and nearly three million more on youtube. Love is to die, is by some measures their most popular song, designating it as the single was a decision that was easy to make early on, but it also carried unforeseen consequences for the band. In this episode, three of the four members of warpaint break down the sounds in the song and weigh in on some of the difficulty they faced getting this track from the initial idea to the finished, recording this war
it on saw the exploder. This song actually was probably my favorite thing that we'd ever done. It started off. In my opinion, in such a magical amazing place that was written in like five minutes, we rented a house, we rented a dome. We sat up in the living room, put our amps mikes of our instruments and we had a little home studio. basis press record for like twelve noon and stopped record at midnight. I am generally from more paint I play base. There is a crisis based course, paddle maiden standard tone. How I found
Force was my first amp that I've ever gotten was a p v t and d, one fifteen. It was my first amp. It was when we started our band and we were playing in the garage and it had of course built into it. So I always had that on. That was my sound to when I I missed that sounds so then might be using forever. and I am still almost gower from obeying I It play drums and drum templar. You start playing along. I live That's an eight away, sound goods traded from my sampler that apply life. Yeah I'm playing the rim of the tom, as well as the sample of the room shot. Also when we play lived, I'm triggering keyboard loot that Emily clyde? When we write the salmon joshua tree, that's that
It was basically heard just flipping for different sign and square waves frequencies on Nord electrons lordly, maybe yeah no laid and Emily just looping is pressing that same button on the north. And then I remembered that was when trace it was just ripping and she started singing lovest in ireland. Love is to die up to now I love Today. It was today I'm theresa Wayman from war tanks. We were just playing a song, we were jamming it and I was just improvising singing
I'm kind of doing gibberish, and then I got that melody and the worst kind of really just came out right away after that. I took the recording we made and listened to what my diversion this kind of saying and plucked out a meaning from all about. I think sometimes a person can safely and there are that they don't realize, or even necessarily to say in a rational way, at the start that it actually is very, very cohesive idea was to die. Up to now lovers- love is too
Ans and sender is your thing: love is the full spectrum from life to death, love is being alive and love is, is also dying and and surrendering and being nothing. It's sort of stating that love is all encompassing everything I'm in a pretty challenging and beautiful relationship with my family and work. Constantly having to figure out the best ways to operate with each other. You know How to it there for each other, how to love each other, but also how to have our own space than be our own person. I mean that was probably was spurring the idea, because as we were in joshua tree and we're spending a lot of time together, and it was just us in this house and us and our creativity and our music, and I think it probably has a lot to do with
Just when I go through and being in a band, I think it was. It was a bit difficult to. I guess, figure out what guitar sound and best over treats his vocals, and I think that was just there's no disagreement, but it was a little hectic figuring, their guitar out. For lack of a better word took many months: yeah it took awhile the vocal is there. The drums and bass were there, but what was added on top of that was kind of hard to find Emily always had this kind of like latin. The top of that is that doom and the Emily's guitar change. She ended up. She was playing keys or guitar, so she kind of switched back and forth with that for awhile to try and find her pocket. I think this song with loves to die conrad the kiss of death in some way, because
When we rota, everyone went that's a single and that's always a really bad kind of thing to focus on ebay, if you don't want it to be that way, and that's the last thing that you want to kind of think about. It does tend to dictate certain decisions that you make, or the focus gets pulled into this this one song. It turned into a song that was quite different to the way that it started. There is a lot of over analyzing overthinking, being, I think, maybe slightly harsh or too critical, or just hard hard on the song hard on oneself, and I think we were agreeing on certain things. People wanted to take it in slightly different direction. It was one of the songs where there's a lot of like tug of war going on, and I think after awhile it's just like that much tug of war that much resistance that much fight that much struggle. It is not good enough or needs the better,
you better, but slowly, gneezy better needs to better you just you start, you start making it worse, and there was also an outro to the song that I was pretty married to the nigel who mixed the song. He he just got it. He just thought you know: that's not necessarily the song doesn't need to go there. It definitely takes a. U turn or just a sharp left turn it comes out of nowhere, but this kind of art or trademark and the way our stamp. It was just the one thing in the song that I was shocked and at least
at first didn't didn't agree with and was pretty disappointed as one of my favorite parts of the song when a band or label and producers and people start to go. Oh, this could be your single or this could be your hit or something sometimes when that thought gets in the fourth time that can really method the way people make decisions about the sun. There's gotta be right or it's gonna be all candy, and if it can be that, and how do we do that? a friend of mine. Now, Here's loves to die by war paint in its entirety
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